Latest 10 Indian Bridal hairstyles for Weddings, Cocktail and

10 Indian Bridal hairstyles for Weddings, Cocktail and Reception

Best Indian Bridal Hairstyle for Weddings

Wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life. As soon as our wedding date is fixed, we think about our trousseau, jewellery, hairstyles etc. Bridal hairstyle is one of the most important thing that Indian brides pay a lot of attention as it binds the entire look and makes a bride stunning. Bridal hairstyles looks good when they are adorned with hair jewelry, beads and flowers. But it is quite confusing as to which Indian Bridal hairstyle will be suitable or a bride should go for. So, here are 10 Indian Bridal hairstyles that you can try and let your hair stylist know.

Top 10 Indian Bridal hairstyles for Weddings, Cocktail and Reception

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1. This bun hairstyle will look good as it has a slight pouf in the top front and the bun has multiple rolls which gives an intricate detailing. The rolls could have adorned with some beaded pins or some hair accessories other than the flower. It’s a perfect hairstyle for your reception or any other important event after the wedding.

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2. This Indian Bridal hairstyle has a middle parting with a neat and clean big bun. The parting helps to show the mang tika where the chain of the mang tika has detailing as well. This is good for Indian brides with long hair. You can try it for your after wedding rituals as well.

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3. This Indian Bridal hairstyle that Rakhi sawant had sported is a perfect for brides who want a pouf in the front. On the back there is a bun with a bun brooch and breads that adds a beautiful look to the entire Indian Bridal look. Try this hairstyle even for your best friend’s wedding.

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4. In this next hairstyle, there is a short front parting then the pouf begins followed by a bun with rolled out hair pieces. The mang tika with additional side stripes adds a gorgeous look to this entire Indian Bridal hairstyle. This is one of the best bridal hairstyles that even the other women in the family can try.

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5. The next bridal hairstyle in the list is perfect for brides for the reception, where you probably will not be covering the head with a dupatta. Here’s a slightly high bun is made and rolled up hair pieces gives a floral feel to the bun. The roses on one side makes the hairstyle breath taking.

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6. If you love to sport a side parting then this Indian Bridal hairstyle is perfect. It has a side parting with a bun at top crown. The chain of the mang tika will be hidden under the hair. Such a gorgeous looking hairstyle!! Isn’t it?

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7. A simple bun hairstyle is for the brides who wish to keep things simple. Such bridal hairstyles can be further enhanced by using a bun brooch or Juda pin. You can also use elaborate and tassled Juda pin or hair jewelry with this bridal hairstyle.

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8. A little twist to the regular bun bridal hairstyle can be give with French braiding on both the sides then making the bun. This will look good on the brides with long hair else if you wish you can try hair extensions. Matha Patti would look best so, retain that while replicating this hairstyle on yourself.

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9. For brides who have extremely long and thick hair, this hair style will be easier and more durable for the entire evening. A neat bun is made with the braided hair. This could be given some bling with a bun brooch or beads or even some other hair accessories.

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10. A neat and clean bun with a side swept hair is for brides who want simple and easy hairstyle that doesn’t take much time. Oval or round face looks good with such bun hairstyles. It’s a perfect gorgeous and impeccable hairstyle for reception and after wedding rituals.

Some tips for Indian Bridal hairstyles

It is always good if you try the hairstyle one or 2 days in advance and keep that for 2-3 hours to check if the hairstyle stays on well and your head doesn’t feel too heavy or you yourself are not getting uncomfortable. This is because on the wedding day, if the hairstyle gets loose or starts to come down then you may feel uncomfortable and probably won’t be able to enjoy the event as much.

It is also good to ask your bridesmaid like sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws etc to keep some bobby pins or hair spray with them so that if in case the hairstyle start to get loose then it could be tamed then and there. This is very important when the venue is far from home. Safety pins should also be carried if in case some tucking is needed by the bride.

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