Top 5 Best Baking Soda Recipes for Blackheads Removal At Home

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal 2

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal

Are you tired you those tiny grayish black dot on your nose or chin etc. Those are blackheads which are hardened sebum which looks quite prominent on the face when one does not take care of the face properly or would have excessive hyperactive sebaceous glands. So, have you thought about using baking soda to treat and get rid of your blackheads. Yea, that is true, you can use baking soda to remove blackheads and in fact. Regular use of baking soda for blackheads can make your skin looks cleaner and much smoother also. Let’s have a look on the various ways and recipe with baking soda for treatment of blackheads.

How baking soda helps in blackheads removal?

You may have noticed that baking soda has a fine yet gritty texture just like fine salt. Therefore when you use this over the blackheads, this helps to uproot the blackheads. Baking soda also finely polishes the skin pores by removing the dead skin layer. This way the skin gets free from dead cells and debris. Therefore even if the skin continues to secrete more oils the blackheads will not be formed. The baking soda will clean up the dead cells and your skin pores will be cleanser so blackheads can be further prevented. But just like you wash your face every day, shampoo every couple of days similarly, you have to make sure that you try these baking soda remedies continuously to keep your face free from blackheads. Blackheads are most commonly seen on the nose and chin.

Baking soda for blackheads: Recipes and Treatments

1. Baking soda for blackheads removal

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal


  • Wash your face by splashing some tepid water on the face.
  • Take ½ teaspoonful of baking soda in a plate or bowl and mix 1 teaspoonful of water.
  • Make a paste.
  • If the paste becomes runny then you should take some more baking soda or start pouring water drop by drop. Ideally we need the baking soda and water paste to be thick.
  • Apply this on the nose or any part of the face where you have blackheads.
  • Then keep this for 10 minutes.
  • After that, wet your hands with water and gently scrub the baking soda pack off the face.
  • While you will be moving the finger in circular motion you will feel that there will be grittiness and the skin is getting polished and smoother.
  • Wash the face with cold water and pat dry.
  • You can apply astringent or rose water after this treatment.
  • Night time is the best time to try this remedy.

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2. Baking soda pack for blackheads with Tomato juice

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal tomato

Tomato juice has lycopene has other enzymes that loosen up the dead skin cells. Therefore along with baking soda tomato juice works the best to get rid of the blackheads.


  • Take 2 teaspoonful of tomato juice in a bowl and in that add 1 teaspoonful of baking soda powder. Mix them.
  • Apply this over the entire face or just on the face part with the blackheads.
  • Let it be there on the face for 5 minutes. Then using your clean finger scrub the face.
  • To scrub you can gently move the fingers in circular motions. Keep scrubbing for 5 minutes then use cold water to get rid of the remains of this pack.
  • Try this 1-2 times in a week for a skin that is smoother and free from the blackhead problems.

3. Baking Soda with Lemon Juice For Uprooting Blackheads

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal lemon 2

The method above where we have used baking soda for blackheads with tomato juice, in the same way we can also use baking soda with lemon juice to clear out the blackheads from the nose easily. This remedy is not for sensitive skin. Therefore, for sensitive skin baking soda with water recipe is ideal.


  • Rinse your face with slightly lukewarm water. Pat dry.
  • Take a small bowl and in that add 1 teaspoonful of baking soda and add some lemon juice. You can adjust the quantity of lemon juice so that we get a paste of lemon juice and baking soda.
  • Apply this mixture all over the face and leave this for 5 minutes.
  • Then gently using light pressure scrub the face. Do this for 1-2 minutes then wash the face with cold water.

4. Baking soda and Honey For Blackheads Cure

How to use baking soda for blackheads removal honey

Another method to baking soda for blackheads is with some honey. Honey is antibacterial and will also help to cure the blackheads and clean up the pores.


  • Mix 1 teaspoonful of baking soda with 1 teaspoonful of honey in a small plate or a clean bowl. Using your clean finger mix this or blend this mixture well.
  • Apply this on your blackhead affected area then gently massage the skin with finger pads in circular motions. You need to scrub for 1-2 minutes only.
  • After scrubbing do not wash this off rather leave it as a face mask on the face for the next 10 minutes more.
  • After 10 minutes, wash the face with cold water. Pat dry and apply some toner or rose water. This can also be tried 1-2 times in a week. This is great to get smoother and softer skin.

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5. Baking Soda with Milk For Blackheads Removal

You can also get rid of the blackheads using some baking soda with milk. Here is the recipe:


  • Mix 1 teaspoonful of baking soda with some milk. Make sure that the consistency is more like a loose lotion.
  • So, add only that much of milk in that. After that apply this on the face or only on the area affected with blackheads.
  • Leave this for 5 minutes. After that gently scrub this off the face with finger tips.
  • Keep scrubbing for 30-40 seconds then wash the face with cold water.
  • After that you can apply some rose water or natural toner to keep the pores tighter.

Some Extra Tips for Blackheads

If your skin is broken or it has acne etc then take care that you do not apply the baking soda over there since that can leads to burning and itching.

If you face any sought of discomfort or excessive redness then stop using this and just splash some cold water on the face.

You should try these remedies for 1-2 times in a week for good results since one time usage will show the benefits but to make sure the skin stays free from blackheads then these should be tried repeatedly.

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