How to Train Your Dog from Biting Lesson 2

How to Train Your Dog from Biting Lesson 2

Puppy biting is a common problem for many families. A mother dog that allows her puppies to mouth her when she tries to play with them is sending strong signals to them that biting is okay. If a puppy mouths her mother it is a punishment, and she knows that. Many times they will growl at their mother for playing with them in a rough manner, and she knows that too.

When a puppy mouths her litter mate, or another puppy, she is sending a message that she is confused and is in pain, as all puppies do. If you came up to me and your dog was playing with you, and your dog was mouthing you as if he knew you were coming up to him, and was being playful and biting, would you hold back the play? Mastiff puppies are doing the same thing, and it is for the same reason.

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What to avoid

When your puppy first comes home with you, everything is new and exciting. He play with you, and nibble on you, and want to play. To him, it is perfectly natural, because his siblings are being with him in the house. The problem is when you allow this play one day, and then the next day he is trying to do that play, when you don̵