How to Find Alternative Search Engines

Alternative Search Engines: Looking for a search engine besides Google? While the name (and company) has become synonymous with searching online, it’s not the only place to find what you’re looking for. There are many alternative search engines that can be found across the Internet. In this article, we’ll share just a few of the search engines you can use other than Google. 


This search engine is owned by Microsoft. It is the second-largest search engine in the United States and controls about 7% of the global market share. It has features that are similar to Google and can be used in basically the same way. It also has features for small businesses, helping them to be found by ideal customers looking for relevant products and services to address their pressing issues.   

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While Yahoo used to be the go-to search engine, it has fallen a bit over the years. Currently, it comes in as the third-largest search engine in the United States. However, when it comes to news, sports, and finance, many users still consider Yahoo to be the best on the web. That being said, if your area of business or expertise is in the areas of politics, finance, or sports information then being seen on Yahoo should be a top priority. 


If you’re eco-friendly and like to support businesses that give back to the community or nonprofit organizations then consider using Ecosia for your search engine queries. Ecosia believes in bettering our environment and uses portions of its revenue to help plant trees around the world. It is currently the sixth-largest search engine in the United States. Its focus on increased data protection and mission to improve our global environment have both helped to drive popularity among users. 


Another search engine focused on helping the environment is giveWater. As the name suggests, the platform donates money to initiatives that provide clean water and better sanitation in countries around the world. Paid ads on the site generate money from users, which in turn is donated to help fulfill the planetary mission. 


Like the two preceding search engines, Ekoru also donates a portion of its profits towards worldly good. Their mission helps clean the oceans. A percentage of their revenue is sent directly to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and Operation Posidonia, which work to help keep our oceans clean and beautiful. 


Social media platforms are also a form of search engine for users. The first on our list is Twitter. This platform features an Advanced Search function that allows users to avoid the noise and discover the results they are looking for. You can also search specific words, phrases, or hashtags used to label relevant content. 


Though it originally started as a place for college friends to stay in touch with each other, Facebook has evolved over the years into the behemoth we know today. This platform allows users to search for events and activities, people and groups, or topics that are relevant to them. 

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