Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil Recipe and Benefits of this Oil for Hair

homemade hibiscus hair oil

Hibiscus hair oil is very good for hair loss, dandruff removal, hair regrowth, making hair thicker and for healthy hair. This homemade hibiscus hair oil is highly beneficial in hair growth and shows good results in hair loss too. This hair oil is made using hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flowers. Such hair oils can also be bought from the market but it is always good to get the organic and homemade products when you can. Benefits of this hair oil are numerous in variety of ways like it is ideal for hair loss, treating dandruff and itchy scalp, once the oil is used regularly to massage the scalp and hair. In anyways, once you start to regularly oil your hair, it does wonders to your mane.

Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil: DIY Recipe

You will need hibiscus plant flowers and leaves. Make sure that you use fresh flowers or they can be only a day old but not more than that.

  1. Take some flowers and hibiscus leaves.
  2. Shred the hibiscus flowers and hibiscus leaves into small pieces and then using a grinder, grind the flowers and leaves.
  3. When the extracts are grinded, you will have to take them out.
  4. Take one cup of coconut oil and put it into a saucepan.
  5. Warm the oil and put the flower extra into this coconut oil.
  6. Boil both of them well.
  7. Keep the flame at low as we need to warm the flowers and oils properly.
  8. After this, add few neem leaves, if you are struggling with dandruff to prepare your hibiscus hair oil for dandruff or few pieces of curry leaves, if you’re making a hibiscus hair oil for hair loss.
  9. Even if you put both these herbs then too it will be good as it will make this oil more powerful.
  10. Once the coconut oil becomes infused with the hibiscus extracts.
  11. Put off the flame and let the oil cool down. After some time, Sieve the hair oil in a small bottle.
  12. Your Home made hibiscus oil is ready for use.

You can store it and use when you want. It will have a good shelf life but in case you feel that the oil smells bad or the smell has changed, then you can know that it’s the time to discard the oil. This will not happen commonly as mostly the hair oil will finish soon than it gets stale. It is considered good to make the hibiscus hair oil in small quantities like with just a cup of coconut oil.

Benefits of Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil and its Application for Hair

  • Hibiscus promotes hair growth.
  • Hibiscus hair oil is highly beneficial in giving a smooth shine to the hair.
  • This herbal hair oil makes hair thicker.
  • The oil conditions the hair and hydrates them.
  • It reduces the frizz and hair appears softer.
  • This hair oil is also great for dandruff treatment.
  • It also prevents premature white hairs.
  • When there is itching in the scalp then too this oil gives relief.

How to use this Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil

Section your hair in small parting and generously apply the oil on the scalp. Once, you are done applying all the oils on the scalp, you can then massage the scalp using the finger pads. This also increases the micro blood circulation. Use this hibiscus hair oil twice a week. It is suggested that you should keep the oil overnight therefore, apply the oil at night. Massage it gently on the scalp and on the hair, hair ends. It is suitable for all hair type. This hair oil can be used by men too who are suffering from hair problems.

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