Home remedies for calluses and corns on feetHome remedies for calluses and corns

At times you have seen some dead hard skin accumulated over the toes, feet, hands, etc. This is callus and the softer version is corns. Which can happen when you wear some ill fitting shoes, sandal which is mostly closed? When the skin is rubbed continuously to combat that, it gets hardened. And this hardened mass of dead skin cells is known as callus. Most of the time these calluses will turn darker than the actual skin and color and become quite prominent.

Home remedies to remove calluses and corns

1. Pumice Stone

Calluses are formed as a result of the dead skin cells hence with the help of mild exfoliation regularly callus can be get rid of naturally. Moreover, regular exfoliation keeps the skin devoid of the dead skin cells and prevents the accumulation of the calluses and corns. Wet your feet and toes and gently rub the pumice stone to get rid of the thick calluses on the toes feet, and any other part of the body.

2. Apple cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best solution for the calluses on the feet like on the ball of the feet, heels, toes etc. ACV loosen ups the dead skin and the hardened skin off the calluses so that they get scraped off easily thus with regular treatment calluses and corns can be treated.

How to use ACV home remedy for calluses: Fill a tub with warm water and add one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. Soak your feet in it. And let the feet stay soaked for half an hour. Then after that using pumice store gently scrub over the calluses. This treatment should be done twice a week to get rid of the calluses naturally.

3. Vitamin E remedy for corns

Vitamin E is very effective in treating the corns as vitamin E is hydrating and also nourishing the skin thus the corns will be healed. Prick a vitamin E capsule and take few drops of vitamin E oil, rub it over the callus and allow it to get absorbed into the skin. This can be done every day at night so that the skin get free of corns.

4. Aspirin remedy

Aspirin has salicylic acid which dissolves the corn and heals them. Crush an aspirin and with some water make paste. Apply over the corns and wrap with a cloth bandage. Leave it overnight and soon it will heal the corns.

Some preventive measures to keep the calluses and corn away:

Corns and calluses happen due to the continuous pressure on the specific area on the skin therefore, taking some preventive measure will help to prevent the calluses and keep them away.

Use shoes that properly fit the feet and should be comfortable. This can be one of the reason of the callus and corns.

Keep the toe nail short so that there is no corn development. Constant pressure is more likely to form callus hence keeping the nails short is the best preventive measure.

When the toes are tightly stuck together then the chances of corn in between the fingers can be high. Hence, use some cotton pad and powder to keep the skin dried and the corn away.

Put the feet in some Epsom salt and warm water so that any developing corn gets healed and apply moisturizer.

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