Herbal Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat from Body

home remedies for prickly heat cure

Prickly heat is characterized by small tiny fluid filled boils which are common where the temperatures are high like in places with hot humid climate. Prickly heat rash can be experienced by men, women, kids, elderly people everyone as it is caused when the sweat glands get blocked due to excessive sweating. Back, neck is the most common parts of body where the prickly heat rash is seen. In summers, kids when they play outside they are more likely to get prickly heat as they sweat and due to that the prickly heat can erupt. The itching and some pain is there with the prickly heat and at times blood is also seen. So, how can one cure prickly heat with herbal remedies at home, we will share the tips for prickly heat treatment for your kids, yourself and other members of the family.