Food and Diet for Arthritis and inflammation

diet for arthritis inflammationFood and Diet tips for Arthritis and inflammation

Arthritis is a joint inflammation condition that is more likely to affect the adults in their mid 30s to 50s. This joint inflammation, stiffness causes the pain in the joints. It can be experienced in knees, fingers, neck, back, feet etc. Arthritis can be relived and cured with the suitable diet and by avoiding certain food items that can cause the problem. Here we shared the some good to include food items and diet for arthritis.

Beneficial Foods and Diet for arthritis and inflammation

Omega 3 fatty acids in arthritis diet

Omega3 fatty acids are highly beneficial in reducing the inflammation associated with the arthritis. Food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like almonds, walnuts, salmon, flax seeds etc are best to include in the diet to keep the problem under control. Flax seeds can be added to diet as a salad topping or over the burgers and sandwiches. Too much flax seed consumption should be avoided though.

Anti inflammatory food for arthritis

Foods like onions, broccoli, green tea, Olive oil etc have anti inflammatory properties that help lower the inflammation of the joints which alleviates pain and hence doesn’t make the problem hard to bear. Broccolis can be used as salads or for certain dishes. They can be cooked with boiled rice etc. Olive oil can be used for cooking which is the easiest way to include this wonderful oil in the diet to keep arthritis in control.

Whole grain for arthritis cure

Whole grains are considered best to fight the inflammation. Inflammation is what makes the pain in the arthritis unbearable. Whole grains have the capability to lower the C proteins in the blood. C proteins are associated with the inflammation seen with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart related disease, rheumatoid arthritis. Whole grain foods like oatmeal, whole meal cereal, brown rice etc should be included in the diet to cure arthritis naturally.

Antioxidants in diet for arthritis

Antioxidants also play an important role in reducing the pain of the arthritis by healing the inflammation. Foods that are rich in antioxidants like almonds, green tea, walnuts, apples, flaxseeds should be regularly ingested and should form an important part of the diet for arthritis cure. It is good to have a cup of green tea to fetch the benefits of polyphenol antioxidants found in green tea. Walnuts, nuts and almonds can be taken as daily snacks in between the meals. These will also help in the weight reduction.

Onion cure for arthritis

Onions are miraculous; seriously even if they smell bad they do a lot for hair and health. Onions also gives relief from the arthritis pain. They are high in sulphur content and also amongst the high sources of flavinoids. Flavinoids are antioxidants which eliminate the free radicals from the body that are responsible for causing the tissue damage by oxidative stress. Onions contain flavanoid called quercetin which reduces the inflammation and also cures the cancer progression. Onions can be eaten as salads in sandwiches, used in cooked food etc.

Foods to avoid for Arthritis cure and inflammation

Like we have the beneficial food for arthritis condition in the same manner there can be certain products or food items that you may be unknowing relishing on but they are actually making the arthritis problem worse. Read to know what food products you should avoid in the diet for curing arthritis.


Sugar should be avoided as far as you can or at least minimized the intake of sugar, if you really wish to get away with the arthritis pain and inflammation. Sugar will make the inflammation even more severe that leads to pain.

Processed foods

Processed food should be avoided to keep the inflammation of arthritis under control.

Fatty foods

Fatty food will also lead to more inflammation of the tissues and more pain. Hence minimizing the fatty foods is highly advised for arthritis cure.

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