Best Fairness Tips at Home for Oily Skin, Dry Skin and Acne and

fairness tips at home oily skin, dry skinSkin lightening beauty tips for oily skin, dry skin, acne and pimples at home

Fairness for skin has become quite important these days which is why we see so many fairness treatments and creams. These things claim to give fair skin naturally and improve the skin complexion. For men too there are so many fairness tips, products and skin lightening treatments but I prefer home remedies or homemade treatments to whiten up the skin as they are natural and inexpensive. Other than that they also give glow on the face. Oils and grease which makes the oily skin look darker. Flakiness and peeling skin hides the dry skin fairness and skin looks patchy.

Homemade Fairness Tips for Men and Women

We will share fairness tips for various skin types like oily skin, dry skin or skin with acne and pimples. These fairness tips are ideal to be used at night and day time.

Fairness Increasing tips for oily skin

Oily skin looks dull when the grease and dirt stuck to it. Which is why oily skin appears dark and blacker than it is. These fairness tips are for making the oily skin fair and glowing.

Curd is very rich in lactic acid that gently exfoliates the skin and makes the skin fair. Apply curd on the face for 20 minutes and wash. Do this 2 3 times in a week.

Take a slice of papaya and mix some honey in it. Apply on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash it with plain water. This keeps the skin oil free and lightens the dark skin color.

Soak some almond at night and make a paste by grinding them the next day. Grind with some milk. Apply on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash after that. Try 2 times in a week. This is excellent for removing the darkness of the skin and sun tan too. Men with oily skin can read our post on Oily skin fairness tips for men on our other blog dedicated for men only. 😀

Tips for Improving Fairness for dry skin

Dry skin needs some extra care to increase the fairness of dry skin and whiten the dark skin tone.

For this fairness tip for dry skin, take some milk cream and add a strand of kesar saffron in it. Mix and use on the face. Try this 2 times in a week. You will see the skin glow and complexion getting whiter.

Take some chana dal flour also known as besan and add honey in it to make a paste. Add 2 pinches of turmeric in it. Apply on the face and wash when it becomes dry. Try this fairness treatment 2 times in week for fair skin and dryness healing.

A fairness face pack can be made with tomato juice and oats. Mix both of them and apply on the face. Scrub it off after 30 minutes and wash the face. This pack will make the peeling skin removed and skin will appear fairer naturally.

Fairness tips for Acne prone skin/ combination skin

Blemishes, dark spots, black spots, brown spots or the pimple acne marks are also what keep the skin not look fair. These marks make the skin to appear darker so, these tips for fairness are for removing marks from face basically.

Take a mango and cut a thin slice. Mash it and add some honey in it. Apply this face mask on the face and wash after 20 minutes. This lightens the spot from the face and whitens the skin.

Take some Orange peel powder and add milk, multani mitti in it to make a paste. Use this paste on the face and wash after 30 minutes. This is good for the fairness for oily skin with acne pimple marks and black spots on the face.

Grate a potato and use that paste on the face. Wash after 15 minutes. This quick treatment will quickly remove the acne marks and sun tan moreover skin will become brighter and whiter.

Daily Skin Whitening Beauty Tips

Here are some tips for fairness for the day time when you are not doing any treatment.

Make sure that you use sunscreen on the face and body and sun damage will cause premature aging of skin and skin darkening.

Apply a light moisturizer when the skin is oily to combination to keep it hydrated.

For the dry skin, try a facial cream with good amount of moisture so that the skin stays supple and moisturized.

Using a face cream with acne fighting ingredients will be good for skin with pimples.

Drink lot of water throughout the day to keep you skin hydrated and fairness intact.

Night Skin care Routine for Fairness

Night time is the best time to do the beauty rituals for fairness and fairer skin. These tips are basically meant to be kept overnight so that the fairness can be achieved instantly and faster.

Take a thin slice of lemon and gently rub it at night. Concentrate on the black spots, age spots and dark spots to lighten them. Lemons are good to naturally whiten the skin.

Take some cucumber juice and apply on the face. Keep it overnight and face in the morning. Cucumber is known to tighten the skin and is good for inducing fairness to oily to dry skin types.

Take some potato juice and dilute it with some rose water. Apply on the face and sleep with it. Wash the next morning. These two products with this fairness tip will make the skin complexion lighter and fair very soon. Orange peel face packs

What should be the Diet for Skin Glow and whitening

Apart from fairness tips for face, the diet is also important to keep the skin fairer looking. A good diet makes the skin glowing and healthy looking.

Include omega 3 fatty acids in the diet as it improves the skin’s texture. It is found in salmon and walnuts in ample amount.

Vitamins are very essential for a good skin. Take fresh fruit and include one citrus fruit at least once a day to get the benefits of vitamins to get the natural fairness on the skin. Fruit vitamins will also make the skin tighter.

Minerals are important for the various functioning in the body. Hence take green leafy vegetable, fruits etc.

Protein rich diet is said to be good for a great looking skin. Try to take enough proteins. If you are vegetarian then plant proteins are the best source like lentils, soyabean, milk sprouts etc.

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