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Disney+ is one of the best streaming services right now. It’s definitely one of the most popular, which isn’t surprising considering the number of properties Disney owns. The Disney+ app lets you watch hundreds of hours of children’s Disney and Pixar movies, action adventure films from Star Wars and Marvel properties, cheesy animated shows like The Simpsons, and educational documentaries from National Geographic. There is something for every age group.

At $8 per month for the basic plan, Disney+ is one of the cheaper streaming services. There are some other tiers and ways to bundle a service, which we’ll discuss below. But what are the chances of a Disney Plus Black Friday deal? Let’s take a look at what Disney offered last year to help assess the odds.

Will there be a Disney Plus Friday deal?

We shook the Magic 8 Ball at it, and it said, “The answer is blurry, try again.” Just kidding, but the answer is definitely not obvious. In 2022, Disney does not offer Black Friday deals for Disney+. Not only that, but they also increased the price of Disney+ a few weeks after Black Friday. Perhaps they felt that stopping the price rise was a form of exemption in itself. From that information alone, a Disney+ Black Friday deal seems unlikely.

However, this September, Disney dropped the price of a basic Disney+ subscription from $8 to just $2 per month for three months. This was unexpectedly a limited time offer, which shows that Disney is willing to offer a discount at some point. We’re hoping this means Disney+ might be getting a Black Friday deal this year.

What’s the cheapest way to get Disney Plus now?

There are a few options for purchasing Disney+ right now, but none of them are technically discounted. There’s also no free trial of Disney+, so you’ll have to spend a little money to test out the service. The best way to purchase the service and save money is with the Disney Bundle. There are some options. If you buy Disney+ and Hulu together (both with ads), it’s $10 per month. If you buy Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ together (all three with ads), it’s $15 per month. There are also ad-free versions of those plans that cost a few bucks more. While this isn’t a way to save money if you’re only interested in Disney+, it will save you a little if you’re already subscribed to Hulu or ESPN+ or are interested in those services.

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