Classic board games everyone needs

Classic board games everyone needs – By Milda Urbonaite

Boards are having a massive comeback! And it’s wonderful. They’re a perfect substitute for all that screen time and are great for family time activity in winter.

Creators are coming up with new games every day, but some classics will never go out of style.

If you haven’t checked your board game shelf in a while, it’s time to review it and get some time-honored additions for those long winter nights!

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Here are 8 classic board games everyone needs.


Who hasn’t heard of Monopoly? It’s a competitive game that’s made many dads go mad and thought kids a thing or two about capitalism.

Monopoly is one of the world’s all-time favorite board games. If you already have the original version, check out all the new versions. These include Star Wars, Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Empire, and ones for the cat or horse lovers! Just pick your favorite!


Oh, the evenings spent arguing if “irregardless” is a word! Scrabble has been one of the best-selling games since the 1950s!

One thing that has developed steadily was the official Scrabble Players dictionary, and it now includes such words as emoji or bitcoin.

So if you love words (and getting points for them!) and want to include the whole family – Srabble’s your game!


Risk is a competitive game for all those who like strategic thinking and world domination (just kidding). As explains, the game board is the world map with the continents broken up into territories. The end goal is for one player to conquer all 42 territories and eliminate the other players along the way.

It gets the blood boiling but calls for a cool head as you need to make alliances, strategic planning, and patience. There might be some back-stabbing involved too.

Make sure you have time for the game, as it may take a few hours and a change of t-shirt will be probably recommendable. To avoid those sweat stains and have a quick wardrobe change, check out Fresh Clean Tees basic t-shirts 5 pack:


If you love a murder mystery, you’ll love Clue (or Cluedo in the original version)! In this classic game, the players need to find a murderer of the Tudor or Boddy Mansion, and there are six suspects.

It’s an excellent game for dark winter nights as you’re moving pieces through the mansion’s secret passages and rooms and look for various clues.

You need to answer such questions about where the murder took place and what tool was used.


A game from the 90s, Catan has quickly become an all-time favorite. describes it as a re management game where your task is to construct a civilization, and it sees players trading and building to get the upper hand. Players win points by building settlements, and you’ll need a variety of res to do that.

You’ll need foresight and intuition for this game as well as bartering skills to get the required res. It’s a game for 2-5 players, but you can get an expansion pack and have a six-player game. It’s a must-have for everyone!


Not technically a board game, Uno is played with a card deck. You don’t need any pieces, dice, or other items, which means it’s a great travel game!

The Uno card deck contains 108 cards—25 cards each in one of four colors, and 8 action cards.

Players take turns matching a card by number or color to the card in the middle. When needed, they also draw from the deck. When a player has just one card left, they call out “Uno!” as a warning to the other players. It’s simple, fun, and you need to give it a shot!

Ticket to Ride

In this train-themed board game, players compete in visiting the most cities in America in seven days.

During the game, you claim railroads across the US and Canada and connect most cities with your trains. Players draw cards and earn points and when a player has less than two trains remaining. The player with the most points wins. It’s quite a straightforward and entertaining game!


Carcassone came out in 2000 and, during the relatively short time, swiftly became a fan-favorite.

During the game, you create the boards as you go. Players lay down tiles to build farms, cities, monasteries, and towns and place people in those areas. You compete with each other and need to plan, there’s stealing and some stress involved, and it’s so enjoyable.

There are variations of the game set in the Amazon or North America during the Wild West Gold Rush.

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