Picnic spots near Chittorgarh

6 Picnic Spots Near Chittorgarh That Promise A Fun-Filled Vacay!

Chittorgarh is a city in the northwestern state of Rajasthan and has a historical essence. Considering the rich cultural heritage, Chittorgarh has a regal lining and has many minars, forts, temples and palaces to present to everyone. There are many places in and around this magnificent city, which will make … More here

6 Picnic Spots Near Goa Encompassing All We Need To Relax!

Goa is a beautiful state in the southwestern part of India and is known as an ideal place to experience nighttime culture and beach parties. You can see Portuguese influence on Goa’s architectural wonders, cuisine and homes. The place is full of amazing forts, beaches, museums and of course breathtaking … More here

Picnic spot near Sangli

Picnic Spots Near Sangli: 5 Spaces For Rejuvenation!

Sangli is a city in Maharashtra in western India, which has made quite a reputation for itself (even if it is significantly less important) for being famous for turmeric, vintage handmade liquor, many forts and wildlife sanctuaries! There is no doubt that Sangli is a treasure trove of amazing places … More here

7 Enthralling Adventure Sports In Gujarat To Experience In 2020!

Many things come to mind as we think of Gujarat. Lively temples, exotic destinations, delicious food and colorful village life. But do adventure games also resonate with the name? Many of you may feel otherwise, but the Land of Great Heritage has plenty of offerings cruising around the mainland for … More here

A Mini Guide To Help You Through It In 2020!

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons A temple town, Guruvayur is not just sacred. It is also an ideal place for shopping. There are some incredible things that you can find here and nowhere else on earth. This temple town is located in Thrissur, Kerala and people who have visited here … More here

4 Stunning Waterfalls Near Malappuram You Should Visit In 2020

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Malappuram is one of the most beautiful districts in Kerala. Surrounded by the Nilgiri Hills and the magnificent Arabian Sea, Malappuram is also significant for Indian history. Ruled by many in the past, including the Pallavas, Dravidians and even the British government, the city has many … More here

5 Serene Waterfalls Near Vijayawada You Can’t Miss In 2020!

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Vijayawada is a very beautiful city located in the South Eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It has earned its fair share of recognition and prestige due to its hospitality and of course its amazing attractions that it offers. This is the very sacred and ornate … More here

Coastal Vacay In 2020

Take Your Pick For That Coastal Vacay In 2020!

The mighty oceans are not only magnanimous in looks but also have a plethora of locales hidden in their bounty. Far away from the mainland, these waterscapes pose as a natural escapade for everyone looking for a quick detox. As you slowly travel from the hustle-bustle of the country life … More here