Call of Duty Cheat Provider Shuts Down Following Legal Notice

Call of Duty Cheat Provider Discontinues Operation Following Legal Warning

Interwebz, an increasingly prominent cheat-making service for Call of Duty games such as Modern Warfare 3 (CoD MW3) and Warzone 1, recently decided to close down in response to receiving legal notice1. This decision represents an important step toward creating a fairer gaming environment within these titles.

Warzone Cheating Problem

Warzone’s cheating problem can be traced back to cheat providers that create hacks to exploit its system and sell these to players; in doing so, these exploits upset its balance and skill requirements, undermining its reputation, dismantle player skillsets and introduce wallhacks and aimbots that give players abilities beyond that which the game allows them.

Legal Action from Activision

Activision, the game developer, issued legal notice to an established Call of Duty cheat-providing group as an attempt at counteracting this widespread cheating issue and create a fairer gaming experience for everyone involved in Call of Duty. With this move Activision demonstrated their dedication towards making their games fairer for everyone involved.

Call of Duty Cheat
Call of Duty Cheat

Impact on Gaming Community

With Interwebz no longer present, Warzone should experience a substantial reduction in cheaters – which should result in improved game play experience due to decreased encounters being unfair1. Activision are actively banning cheaters from Warzone and MW3 which bodes well for their CoD community.


This news brings everything you need to know about Interwebz being closed as an agent of cheats in CoD MW3 and Warzone gaming environments. It marks an encouraging step toward more equitable playing experiences.

What are some popular Warzone cheats?

Warzone also features some other popular cheats; here are a few:

Aimbot: An extreme aim assist that keeps a cheater’s reticle locked-on to an opponent’s body, Aimbot allows players to hit targets quickly and accurately; particularly headshots for great headshot results!

Wallhacks (or ESP): Wallhacks provide cheaters with magical x-ray vision that allows them to see every player through walls at all times and provides an unfair advantage by enabling players to track opponents through solid objects.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP): With this cheat enabled, players are able to see additional information about other players such as health statuses, distance details, weapon specs and weapon locations.

Radar Hack: This hack offers a detailed radar or mini-map which depicts opponents’ locations precisely, giving cheaters an advantage in combat.

Remember, using cheats ruins the game for everyone involved as well as violating its Terms of Service; doing so could even result in permanent ban. Instead, play fair and enjoy playing as intended!

What is the punishment for using cheats in Warzone?

Warzone penalises users who utilize cheats very severely. Here are the key points:

Matchmaking With Cheaters: Players suspected of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone are forced into similar matches as punishment1, in order to keep them separate from other players and ensure a fairer gameplay experience for everyone involved.

Warnings and Bans: Ricochet’s anti-cheat system initially issues warnings to players found using cheats, while continued misuse could prompt additional warnings, mitigation deployment, account or feature suspension or ban offenders across Call of Duty titles.

Notification to Reporters: Reporters of suspected cheaters will now receive notification when their reports result in banishments for those players being reported.

Reminder: Cheating not only disrupts the gaming experience for everyone else but it is also against the terms of service for the game and could result in permanent ban. Therefore it’s always wisest to play fairly and enjoy your experience the way that is intended by its designer.

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