Getting a good face wash is really important but it becomes even more crucial when your skin is oily and acne prone. There are different types of cleansers for oily face like the salicylic acid rich face washes, gels cleansers, foaming cleansers etc but there are oil free face wash which are also good for the boys and girls having oily skin and sensitive skin. Here in this post at Tips and Beauty, we bring you this list of the best face washes list that are oil-free and gentle.

How to treat oily skin?

Do not wash oily skin a lot of times, twice in a day is appropriate and suitable even for acne prone skin type.

Always use face wash suitable for oily skin as that can ten irritate the oily skin and make it even more oilier or cause pimples.

Never use hot water as that can make the pores gets larger or get fully opened. Always use the normal water. If you have used hot water then apply a pore tightening toner afterwards.

Do not touch oily skin often as it can cause acne break outs.

You can use the oil free toners and toners for large pores for oily skin.

To keep the skin free of sebum and oils, you can use bloating sheets to get rid of the oils.

List of the best Oil-Free Face washes in India (2022)

1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash

This can be said as the best oil free face wash in India which is for oily skin acne prone skin and also for the sensitive skin. The oil free cleanser is non-comedogenic face wash with the power of the 2% Salicylic Acid. It helps to cleanse the skin and prevents the skin breakouts. It is appropriate for acne-prone skin. The cleanser is also an alcohol-free face wash.

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2. Garnier Men Oil Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash helps to even your skin tone by reducing the oils and blemishes. It can get rid of the impurities, dust, dirt etc that is the main reason of the skin breakout. The cleanser is an oil free face wash for men in India. Garnier men face wash helps treat the pimples and acne by cleansing the excessive oils. This removes the sebum seated in the skin pores. It has cryo-menthol and mineral clay to absorb oils.

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3. Clean & Clear Morning Energy Apple Face Wash

The apple face wash has the natural apple extracts that purifies the oily skin. It is recommended to freshen and energize the tired and oily skin. The gentle face wash is loaded with the bursting beads that helps cleanse the dust, dirt etc. The rich foaming face wash thoroughly removes the oil and dirt without drying the skin.

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4. Vegetal Tea Tree Face Wash Oil Free

Rich in the tea tree extracts the face wash is an oil free face wash to curb the acne production. It is rich with Neem and Khajoor extracts. It is specifically designed to prevent and heal skin infections. The face wash improves the skin texture by reducing the acne breakouts and the blackheads. It also controls the excessive sebum production to check the oil regulation.

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5. Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash

The lemon face wash is not just an oil clear face wash but also is an oil free cleanser with lemon extracts. It tones the skin and tightens the pores thus skin looks better. It can be used every day and is pretty gentle on the skin. It has a gel base with foaming lathers that cleanses deeply. The citric acid in the lemon extracts lightens and tones the skin.

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6. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Facial Acne Wash

This is another variant from the Neutrogena cleansers that is oil free and has the Microclear technology. It helps remove the black spots and blackheads. It is a dermatologist recommended facial cleanser in the west that has the Salicylic acid and Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. It is a non drying cleanser with the vitamin C richness. It can be sued by all the skin types.

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7. Biocare Oil-Free Acne Face Wash

This Biocare oil free face wash is for oily skin and acne prone skin types. It can be though used by all the skin types except for the dry skin. It is non drying yet squeezes the oils out from the face.

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8. Clearasil Daily Clear Acne Face Wash and Hydra-blast Oil-Free Face Wash

This Clearasil face wash is an oil free product to cleanse the oily skin. It has the hydra blast technology that helps cleanse the skin thoroughly. It makes the skin very clear and clean.

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So, these are the best oil-free cleansers in India. Have you used any of these face washes to control acne and pimples. If your skin is oily-acne prone then you should definitely check out our best summer Face wash in India list and also the best medicated face wash for acne to get clear skin within no time.

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