Your intimate area requires good hygiene to prevent infections and to keep yourself fresh and clean. Mostly we use soaps and water that can clean the intimate areas but they can also disrupt the pH balance of your vagina and intimate area. This is why use of a good intimate wash product is crucial. In this article, we are going to talk about the best intimate wash products for women available in India. There are several brands of intimate wash that are there in Indian market. You can buy them online and from the shops.

Even during the Menstruation time, it becomes very important that you keep good hygiene of your vagina. Use of sanitary pads, tampons and intercourse can cause rashes, irritation and Smell. This is why keeping the vagina free of such problems is critical. Otherwise you can experience rashes, burning sensation and fishy smell or even yeast infection.

List of the Best Women’s Intimate Wash Products in India For Private Parts (2022)

Let’s check which are the best intimate wash brands in India for women.

1. VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

VWash is the leading brand of intimate wash for women in India. It is a daily use intimate hygiene product that has a gel base. It has the unique pH balance formula that contains lactic acid. It is also enriched with sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil. The pH level of this wash product is 3.5. It is safe to be used during menstruation and even during the pregnancy. It leaves you feeling comfortable and fresh all day long.

2. Himalaya Intimate V-Wash

Himalaya Intimate V-Wash

The intimate wash product is made for moms. In fact, any women can use it. It is rich in tea tree oil that helps relieve itching and irritation. It also prevents the odor due to its antifungal properties. It maintains the acidic pH balance of genital areas and also reduces the excessive vaginal discharge. It is one of the best intimate wash that controls itching and odor effectively.

3. Everteen Feminine Intimate Wash

Everteen Feminine Intimate Wash

Everteen feminine intimate wash is made with 100% natural active and is a soap and SLS free Private parts hygiene product. It is extra mild for all skin types and even if you have itchy and sensitive vaginal area you can still use it. It helps prevent variety of infections and itching. It promotes the intimate hygiene and reduces the discomfort and bad odor.

4. InWi Intimate Foaming Wash

InWi Intimate Foaming Wash

This intimate forming wash is rich in sea buckthorn oil, witch Hazel and calendula extracts. It deeply cleanses without over drying or disrupting the intimate area’s pH balance. It is a paraben-free intimate wash product which 100% vegetarian. It does not contain any sulphates. It has a pH balanced formula that is safe for daily use.

5. Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

This is also a very popular daily intimate wash that women of all age groups can use. It is an FDA approved feminine intimate wash product that has a revolutionary formula. It is full of natural vitamins and Aloe Vera Gel extract that gently cleanses your vaginal area without making it dry and itchy.

6. Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash

Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash

The gentle female intimate wash product is dermatologically tested and is gentle for all skin types. It has a pH balance formula that is soap-free. It has vitamins and lactic acid that gently cleanses and moisturizes the private areas.

7. Stbotanica Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

Stbotanica Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

This feminine wash has a pH balance formula that keeps the daily hygiene of your private areas. It is rich in rose water, lactic acid and Witch Hazel. It has an odor block protection and a pH of 3.5. It can be used daily safely and contains no parabens and sulphates. It has a foaming formula and comes in a pump packaging.

8. HYGEE All Natural & Herbal Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

HYGEE All Natural & Herbal Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

It is a natural product that is rich in 100% natural actives and botanicals. It is safe for your genital area and other body private parts. It is an effective daily use product. Being pH balanced and soap free in formula, it does not irritate the pH balance of the genital parts. It removes bad odor and itching.

9. HoneyPot Intimate Wash

HoneyPot Intimate Wash

The product clenses and refreshes the intimate area and maintains healthy vaginal flora that also reduces the unpleasant odor. It leaves a fresh sensation and is enriched with tea tree oil that decreases the yeast infection but does not disturb the natural flora of your genital area.  Women of all age groups can try it.

10. INLIFE Vaginal Wash

INLIFE Vaginal Wash

This is one of the best feminine wash that reduces the order causing bacteria and gives you long lasting freshness. It has pH balance formula which does not interfere with the natural flora of your vagina. It soothes the dry and inflamed skin. It can be used during menstruation, intercourse and daily.

11. Avon Simply Delicate Soothing Feminine Wash

Avon Simply Delicate Soothing Feminine Wash

The delicate wash for intimate areas is specially developed for females. It helps relieve skin irritation and itching. It is a creamy wash that spreads nicely and cleanses the genital and intimate areas. It reduces the unpleasant smell, itching and Inflammation.

These are the best intimate wash for women available in Indian market. Have you used any of these women’s intimate wash products? Which is your favorite product or formula to wash your genital areas.

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