41 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas 

Anniversary to couples are an opportunity to come together and cherish their love and blissful family moments for another year. Its a day to remember the special moments they made in their married life.

With a traditional anniversary gift theme or a modern one for each anniversary, one isn’t strictly speaking ‘obliged’ to give anything but if not, choosing a gift that deviates from the traditional gift theme will make your anniversary even more meaningful. Don’t underestimate the impact that a well-thought-out, surprising gift can have on your special date.

Want to buy the perfect anniversary present for a spouse or a loved one but are at a loss as what to get? Allow us to do the work for you. We have compiled a list of suitable anniversary gifts, from the traditional such as gold and silver to the more contemporary modern gifts, including the practical, yet stylish home items such as vases and jewel ascents to the more sentimental, such as a jewellery box or a personal trinket bearing a message expressing love for a loved one.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the most memorable anniversary gift ideas that are sure to make your loved one smile.

These Are The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

best wedding anniversary gift ideas
best wedding anniversary gift ideas

1. Gold Bull Bookend

Add polish to any home with the luxurious Gold Bull Bookend. Although it is designed to keep books upright on a shelf, it will also add visual interest to a living room, dining area, study, or bedside table.

Transform a room into a thing of beauty with this addition – a thing of beauty in itself. And it’s an ideal gift for book-lovers and those who like to furnish their homes with beautiful objects.

2. The Royal Vega Baklava Box

There is perhaps no single morsel of sweet food that feels as decadent as baklava The tastiest and most accessible form of baklava is hard to come by. That has now changed, thank heavens, thanks to the Baklava Box.

they are also a most thoughtful anniversary gift! For $20, you get this lovely box filled with seven kinds of Baklava, including Burma Cashew Baklava, Cashew Pyramid Baklava, Cashew Square Baklava, Finger Baklava, Pistachio Square Baklava, Mixed Tart Baklava, and Burma Square Cashew Baklava. Mmmmm.

3. Artistic Chopping Board/Cheese Platter

Beautifully carved and finished to become an arthouse hero, this expressionist chopping board is more than meets the eye. Actually, it is more than a chopping board. It is also a stylish cheese platter. This wonderful piece of wood carving is a wonderful multifunctional gift to give to a couple together as it will bring food artistic preparation and presentation into the kitchen and dining area alike. This work of art for kitchen and dinning space is the best gift to give to a couple for any special occasion.

4. Kimirica Love Story Gift Set

There’s no better gift than one dedicated to love and nothing, believe me, can exceed the gift by the brand Kimirica: inside this box you’ll find body products, made with Gardenia and Night Blooming Jasmine essence, thought to be the best for your skin, whether it’s a family member or a friend you’re getting a gift for, simply make it this one, they’ll fall in love with it.

5. With Love From Greece Canvas Painting (Set of 3)

The ‘With Love From Greece ‘ Paintings transform your home into a gorgeous place. Hand-painted with great care, these are beautiful and classy paintings that will undoubtedly make your home look better. Thanks to their beautiful nature scenes and soothing colour palettes and contemporary themes, these paintings will add the right touch of class without going over-the-top. This unique beauty of these artworks will perfectly mix with your home’s interiors, making your house look even better.

6. MCaffeine Coffee Mood Gift Kit

Make gifting something special with MCaffeine Coffee Mood gift kit. This soft combination of Arabica coffee-infused skincare is designed to make anyone happy. It’s perfect for gifting loved ones because it gives the giver an entirely new experience with coffee.

7. Gold Marble Pattern Tea Cup with Tea Pot Set

A Gold Marble Pattern Tea Cup Set with a Gold Tea Pot. A bold, beautiful and a stylish coffee table gift, perfect for an anniversary. An irregular and beautiful gold pattern on the exteriors, with a simple and elegant wooden hand grip, it is a stunning gift for yourself or a couple who love a good cup of tea or coffee. If you are looking for the perfect gift for them, look no further because you have found the silver modern gift right here.

8. Dessert Plate & Bowl Gift Set

the Wishing Chair dessert plate and sweet bowl gift set is a pictorial masterpiece of design! What a brilliant combination of colours and patterns – hand-painted blue and pink with opulent scales of fish and flowers that blend into crystalline modern gift of beauty! This is a unique gift for a truly outstanding occasion – your engagement.

9. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Amazon Echo Dot, India’s top smart speaker brand on Alexa, which is available for long-distance voice commands. An excellent gift for newlyweds, as it can make your home better in many ways with voice-commanded music and others. They will say thank you a thousand times.

10. Customised Quilled Portraits

Some of you may wonder what is something like quilled art?

Quilled art is an elegant handcraft which the artist can creat not only decorative patterns but also more exciting things such as photo.

These acrtivities involve the process that rolling, shaping and glue the paper on each other.
Specifically, there are many forms of quilled art, but the most famous forms are fonts, arcs and quotations.

Nowadays, the quilled portrait of the couples has become the trend. What makes it popular?

The quilled portraits are the portrait the couples and immortalize their moments. It makes very emotional and unique pictures which are for only these couples. It gives them special affection to whom they love.
In conclusion, I think that this art is a very aesthetic and meaningful gift for the this special couple.

best wedding anniversary gift ideas
best wedding anniversary gift ideas

11. Multicolour Printed Cushion Covers

Printed pillow covers is a great gift for couples who have just got married and are looking for new furnishings, or those who are together for a long time. Cousin covers not only add some sensible sense but also bring warmth and fashion into their couple’s place. Every new figure of marriage makes up a new room, and that room is not complete yet without any chic furnishings like these printed pillow covers.

12. Hoop Art Portraits

Light up any corner of your home with Mexican handmade hoop art portraits crafted using vibrant and colourful threads, which are often decorated with a calendar-like pattern to celebrate dates. Mini hoop art also makes for a memorable wedding favour.

13. Set of 4 Wine Glasses

This Wine Glass will add a beautiful touch to dinner for the wine-loving couple. A good gift to give this holiday as they put the wine glass on the dinner table. Add a bottle of wine as well to give them the complete experience. Cheers!

14. French Press Coffee Maker

If you wish it to be useful, there is no better idea than a French presaco wrapper for a married couple. Namely, if you want to give your coffee loving friends something thoughtful, what can be better than to help them move from instant coffee??to French press (since I could not find any French press replicas for you, I hope this one will do the trick). Maybe some high quality coffee beans could go very well with your French press.

15. Crystal Dinner Set

Elegant, stylish, lightweight and versatile, the Tiara dinner set by Borosil complements every meal and cuisine. A favourite among customers, this dinner set strikes a perfect balance between beauty and durability. It can withstand rough usage without chipping or scratching, and it can be safely used in a microwave oven or dishwasher. All this makes the dinner set convenient and practical for daily use. Hence, the set is an excellent gift for a couple celebrating their first anniversary.

16. Carafe With Inbuilt Infuser

The best gift for a newly wed couple is this microwave and flame- proof carafe from Borosil. For years our brand has been lying down the line of excellence you can now rejuvenate your taste bud by brewing your favorite tea or by enjoying a warm cup of coffee which is the best way to start a day.It’s a gift for a great morning indeed.

17. Queen Butterfly Decorated Metal Wall Decor

Royal charm and elegance can now add simple charm to your home decor with this beautiful kingdom inspired wall art.

The light decoration wall art combines butterfly designs with the overall queen theme and a backlight, all made with rust resistant metal. It features a perfect sense of elegance which is suitable to use for any party.

Please arrive at the wedding with a thoughtful gift.

18. Ceramic Wall Plates with Beautiful Modern Art

These round modern art wall plates decor are an elegant gift for home interior design lovers who appreciate quality and sophistication. The pictures portray a vibrant array of colours highlighted with a sharp print quality on a lustrous surface. A remarkable collection of three 3D hanging set for couples, the canvases each come with hanging hooks provided for wall decor that enhances the most popular rooms in your residence, such as a living room, bedroom or study.

19. Beautiful Colour Palette Wall Clock

Add a touch of sophistication to a couple’s wall with this masterpiece of wooden wall clock. Featuring a pattern of beautiful, elegant design punctuated with a tasteful burst of colour in the central part of the piece, this wood finish wall clock is sure to compliment any living space. Not only is it a functional and visually delightful piece to add to their home, but adding this lovely piece of decor will give the living area a tasteful air of magnificence.

20. Madhubani Art Collage Set of 2

Anyone wouldn’t love to add some ethnic art work to ones home? Completely hassle-free and super brilliant, this beautiful set of Madhubani art is tastefully and serenely displayed under smooth black frames. These can be hanged to any corner of the house by the proud recipient, making it the perfect gift.

best wedding anniversary gift ideas
best wedding anniversary gift ideas

21. Dune Snack Set For 8

Beautify any fine dining table with this gorgeous light blue dinner set from Nestasia. Varying degrees of texture and an exquisite brown border offers a truly unique style for this versatile shade. Perfect for a family of 8 or fewer, this dinner set also features a fabulous design that takes jealous-guarding of your table’s finest meals to an all-new level. Gift it now to someone close to your heart!

22. Borosil Vision Jug with Glasses Set

We all had been in this situation before. You have as many jugs and glasses possible at home, but when sudden guests turn up you found that are still not enough. What a good timing this Borosil Vision Jug with glasses have just popped up for you. Crafted from borosilicate glass for you households. Can be used for daiquiris, lemonade or simply having good time with several sangrias. This gift is a modern update to your serving style. The perfect mix of beautiful glassware for your home.

23. Saphir Flower Vase

Add a sense of refinement and charm to any room or environment by offering this playful flower vase, made from high-quality, crystal-clear glass: the original use of these objects is made even more enchanting and pleasant thanks to NachtMann’s glamorous design, which is both surprising and inspiring. An excellent gift, ideal to give life to a coffee table or a living room console.

24. No Blesses Whisky Tumbler (Set of 6)

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your friends’ barware, these whiskey tumblers make a great gift. Made of fine crystal, they’re sure to impress! They’re so charming and sophisticated, simply the best!

25. Auric Blue Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

A beautiful addition to any room, this auric gold glass hurricane candle holder from Twig Twine made of steel creates a beautiful geometric pattern for a modern look. Its shape is round, which will complete any corner and add sophistication to your home.

26. Mango-Inspired Table Cover

House This is a Delhi based brand started in 2011, who deal in coordinated deco and soft furnishing solutions. Infusing design inspirations from Indian roots into their products, their range of furnishings are perfect for home, but are also ideal anniversary presents for couples!

The highlight among their product line has to be their table covers, especially this mango inspired cover. A rustic sourced table-cover is a beautiful and very practical gift to give someone to spread some home and sunshine.

27. Gold Solid Metal Round Electric Table Lamp

Give a gift to your loved ones with this luxury Designed Serenity Table Lamp modern style table lamps made of wood and fabric. It is a piece of high quality with design up and down electric lamp decoration style. Suitable for living room and bedrooms use.

28. Corsica Multicolor Queen Bedsheet Set

For me, you can never have too many bedding collections. When you’re buying a gift for someone, such as a bedsheet set, it has to be a luxury item in terms of both looks and feel. This bedsheet set is made up of soft premium fabrics and with bold prints, where you can feel relax to a beauty living environment.

29. Sustainable Stationery Gift Box

Anand Prakash presents a gift box for travellers and writers – a beautifully printed A5 travel journal made of recycled paper.

It also comes with a tie-fastened tree of life bookmark, a reusable paper notepad, refined notecards with envelopes, and two hand-made pencils made from authentic vintage newspaper.

This unique gift is not only fellowship with Mother Earth, but diamond modern gift that will delight those who love the Earth and writing.

30. Wax Sealing Stamp Gift Box

While not the most traditional gift in the world, wax seals have made a bit of a comeback among people with a taste for ornate stationery. A box such as this allows you to give your suitors those bragging rights as well as a sweet way to seal up boxes and letters. Each box features two pieces of sealing wax, one of brass and wood stamp, and comes with twenty satin ribbons. You can buy the box here.

best wedding anniversary gift ideas
best wedding anniversary gift ideas

31. Personalised Stationery Sets in Trunks

Stationery cards inscribed with your own personal touch are priceless, as are handwritten notes. This anniversary gift of a stationary set with its notecards, its envelopes and its gift tags is great for people who love such things. The printed boxes include special dividers bearing floral medallions to separate and keep the notecards, envelopes and gift tags in place. You can accessorise them with a keepsake trunk embellished with a gold lock.

32. Black And Gold Table Lamp

Update a home office with this contemporary table lamp. It’s industrial style, crafted in stainless steel, with a clean silhouette, an adjustable arm, and a cane shade. Table lamps might not be the first thing that comes to mind when buying a gift, but we just had to include this piece on the list!

33. Personalised Couple Hoodies

Make your anniversary gift one of a kind, and something that feels modern for the couple! This gift can be customised for the couple to celebrate their anniversary! Pick the number of years you’ve been together and personalise the sweatshirts. Celebrate your anniversary with this special customised couple hoodie.

34. A Grand Flower Arrangement

There is nothing better than a bouquet of flowers when you don’t know what to buy for a gift and there are few better than Interflora when there is a special occasion. OH so special. A bouquet of dreams! Lovely roses. O off-white with a dash of pretty blush pink that fills your heart with hope and ambition, rejoice in this harmony of beauty.

35. Coffee Gift Box For Couples

Confetti Gifts presents the ultimate gift pack for coffee-loving couples! Ever imagined how it would be to gift your partner their favourite coffee drink? We have done just that. We have put together a delightful assortment of all things coffee-themed, perfectly packed in a special box. Your coffee-loving juniors will be thoroughly surprised and delighted. This classy box comes with a variety of flavoured coffee from Country Bean, along with a Certified Coffee Lover Badge, a cute little wooden spoon, a coffee mug, handcrafted choco chip cookies and a set of polished wooden coasters. A special treat for the coffee couple.

36. Wholesome Happiness Hamper

Suit your sweetheart for a hamper bursting with delightful munching delights. With black pepper cashews and pistachios, along with Lebanese baklava sweetmeats, chocolate biscuits and a choice couverture chocolate bar, this luxury gift box can look almost as mouth-watering as it tastes, with beautiful bouquets of alstroemeria, carnations and eucalyptus.

37. Bare Necessities Happiness Gift Box

Are you feeling down in the dumps? Give your mood a much-needed boost with the ultra-luxe Happiness Gift Bundle from Bare Necessities! The cozy and uplifting self-care box contains an assortment of products from the brand to nurture both your body and spirit.

Treat yourself to Espresso Yourself Coffee Body Scrub, soak in Lavender Levitate Bath Salt, slather your lips with Hempily Ever After Lip Balm, and go to town on your skin with Soothe Operator – Rose & Green Clay Spa Bar and Brew For The Soul – Coffee Spa Bar. Join the handcrafted, zero waste, earth-loving ethos, and let this hamper melt the cares of the world away.

38. Souvenir Gold Wine Glass & Photo Frame Gift Box

Don’t forget to give the couple their position in the silver milestone list with this sumptuous Souvenir gift box from The Zappy Box, it appears that the newlyweds will be one proud pair of gold wine glasses and a frosted photo frame richer after the reception. Why? Because photo frames are timeless.

39. Set of 6 Black Photo Frames

‘We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves.’

When it comes to the wedding anniversary gift set, let’s talk about the beauty of photo frames first. Photo frames are a classic gift choice that will make you feel like you’ve been heard. It has a simple, elegant style, which will add some fun elements to create a sophisticated ambience in every home. Decorate it according to your imagination and make the couple’s photo wall perfect!

40. Blue & Coral Him & Her Towel Set

Raymond Home designer towel setTreat yourself to this designer towelset produced by premium grade cotton. With this set not only your style will be exquisite, but the atmosphere in your bathroom will be more sophisticated. The Mr ᴅ Mr Mrs stylish logo makes it a perfect anniversary gift for a wedding. Enjoy aesthetics with luxury and comfort.

best wedding anniversary gift ideas
best wedding anniversary gift ideas

41. Lu & Will Couple Watches by Joker & Witch

No matter how long you’re married, your love will deepen every day.
If you are looking for an elegant and classy gift for a powerful couple, look no further. The Signature Black Dial Rosegold Watch and The Signature All Black Watch on Lu & Will Couple Watches from make the perfect gift set for couples to proudly display their relationship goals.

42. Mercedes-Benz Miniature Perfume Gift Set

Mercedes Benz has become as well-known for its distinctive designer perfumes as it is for its gorgeous cars. These perfumes are designed for a luxurious lifestyle and to embody the perception of success that comes with a brand like Mercedes Benz; bottled up expressions of the car itself. They’re for women who want to make a statement, have a big attitude and stand out from the crowd.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Anniversary Gift

Picking out a gift for a wedding anniversary can be a daunting task. You want to make sure it reflects your love and appreciation for your spouse as well as stopping short of arriving on their doorstep with a delicious heart-shaped pizza that will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Here are a few key points that will help you when selecting your anniversary gift.

1. Understand Their Preferences

Getting to know your partner’s favourite things, what they like and dislike, their hobbies and interests is important before buying gifts. If they like reading books, you could get them a signed first edition. If they like cooking, high-quality kitchen tools are a great gift.

2. Reflect on Shared Memories

An expensive gift might be more impressive, but a gift that you can link back to shared experiences and memories could be truly meaningful. For example, think about anything that reminds you of a vacation you enjoyed together, or perhaps a hobby or sport you both really like, or an inside joke you might have.

3. Consider the Milestone

Traditional and modern gift ideas have been linked with each anniversary year and you will often see one or both mentioned in websites and retailers. For example, paper is the first year gift, gold is the modern gift for the first year, silver is the 25th and gold is the 50th. You don’t have to stick to these by any means but they can be useful for inspiration.

4. Personalization

Gifts lavished with personalisation ultimately emerge as unique because they suggest you’ve specifically considered the person. Think about engraved gold jewellery or a custom canvas to a photo album replete with memories.

5. Practicality

It is simple, man – though there are more heartfelt considerations. Are you buying something that your beloved will use in everyday life for sentimental reasons or, because your partner is smart, for practical reasons?

6. Experience Gifts

Sometimes, the best anniversary gift by year is not an object, but an experience. Like a romantic weekend getaway, a cooking class, or concert or play tickets.

7. Budget

And last on the list, of course, is your budget – remember, it is how much you spend but more so how much you care that people appreciate.

Mustard, you’ll note, also happens to be a critical ingredient in grilled cheese sandwiches, a meal that has long been considered the ultimate restoration of spirits à deux for weary American wives. So much for tradition. If these considerations are all that a couple needs, then even the most unoriginal of gifters could do well to reread this list.

Buying the perfect anniversary present takes time, thought, and (to quote the piece of twine that was used with a dramatic flourish to pin a corsage to a date’s lapel back in 1964) a little ingenuity. And yet I ask you, is choosing better than not choosing at all? Begrudgingly or not, with all these elements to hand you’re well on your way to a traditional anniversary gift worthy of any queen.


Whether it’s the first or the 25th wedding anniversary, the deluge of gifts presented to couples on anniversaries can be staggering. Most of these gifts will be impersonal and impractical, despite everyone’s good intentions. It’s the gifts with the closest reflection of the couple’s passions and personalities, the ones that require the most thought, that will be memorable on the anniversaries to come. We hope you found this carefully curated choice of gift ideas useful.

What are some anniversary gift ideas?

Personal items like a custom photo book, engraved jewellery, or an anniversary trip would make great gifts. Unique experiences like cooking classes or a futuristic adventure tour could also make great gifts.

What gift to buy for a wedding anniversary?

A thoughtful gift for a wedding anniversary may be a personalised item like a keepsake box or a bouquet or decopage painting depicting the happy couple, a relaxing spa treatment, a candle light dinner or anything else that relates to the couple’s interests.

What is the best anniversary gift for married couples?

Instead of buying something material for married couples, the greatest gift idea usually offers a couple memories and minutes to spend together whether that’s taking a weekend retreat to the hills, buying tickets to a concert or a night to try some new dishes at a fine restaurant.Personalized gifts can also add a fun touch!

What present do you traditionally give for a wedding anniversary?

For many years, anniversary gifts are assigned to each year of a wedding. Paper on the first, wood for the fifth, silver for the 25th and so on. All these traditional gifts being tools to increase the union.

What is a good gift for anniversary? Good gifts for an anniversary are photo albums with personalised pictures, jewelleries, experience gifts such as a hot air ballon, a subscription service that covers the couple’s hobby or interest.

What do I get as an anniversary gift?

Donate together If you’re stuck and you’re looking to give an anniversary gift that will celebrate your relationship and make an impact, donate an artwork, accessories or even plan a surprise trip that you both can enjoy together. Make sure the gift you end up giving is something your partner would be interested in.

What do you get each year for an anniversary?

And each anniversary year, at least in the US, is associated with a different material: a traditional and sometimes cryptic symbol of the passage of time. Paper for the 1st anniversary, tin or aluminium for the 10th, gold for the 50th: adhering to these traditions might infuse your choice with deeper meaning.

What is the best anniversary gift for a couple?

The perfect anniversary gift for a couple would be something that they can enjoy together, such as a luxury dinner and maybe a weekend getaway, or more adventurous activity like wine tastings tours. Bespoke gifts are also a great choice.

What each anniversary gift year is?

Each of the anniversary years carries a traditional gift: 1st: paper; 5th: wood; 10th: tin/aluminum; 20th: china; 25th: silver; 50th: gold. Each material symbolises the transformation and strength of the union.

What gift to give a couple for their anniversary?

Choose an experience the couple can share – maybe tickets to a show, a gourmet cooking class or weekend getaway. Other bespoke ideas: custom wine glasses emblazoned with the company logo or custom photo frames with pictures from the work team.

What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

Wedding anniversary gifts that are vaguely traditional include: paper (First anniversary), wood (Fifth), tin/aluminium (Tenth), crystal (15th), china (20th), silver (25th), gold (50th).

What do you buy for a married couple’s anniversary?

If it’s an anniversary for a married couple, buy presents for two, like a custom portrait, a cooking class for two, or a spa day. They should be able to share in the gift or remember it all together.

What do you get for years married?

Married for long years, traditional gifts are, respectively: 1 year – paper, 5 years – wood, 10 years – tin (aluminium), 20 years – china, 25 years – silver, 50 years – golden. These gifts represent the way of life and the development of marriage.

What is the most common anniversary gift?

The most traditional anniversary gifts could be flowers, jewellery, or gadgets with a romantic touch (for instance, when written on paper), while the most trendy ones include experience gifts such as a romantic dinner out or weekend away.

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