101 Best Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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A treat for the creative mind and a sense of pride for the beholder. Check out the best Puerto Rican Flag tattoo ideas available on the internet.

Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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Dubbed as the ‘Rich Port’, the history of Puerto Rico adds a fair bit of sarcasm to the commonly used adjective ‘Small Island’.

Puerto Rico is the home of the rich culture imbibed by the Taino Tribe, which was claimed by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Deriving a rebellious history due to the subsequent invasions from Europe, Puerto Rico also became the home to many heroics.

Doused in the color of vigor, purity, and freedom, the Puerto Rican Flag is a symbol of a versatile history. Even after repeated invasions and corresponding influence from the different ruling parties, Puerto Rico’s history and culture remain intact. The Caribbean pride highlights the heroic stories of great resistance while retaining its culture.

The story of one’s ancestor, rich culture, or some great customs, the Puerto Rican flag tattoo has never failed to share a timeless story. With red, white, and blue being their primary color, some wear the Puerto Rican flag tattoo, like the conventional flag itself, while others add some flair, thus creating some great tattoo designs. Getting the exact design replicated or scoring some inspiration, these Puerto Rican flag tattoo designs are all that you need.

Full-Sleeve Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Full-Sleeve Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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A tattoo that screams out leadership, with an observative personality. The striking gaze of the tribe chief, which is further highlighted by the exquisite skills of the tattoo artist, is a show stopper, yet it’s not. Highlighting the skill of the professional artist, Taino symbols are also added to the mix, linking it to their rich culture. While some might say that such kinds of tattoo designs highlight an artistic and peaceful personality, the roaring tiger on the forearm symbolizes danger. One can also replace the roaring tiger with two tribal weapons, which might work as well.

The addition of the Puerto Rican Flag colors to the black and white tattoo is a highlight of the new generation, who are the vessels of the rich Puerto Rican culture, of the new generation. For amazing tattoo designs such as these, several warm connotations can be expected.

Creative Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Creative Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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A dramatic representation of the Puerto Rican flag engulfed in white flames, highlighting culture retention and hard work. Certainly a treat for the creative minds and a thought process for the observers of this unique piece of art, which is otherwise called the Puerto Rican Flag.

A full-forearm tattoo itself shows the unparalleled capacity of its owner to withstand pain. These flames originate near the source; hence these types of Puerto Rican tattoo ideas also reveal the close affinity of the bearer to his roots. Certainly, the blue ink inspiration has carried on its legacy of creativity, and such an individual can be touted as the white flames of many original Puerto Rico tattoo ideas that you may come up with.

Freestyle Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Freestyle Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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One that lives up to the rich history of Puerto Rican pride while highlighting the flawless skills of the tattoo artist. Word of caution, even tattoo artists with great skills, have often shown discomfort at the thought of inking these types of Puerto Rican flag tattoo designs. Apart from the blue ink inspiration, this Puerto Rican flag tattoo highlights all the major elements of the Puerto Rican flag and culture – Popular Taino tribal tattoos, coqui frog, and hibiscus chest, while only negating the Sun god and Moon goddess.

The Puerto Rican flag, along with its several elements, has all the necessary ingredients to suffice your creative mind, thus allowing the creation of several Puerto Rican Taino tattoo designs. Going freestyle, each element has its own meaning, which further cements the fact that every Puerto Rican tattoo will have a unique connotation. However, only the best tattoo studios can aid you in this creative escapade.

Floral Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo Black and White

Floral Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo Black and White
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A comic-like portrait with the inclusion of the national flower, resulting in an extremely cool outcome. The personification of the slight creases in the Puerto Rican flag further adds a realistic touch to this amazing piece of art. In case you are looking to get inspired, the addition of some religious symbols or the inclusion of the national emblems might be considered to be a creative tad forward.

Like a rose tattoo or the flower itself, the hibiscus has often been considered a victim of several interpretations. However, for black and white Puerto Rican tattoos such as these, the terms ‘Love’ and ‘Passion’ is usually associated. For a proud and learned Puerto Rican, a floral tattoo with the national flag can be considered a great option.

Puerto Rican Statue of Liberty Tattoo

Puerto Rican Statue of Liberty Tattoo
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We all have been guilty of mistaking the Puerto Rican flag tattoo designs with an American flag tattoo. However, nothing relates more to the history of the island present on the Caribbean sea than the Statue of Liberty. With a string of invasions, the Puerto Rican land has a tomb for several brave hearts. Unlike many countries with the same fate, Puerto Rican culture has been well preserved and shared, Feats worthy of the famous statue itself.

With several elements, an eye-catchy blue triangle coupled with a Taino symbol, one can see the presence of several individual Puerto Rican tattoo ideas in every tattoo studio spread across San Juan. Even with such interpretations, many observers fail to determine the real meaning of the Puerto Rican flag. Since the blue ink inspiration has a very high affinity towards the Statue of Liberty, adding these two in one frame will save the curious observers from a thought process.

Mini Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Mini Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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A treat for tattoo lovers, scared of full body art or a great half-sleeve tattoo. The tiny Puerto Rico tattoo is for the ones who like to keep things simple and clean. Even though the small Puerto Rican Flag tattoo is common, the addition of some mini Taino tribal tattoos near the blue ink inspiration might help one stand out in the crowd.

Maintaining delicate details while inking down a miniature version of an element is considered a great feat. Such a mini tattoo beautifully highlights the skill of a tattoo studio while also portraying a keen eye for finer details within the bearer of this cool tattoo. Certain aspects like elements, placement, and size give out a different meaning, and for articulately inked designs such as these, the message of perfection is heard, loud and clear.

Mickey Mouse Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Mickey Mouse Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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When the term ‘Blue ink inspiration’ is taken very seriously by a Mickey mouse lover, a sarcastic art with great meaning is born. Puerto Ricans have had their fair share of trials and tribulations in the past, yet this country is shrouded with sunny personalities. The phrase ‘The happiest people often have the toughest history’ is personified through this Rican flag tattoo in a rather cheeky way.

A great choice of sleeve tattoo for a person who shares the same history as the famed country itself. While highlighting the past struggles, it portrays a positive and outgoing character with the inclusion of Mickey mouse in such Puerto Rico designs. Such a person can be considered to have the mark of a true Blue ink inspiration while being the pride of the Puerto Rican ancestors.

Full-Shoulder Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo Concept

Full-Shoulder Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo Concept
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A full-shoulder Puerto Rican flag, in the words of the best tattoo studio in San Juan, is called a canvas. Often accompanied by excruciating pain for a prolonged period, such body arts are destined to get the most attention. Apart from the Rican flag, these tattoos follow the inclusion of some Puerto Rico Taino symbols, which makes them more appealing.

While planning such a tattoo, one has several options, like the addition of small Taino Tribal tattoos, a tattoo of the powerful sun god, along with the Rican flag. Many tattoos such as these have different meanings, something that depends on the bearer.

Realistic Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Realistic Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
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An incomplete Rican flag, only suitable for the boldly imperfect Puerto Ricans out there. The calculated gaps in the Puerto Rican flag with subtle fade highlights portray both perfection and imperfection in a person bearing the ink of such a Rican flag tattoo.

In the rat race of perfection, there are only a few people in the crowd who can proudly wear their vulnerability. In such a sense, the Rican flag might be more relatable to such a character due to their humble portrayal in the beginning, while being able to stand their ground even when they faced the biggest hurdles.

Classic E-Town Puerto Rican Tattoo

Classic E-Town Puerto Rican Tattoo
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The name of this Puerto Rican flag might be considered a contradiction to its name. A highlight of an old building with a setting sun, along with the Puerto Rican flag, can be considered as an indication of the upcoming era.

Indicative body art can be considered a suitable pick for a visionary who is destined for greatness. Such Puerto Rico designs can also be termed as the ink of hope that might help one by adding that last straw of faith to overcome any difficult situation.

As a lifelong ink partner, nothing qualifies more than these Puerto Rican tattoos. As Taino Tribal tattoos incorporate every component of Puerto Rico’s history, creative minds will face a certain challenge they love. Adding some of the best Taino tribal tattoos with the blue ink inspiration, there is no limit to the creation of new Puerto Rican tattoos while adding the Rican Flag itself into amazing future body art.

  • Heart-Shaped Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
  • Roaring Lion Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
  • Puzzle-Shaped Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
  • El Sol De Jayuya Tattoo
  • Girly Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo
  • The Rican Flag Boricua Back Tattoo
  • Puerto Rican Frog calf tattoo
  • Rican Flag Coqui Tattoo

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What do the puerto rican flag tattoo colors mean?

The colors of the Puerto Rican flag are symbolic and represent the rich history and culture of Puerto Rico. The main color, red, stands for blood shed during their fight for freedom. White stands for peace and victory while blue is a representation of the sky and blue ocean that surrounds the island nation. The white star located in the center of the flag represents the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and its people. The stripes represent the three branches of government, legislative, executive, and judicial. Finally, the triangle stands for patriotism and liberty. All together these colors embody the spirit of Puerto Rico – a proud symbol of freedom and independence.

How do I get a puerto rican flag tattoo?

Getting a Puerto Rican flag tattoo is an excellent way to show your pride for the island nation. Before getting the ink, it’s important to understand what each color and symbol of the flag represent so that you can accurately capture their meaning in your tattoo design. To start, research different styles of Puerto Rican flag tattoos to see which one best suits your style. Choose a reputable and experienced tattoo artist who is familiar with the design. Make sure to discuss all the specific details you would like included in your tattoo, including size, color, placement, etc. With proper care, a Puerto Rican flag tattoo can last for many years and be an expression of your love and admiration for this beautiful island.

How much does a puerto rican flag tattoo cost?

The cost of a Puerto Rican flag tattoo will depend on several factors, including size, complexity and the experience of the tattoo artist. Generally, most tattoos start at $50-$100 and go up from there depending on the size and detail of your design. You can save money by opting for a smaller design or finding an experienced but less expensive artist. It is important to remember that with any tattoo, quality is key as this will determine the longevity of your artwork. More experienced and professional artists generally charge more, but the end result may be worth it. Ultimately, the cost of a Puerto Rican flag tattoo will depend on what you want from your design and how much you are willing to spend.

How big should a puerto rican flag tattoo be?

The size of your Puerto Rican flag tattoo will depend on the placement and design you choose. Smaller tattoos are ideal for discreet placements like the wrist, ankle or top of the foot. For larger tattoos, traditional locations such as upper arm or back/shoulder area may be better suited. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how big or small you would like your tattoo. Just be sure to consider that larger tattoos will require more colors and details which may require more time, skill and money from the artist. Keep in mind that a professional artist will be able to work with you to find the perfect size for your desired design. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what size you would like your tattoo to be. Good luck!

What colors are in the puerto rican flag tattoo?

The Puerto Rican flag tattoo features the colors red, white and blue. The red stands for the blood shed during their fight for freedom, while the white symbolizes peace and victory. The blue is a representation of the sky and ocean that surround Puerto Rico, and the star in the center stands for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and its people. The three stripes depict the branches of government – legislative, executive and judicial. Finally, the triangle stands for patriotism and liberty. Together these colors embody the spirit of Puerto Rico – a proud symbol of freedom and independence. With this in mind, you can choose to use traditional colors or add your own personal touches with other shades or textures to create a unique tattoo.

What are some other puerto rican flag tattoo designs?

Other popular Puerto Rican flag tattoos include designs with the words “Boricua” or “Puerto Rico” incorporated into the design, as well as various images of flags, plants and animals associated with the island. Some people choose to combine both elements by having a traditional Puerto Rican flag tattoo combined with an image such as a palm tree, mountain scene or native bird. Additionally, many Puerto Rican flag tattoos feature the inscription “¡Soy Boricua!” either above or below the design to represent your pride in being from this beautiful island.

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