101 Best Aquarius tattoo For Ladies That Will Blow Your Mind!

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In search of some good Aquarius tattoos to glorify your pride in your zodiac? Then take a look at some of the best designs of Aquarius tattoos for ladies.

Aquarius tattoo For Ladies
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Getting a zodiac tattoo has been popular for many years.

It is done to signify how closely you are related to your zodiac. As a result, all the zodiac signs have given birth to amazing tattoo ideas.

Being the first zodiac, Aquarians are known for their living and nurturing nature. Most of th

Aquarius Glyph Tattoo For Ladies

Aquarius Glyph Tattoo For Ladies
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One of the primary zodiac symbol of the Aquarians, the two identical zig-zag lines are a popular tattoo design for the Aquarians. The two zig-zag lines are the glyph symbol for the zodiac sign Aquarius. The ancient Egyptians used the symbol of two zig-zag lines to represent water blowing in the wind creating waves. This symbol has been absorbed by the astrological sign Aquarius to symbolize the dissemination of knowledge in the Aquarians.

If you are an aquarian who wants to show off this higher quality of your zodiac sign, then this is one of the best tattoo ideas you can ask for. The identical nature of both the lines symbolizes how Aquarians seek equality in every matter. The tattoo is simple and is completed only using two black zigzag lines. This meaningful design is perfect for first-timers and can be placed anywhere on the body. The wrist and the ankle are two of the most suitable areas for such tattoos.

Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo For Ladies

Sleeve Aquarius Tattoo For Ladies
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If you are looking for elaborate Aquarius tattoos for women, then start your search with this actual Aquarius zodiac symbol. Often mistaken as a water sign because of the presence of water in its symbol, Aquarius is an air sign which is believed to bring life to others. Like water saves a life, Aquarian girls are also thought to be the life of a party. This symbol tattoo is a representation of the humanity and motherly nature of Aquarians.

The gorgeous Aquarius tattoo features an elegant woman who looks like a goddess. She is carrying water in a pot with herself which makes her the water bearer. It seems like the lady with her enchanting beauty and grace can heal the entire humanity and give life to people. The sleeve tattoo is an intricate one, it looks like a design made by expert tattoo artists.

Water Bearer Aquarius Tattoo For Women

Water Bearer Aquarius Tattoo For Women
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If you are looking for gorgeous Aquarius tattoos for women, then you might find this design suitable. Aquarius is the universal symbol of a water carrier. Therefore, a lady carrying a pot of water is associated directly with the zodiac. In the case of the above piece, the tattoo is not a traditional Aquarius tattoo symbol. Keeping the meaning of the Aquarius symbol unchanged, the tattoo design is a bit modern with respect to other Aquarius tattoo designs.

A simple girl tattoo is inked on the sleeve. The tattoo is simple because only a few strokes of lines are used to make the medium-sized tattoo. The girl is seen carrying a pot over her head. Her face looks gentle and full of kindness ready to help people in need. These qualities closely resemble an Aquarian’s personality, therefore, this modern art is a great tattoo idea for the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Traditional Aquarius Sign Tattoo For Ladies

Traditional Aquarius Sign Tattoo For Ladies
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Traditional tattoo ideas are vintage, the designs never go out of style and undoubtedly such designs look beautiful. If you are an Aquarian who is looking for vintage Aquarius tattoo ideas, then this piece works best as an inspiration. The tattoo features the common symbol of the Aquarius zodiac. A woman who looks like an ancient goddess is drawn to carry a pot of water and pour water from a jug into another pot. There is also water behind her. The girl, water, and the pouring jug are all symbols of the Aquarius sign.

If you want an elaborate tattoo to flaunt your zodiac symbol, then this Aquarius goddess tattoo is by far one of the best Aquarius tattoo ideas. The tattoo is also a colored one so this design will also not disappoint those who are more into colored tattoo designs. Apart from the lady and water, there are many other elements in the tattoo that make it a complete piece. It tells a complete story and if you are also willing to get such an elaborate tattoo on the forearm, then do not look beyond this piece.

Simple Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Simple Aquarius Constellation Tattoo
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The Aquarius constellation tattoo is another popular choice that Aquarians can opt to embellish their zodiac. Different zodiac signs have different constellation symbols, therefore constellation tattoos have a huge fanbase. The tattoo ideas have been designed in many ways however, a constellation tattoo looks the best when drawn simply on the body. The lines and the dots connecting the stars can be observed most prominently when they are designed minimally.

This constellation is a part of the Aquarius zodiac sign and they form exceptional Aquarius tattoos for women. If you are looking for Aquarius tattoo ideas, then this constellation Aquarius symbol can act as your inspiration. It is a neat and simple design yet effective in the minds of the viewer. The stars connected by dots and lines in the tattoo are replaced by tiny elements like the heart, a number, geometric shapes, and the water symbol of the Aquarius sign. The bluish zig-zag design in the background also looks like waves.

Aquarius symbol Tattoos For Women

Aquarius symbol Tattoos For Womens
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This Aquarius wrist tattoo is a combination of several small Aquarius tattoos. The tattoo looks very cute and adorable and will fit perfectly on the thin wrists of women. The tattoo is curated by combining three symbols that explain the zodiac sign. The two identical zig-zag lines in the center, inked with black the Aquarius glyph symbol tattoo. They resemble water blowing in the wind. On the right side of the lines, is a triangle-shaped tattoo. This triangle shape is a common symbol of all air signs. On the left, we see a blue planet. This planet is none other than the ruling planet of Aquarius which is Uranus.

Each and every element of the tattoo solely represents an Aquarian. Therefore this tattoo will be a perfect steal for those who want a zodiac tattoo. The tattoo represents all the three characteristics of an Aquarian; the element of air shows their compassionate side, Uranus symbolizes their spirit to bring change and the waves show their interest in knowledge.

Artistic Aquarius Tattoo For Ladies

Artistic Aquarius Tattoo For Ladies
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This tattoo gives another idea of how you can design your Aquarius tattoo. The girl carrying the water pot in the image looks like she is straight out of an art piece. Therefore, those who are fond of grand art will definitely find this design tempting. The colors used in the tattoo have warm undertones so that the beauty of the art is not hampered by vibrancy. Based on the nature of Aquarians, they will be very pleased to get this artistic tattoo.

Cool Aquarius Tattoo On Leg

Cool Aquarius Tattoo On Leg
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This tattoo is an exceptionally well-executed tattoo idea that will definitely fetch you compliments anywhere you go. The tattoo features a sharp-looking woman, preferably the Aquarian goddess in the tattoo. The woman is captured in a beautifully designed oval-shaped frame. It appears as if the tattoo is the reflection of the woman in a well-designed royal mirror. The reflection has been colored with green and blue ink. The colors used in the tattoo are closely related to the color of the water.

The tattoo is inked on the leg, however, this detailed design will also look stunning on the sleeves. Each detail is inked finely so that the outcome is realistic. The tattoo looks no less than an art and therefore, this piece will be a wonderful catch.

Aquarius Constellation Flower Tattoo

Aquarius Constellation Flower Tattoo
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The zodiac signs have their own defining flowers, the flowers that define an Aquarius are orchids. Therefore, getting orchids tattooed on the body can be a good way to show off their zodiac for the Aquarians. To personalize the orchid design and transform it into more of an Aquarian symbol tattoo, you can also pair it up with typical symbols of the sign. In this case, the Aquarius constellation is used to enhance the vibe.

The beautiful pink orchids look elegant in the background. Only pink colored is used to draw the flowers on the sleeve. They look subtle and aesthetic. The Aquarius constellation tattoo is drawn above the flowers with black ink. The tattoo looks very tidy and perfectly designed. The elegant and chic tattoo is a stunning piece if you are looking for floral ideas for your zodiac tattoo.

Offbeat Aquarius Symbol Tattoo

Offbeat Aquarius Symbol Tattoo
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The water bearer sign of the zodiac, the Aquarians are known for their calm and knowledgeable disposition. This pouring jug tattoo is a popular symbol of the Aquarius sign. The Aquarian woman is seen pouring water with this jug in the actual symbol. So this jug is also an Aquarius tattoo symbol.

The tattoo is a good one not only because it looks adorable, but because the elements used are very intelligently placed in the tattoo. The glyph symbol or the two zigzag lines are drawn on the jog, and the elements coming out of the jug include water, star, moon, and the ruling planet. Even though it is a line tattoo, the vibrant colors used to draw the tattoo makes it very attractive.

Now that you are aware of so many tattoo ideas and meanings, then you can also make a cool tattoo for yourself. If you are still unsure about the designs, then check out some additional designs which might suit your personality in a better way.

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What is the meaning of an Aquarius tattoo?

An Aquarius tattoo typically symbolizes a variety of meanings, including individuality, freedom and creativity. It is also said to represent courage, intelligence, and the ability to think outside the box. An Aquarius tattoo can also be seen as representing someone who is deep-thinker and progressive in their thinking. Additionally, it is a sign of friendship and loyalty, as the sign is connected to the water bearer. Aquarius tattoos may also represent a particular event or milestone in a person’s life, such as a birthday or graduation. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what their Aquarius tattoo means to them.

What are some popular Aquarius tattoo designs?

Aquarius tattoos are often designed with a variety of symbols, including water bearers, waves and fish. It is also common to incorporate the Aquarius constellation into the design, along with other celestial objects like stars. Other popular designs include images of dragons or mythical creatures, as well as statement words or phrases that capture the individual’s personality or life philosophy. Aquarius tattoos can also be designed in a variety of styles, from minimalist black-and-white line work to vibrant and colorful pieces full of intricate detail. Ultimately, the design selected will depend on the individual’s creative vision and interests.

How can I personalize my Aquarius tattoo?

Aquarius tattoos can be personalized in a variety of ways. The wearer can customize their design with meaningful symbols and imagery that represent their values, beliefs or personal experiences. Additionally, they have the option to choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. They may also consider incorporating color into their tattoo design if they prefer vibrant artwork. Finally, the wearer can add their own text or a meaningful phrase to complete the design. By personalizing their Aquarius tattoo, the individual can make it uniquely theirs and truly reflect who they are.

How much will an Aquarius tattoo cost?

The cost of an Aquarius tattoo will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size and complexity of the design. Generally, a small and simple tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 while larger and more intricate pieces may range from $200 to $400 or more. Additionally, any customizations that are requested may also add to the price. Ultimately, it is best to consult with a licensed tattoo artist in order to get an accurate cost estimate for your desired design.

What are some design ideas for an aquarius tattoo?

Some popular design ideas for an Aquarius tattoo include a traditional water bearer, a constellation of stars, a dragon or other mythical creature, waves and fish, an image of the sun and moon, and statement words or phrases. Additionally, incorporating symbols of freedom and creativity like feathers can also be meaningful additions to the design. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what elements they wish to include in their Aquarius tattoo design.

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