10 Grams Of Gold Mangalsutra Designs (2021)

Light weight mangalsutra designs are most looked after because they are easy to wear and even for the daily wear. While women may not wear the heavier long mangalsutra for daily wear light ones are generally preferred. You can have a light mangalsutra design in 10 grams of gold. Considering this we have compiled this list where we are talking about latest 10 grams gold mangalsutra patterns.

10 Grams Of Gold Mangalsutra Design catalogue

1. Ten gram gold nallapusalu model

Ten gram gold nallapusalu model

The light weight mangalsutra has gold black beads which are placed like a pretty arrangement. It is a latest mangalsutra pattern which looks similar to the gold chain design.

2. Lightweight stylish Mangalsutra Design

Lightweight stylish Mangalsutra Design

This gold chain design with black beads in gold beads between is really enticing. Not in the form of a pendant but this mangalsutra in the delicate gold chain end with a black beads. The design is extremely stunning and can be made in 8 to 10 grams of gold. The best part is the design which is lightweight and suitable for working women.


3. Daily wear Mangalsutra pattern

Daily wear Mangalsutra pattern

Design here is equally beautiful and stunning. Perfect for everyday wear, this mangalsutra pattern has a simple pendant with black beads interwoven with gold ones. The design is simple and is suitable for summers.

4. Gold Mangalsutra Designs In 10 Grams

Gold Mangalsutra Designs In 10 Grams

This 10 grams of gold mangalsutra has gold beads in the centre part and the black beaded chain content gold elongated beads.. The design is fairly new and looks amazing. The lightweight mangalsutra pattern can be replicated in 10 to 12 grams of gold.

5. Delicate Chain Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Delicate chain gold mangalsutra designs

This mangalsutra design in gold and diamond pattern has studded on a gold base. It comes with delicate side chains. It is a short mangalsutra pattern that can be replicated in 8 to 10 grams.

6. Black Beaded Gold Mangalsutra Design

Black Beaded Gold Mangalsutra Design

This is the recent and latest mangalsutra pattern that resembles like a gold chain only. The gold chain has black beads on each side. The design is latest and very lightweight. It would surely be loved by the new modern Indian women.

7. Traditional Model Gold Mangalsutra in 10 Grams

Traditional Model Gold Mangalsutra In 10 Grams

This design here has traditional pattern that can be made in 10 to 12 grams of gold. It’s a gold only mangalsutra pattern where in the black beads are used in less quantity. But whatever quantity of black beads are used throughout the side chain,  it looks really amazing.

8. Long Chain Mangalsutra In 10 Gram Gold

Long Chain mangalsutra in 10 gram gold

The amazing delicate looking gold mangalsutra has pendant. The design looks amazing and has a delicate feel. The long chain mangalsutra pattern is suitable for everyday wear and even for festivals.

9. Festive wear Mangalsutra pattern

Festive wear Mangalsutra pattern

This is a gold chain pattern with two traditional yet stylish pendant. It is a bit heavy mangalsutra that can go a bit beyond 10 grams. However, it can be made in 12 grams of gold.

10. Latest Ten Gram Gold Mangalsutra

latest ten gram gold mangalsutra

This beautiful mangalsutra pattern has multiple black beaded chains on the sides. The pendant area has geometrical shapes of gold with cut out pattern. The mangalsutra pattern can be easily made in 10 to 11 grams of gold.

11. Chain style Gold mangalsutra in 10 grams

Chain style Gold mangalsutra in 10 grams

If you like delicate and stylish design then this pattern is appropriate. It is a chain like mangalsutra pattern with a dangling bid in the centre. It is made with only gold and black beads.

12. Beaded Style Of Gold Mangalsutra Design

Beaded style of gold mangalsutra design

A similar gold beaded design is Seen here. The centre pendant looks really simple and pretty. For women, who like simple designs of mangalsutra shall try this design. It is suitable for daily wear as well as for work.

13. Short Mangalsutra Style With Earrings

Short mangalsutra style with earrings

This dainty mangalsutra is a short mangalsutra pattern that is made with 8 to 10 grams of gold. The matching earrings do the job and make it a complete set. However, for the earrings we have to get extra grams of gold.

14. 10 Gram Mangalsutra Pendant Design

10 gram mangalsutra pendant design

This centre pendant is really charming. The design is traditional yet has a modern twist to it. This is a dainty light and easy to carry mangalsutra pattern which is easy to wear on daily basis.

15.Light Weight simple 10 gram gold mangalsutra design

Light Weight simple 10 gram gold mangalsutra design

These are the latest 10 grams gold only mangalsutra patterns that you can try. The best part is that they are lightweight and suitable for everyday wear. A lot of women who work and would need simple pattern shall go for this one.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that while choosing a good design for yourself, make sure that the pattern and design is easy and comfortable to wear. For festivals, weddings etc heavy mangalsutra are appropriate while for everyday wear light designs are more suitable.

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