10 Coolest Burst Fade Hairstyles for Men (2022)

Burst haircuts

A spiky fade is defined by wispy hair around the ear and on the back of the head, often with a rounded, semi-circular appearance. The hair on the neck is left longer and the emphasis is on the edge of the hairline. It is incredibly versatile and lends itself well to different hair lengths, styles and textures. If you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, all of this can work with a burst fade. You can pair it with a side part or Caesar cut for a more traditional look, or for a bolder option try a mohawk. There is something for every taste ; so, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this cool fade.

1. Burst Fade with Afro

The spiky fade tapers the hairline and is an incredibly versatile and stylish option, regardless of your hair length or texture. If you are looking for a modern update to your afro hairstyle, you might want to try this look. Afros are textured and voluminous, so the fade can help achieve interesting contrast and balance. The result is a sleek finish for men who want a neat hairstyle with an edge.

Burst Fade + Afro

2. Burst Fade with Caesar Cut

The great thing about the spiky fade is its versatility, and pairing it with a Caesar cut is a wonderful way to achieve a classic and eternally stylish haircut. The Caesar cut has stood the test of time, remaining a staple for men’s hairstyles. Traditionally it would have the same length throughout, but it gives a contemporary and updated look when paired with the burst fade. The sides are gradually shortened from the top of the head down, creating a dapper look.

Burst Fade + Caesar Cut

3. Burst Fade with Pompadour

A busted fade and pompadour are a fantastic option for a guy who wants a look with volume, but it also looks neat and structured. The pompadour hairstyle was popularized in the 50s but remains a popular cut to this day. It features a voluminous top and is a classic contemporary look for men; however, pairing it with a fade is a smart choice if you want to make your cut even cooler. The flared fade isn’t that dramatic, which makes it easy to wear and lends itself well to the pompadour as it helps create the illusion of a fuller top with more height.

Burst Fade + Pompadour

4. Burst Fade with Long Mohawk

One of the most popular options for a burst fade is to pair it with a long mohawk haircut. The mohawk is a bold cut and makes a statement, and has roots in punk culture, but the addition of the fade gives it a modern update. The burst fade curves around the ear and the back of the head. If you have curly or wavy hair, the mohawk looks even more dramatic and creates an interesting contrast when paired with a fade. This gives a bold style that may look sharp but still bold, but is also easier to wear than the traditional mohawk approach.

Burst Fade + Long Mohawk

5. Burst Fade with Messy Fringe

There is something incredibly charming and ruggedly beautiful about messy bangs. People want to run their fingers through your hair because of the way it falls in your face, and there’s a sexy side to that. The disheveled look can make you look like you just rolled out of bed; That said, the appeal of this laid-back approach is that it’s incredibly portable and versatile. If you are looking for a way to update your classic messy hairstyle, you can do it with a burst fade, which gives it a crisper and sharper look.

Burst fade + messy bangs

6. Burst Fade with Short Mohawk

Mohawks are a style that’s sure to get you noticed, and it takes some confidence to pull it off, so the short mohawk or a faux hawk haircut offers a welcome alternative. This option is much easier to wear and is much less dramatic than the original. When paired with a burst fade, it creates a more natural and sophisticated look that blends the hair nicely and creates interesting proportions. It is also much more versatile, lending itself well to various settings. This includes formalities, as they are more manageable and less intense.

Burst Fade + Short Mohawk

7. Burst Fade with Hair Design

A burst fade is defined by the hair being tapered around the ear and the back of the head, creating a semi-circular appearance. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants a hair design, and it can blend in perfectly with the fade for a modern yet fashionable approach. Hair designs are a fantastic way to show off your personality and style preferences, and there are so many different options to choose from. You can opt for a lightning trail, a zigzag pattern, a geometric design or a more subtle line; the choice is yours. There is no denying that this is a look that will get you noticed and make a statement. So think about what you want and what industry you work in before jumping in.

Burst Fade + Hair Design

8. Burst Fade with Alignment

What could be sexier than combining a burst fade and a line-up? The a-line haircut demands attention, drawing the eye to the shape it creates. It can be done with angles or straight lines around the hairline. The great thing about the range is that it’s versatile and can pair well with fades; it helps them stand out even more. Work with your stylist to achieve a look that best matches your style and personality.

Burst Fade + Alignment

9. Burst Fade with Side Part

If you are a man who wants a dapper look, then a flare fade and side part is the look for you. It is a great hairstyle for a gentleman as it is versatile and timeless. however, the fade makes it look a bit more modern and gives it a fresh twist. A side part can be created on multiple hair textures and lengths and is a fantastic choice for a sophisticated, everyday look. At the same time, the burst fade can make it sharper and improve the dimensions; it makes the top of your hair look fuller.

Burst Fade + Side Part

10. Burst Fade with Wavy Hair

One of the best things about the burst fade is that it can be created with hair of any texture and length, including wavy hair. It works especially well with this type of hair because it provides a bit of contrast. Pairing fades and wavy hair can help show off your natural wave more while making your hair look sharper and more polished. It makes styling easier and can be incredibly flattering.

Burst Fade + Wavy Hair


What is a burst fade?

A spiky fade tapers the hair behind the ear and head, often leaving it longer at the neck. It creates a sort of semi-circular look around the ear. The appeal of this fade is that it can be adapted to many different haircuts, lengths and textures.

Is a bland burst a mullet?

The burst fade isn’t a mullet, but it can definitely be paired with one. Mullets are known to be shorter on top and longer in the back, but you can go for an updated version by pairing it with a burst fade. You can ask your hairstylist to keep the sides short and curvy.

Is a burst fade a mohawk?

The burst fade is a type of fade defined by the way it curves around the ear and the back of the head. It can be created on different hair lengths and textures and is suitable for many different cuts, including the mohawk. The appeal of the crossfade and mohawk combination is that it can draw attention to the volume on top of your head and create a more balanced proportional aesthetic.

Are burst fades in fashion?

Burst fades have become one of the most popular choices for men who want a dapper and contemporary look while still being bold and cool. The discoloration tapers around the ear and down the neck, often in a rounded appearance. It’s easy to wear, and because it pairs well with so many different cuts, that’s a reason for its relevance.


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