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Zoe Laverne Net Worth: Zoe Laverne is an American social media personality and singer with a net worth of $ 1 million. She is best known for her popularity on TikTok.

Zoe Laverne was born in Indiana in June 2001. She has more than 14 million fans on TikTok where she publishes lip synchronization videos. Laverne started on social media in 2016 when the app was known as musical.ly. Laverne is his middle name and his real last name is Pemberton. Zoe Laverne was in contact with Cody Orlove and Zephan Clark and collaborated with Terin Sottile. It also has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and over 400,000 followers on YouTube.

zoe laverne net worth
zoe laverne net worth

Zoe Laverne Is A Newcomer To The List Of Stars

Zoe Laverne is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been singing since the age of five and had her first big break as a member of the rock band Blood Orange. She moved to New York in January 2020 and performed at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards and won two awards for Best New Artist.

It is fair to say that Zoe has been busy. She has written over a dozen books, authored three albums, collaborated with fellow comedians, and worked with producer Amanda Palmer.

The prolific Zoe has written a book titled The Story So Far. The book is written in the style of a play but is more modern and has pop-culture references, dark humor, and a host of emotions. Her experiences writing it took up most of her time, as she took up a full-time job as a novelist, while the music videos and her work at TikTok kept her busy on the side.

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Music video directors record lip synchronization videos

Since writing the book, Zoe has collaborated with director John Waters. In a piece about the way “music video directors record lip synchronization videos”, Zoe writes about how the two would sit in the editing room and look for the humor in every move. The pieces about them are funny and touching. They tell of how they first met and grew close.

Zoe also plays bass in the band Mime. She has performed in concerts in Paris, London, and New York. She is currently working on a new album.

In an interview with KISS, Zoe talks about how she first got the idea for the story. She wrote the first part of the book while living in Washington DC, where she was studying and trying to make it as a singer, musician, and writer.

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Zoe has a graduate degree in literature from Rutgers University. She is also an adjunct English professor at a community college.

In January 2020, the book, Tinseltown’s Insatiable Desire, was published by Flatiron Books, where Zoe was a graduate student before. Tinseltown’s Insatiable Desire is a book about partying, working on a TV show, and finally figuring out how to fall in love.

Somewhat unconventional

Although her love life is somewhat unconventional, Zoe is not ashamed to admit that she is dating a very famous musician. She says he is a friend and someone she looks up to, but she does not feel the romantic bond between herself and him the way many other women do. She seems to know exactly what it is like to be in his shoes.

She is still taking steps to be in a relationship with him, even though she knows it will take some time. Zoe says she wants to know his personality and feels very comfortable with him.

In her TikTok videos, Zoe is seen wearing a rainbow-colored dress and smiling from ear to ear as she sings in front of the camera. There is little doubt that she is in the midst of the most important moment of her life.

Whatever happens with Zoe, there is no doubt that she will continue to write and produce works of art and videos for TikTok. She says that working on a television show as well as being a singer is her “dream job”. Indeed, she is well on her way.

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