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Zodiac signs: to each his own hairstyle

Zodiac signs: to each his own hairstyle

Anyone who loves astrology, without necessarily having to be who knows which expert, knows as well as i zodiac signs influence personality of each of us, determining tastes, passions, dispositions and attitudes. Looking at aesthetics, and more precisely forehead hair, what is the favorite hairstyle for each of the twelve zodiac signs? We asked theastrologer Ginny Chiara Viola to reveal ourselves. Which cares about a small premise: “When it comes to the aesthetic aspect it would always be worthwhile consider both the sign and the ascendant. The latter, in fact, represents the image we offer to the world and therefore the way we tend to show ourselves to others “. Are you ready to discover the perfect match between sign and hairstyle?


Kourtney Kardashian, Aries, with a high tail. Hairstyle that she chooses on the red carpet as in everyday life

© Rich Fury

“Aries and dynamic fire sign, Aries hates built looks and one does not even dream of spending hours in front of the mirror for styling. Marrying naturalness and, above all, loving practicality, he is happy with one tail of horse carried high, what a true warrior she is “.


Adele, Toro, has always had a fondness for retro looks (including hairstyles)

© Jon Kopaloff

“The influence of Venus is strongly felt on this sign, hence the innate femininity of the Taurus women. Which not surprisingly love the hairstyles with wavy effect and they do not disdain hairstyles with a vintage touch, such as the 50s long bon ton with a circle of fabric or the wave fold ”.


Raffaella Carrà, Gemelli, with the legendary casual helmet

© Mondadori Portfolio

“Those born under this sign are destined to remain eternal teenagers (think of Raffaella Carrà or Heidi Klum!). They love the cheeky hairbetter if with movement, not too long, never elaborate. They are tempted by colors like the platinum blonde and pastel shades and adore him hair accessories a little’ girly, like colored clothes pegs “.


Margot Robbie, Cancer, with the copied braids à la Sharon Tate

© Samir Hussein

“A sign with a high rate of femininity: the Cancer woman loves her classic and reassuring hairstyles, preferably with a romantic and retro touch. Perfect one low tail held by a pink silk ribbon or braiding soft. Shocking colors are banned: blondes and ash browns win ”.


Jennifer Lopez, Leone, has always performed with pounds and pounds of voluminous waves and extensions

© Jeff Kravitz

“The queen of the savannah must always be noticed. For emerge from the crowd the Leone woman spends a great deal of money on her hair, which she tends to wear long, fluffy and voluminous. And, since she loves to shine, she loves i products of hair care with finish shiny, for an extra dose of shine. If he could, he would also wear the tiara to go to work. “


Blake Lively, Virgo, does not like changes in hairlook and wears blonde hair, always long and slightly scaled

© Ben Gabbe

“The pragmatic and efficient Virgo woman loves to wear perfectly straight hair and the hairdresser of confidence tends to order neat cuts: a even helmet always makes her feel good. And never forget to put on a handbag anti frizz product to avoid the risk of ruffled hair. Never be! “


Among the favorite hairstyles of Bella Hadid, Libra, there is certainly the high chignon

© Gotham

“Key word: harmony. The woman of this air sign cares about order, but also the most classic and graceful femininity. Indeed one chignon as a classical dancer it makes her happy, even if she loves change your hairstyle by matching it with the outfit of the day. Accessories? Few, in neutral and super minimalist tones “.


Today she is blonde and with a long bob, but to make Julia Roberst, Scorpio, legendary, the dark, natural and voluminous hair has also thought of it

© Barry King

“Sensuality is in the DNA of Scorpio women, who often choose one coloration dark for their hair. Long hair lovers, they leave it loose and messed up on the shoulders, preferring anatural drying to ensure the effect wild and sexy».


A short cut, the mullet, for Miley Cyrus (Sagittarius) characterized however by a long “tail” easy to tie

© Mike Coppola

“Sagittarius woman must feel free, also as regards the foliage. Since he loves playing with his hair, he chooses one average length, which assures you that you can tie hair easily when it needs practicality. No irons or straighteners: the hair wins naturally. “


You will never find Capricorn Kate Middleton with hair out of place

© WPA Pool

“Earth sign with a pragmatic nature, loves to have the control over everything, hair included. In fact, he chooses a hairstyle practical and easy to manage, which in addition gives him authority, especially in the workplace where he loves to assert himself. Perfect a short cut like the pixie cut “.


We admit it: Jennifer Aniston is a somewhat atypical aquarium, apart from “The Rachel”, she has never changed her cut

© Axelle / Bauer-Griffin

“Keywords: freedom and fun. The Aquarius woman loves experiment with all types of cutting, folding and coloring and often knows how to dictate a trend because it is anti conformist for natrua. In general it is attracted by the volume and colorful accessories, like a maxi band in fabric or pop clips “.


Hair often wavy, but we also remember it with the Space Buns, for Rihanna, Pesci

© Arturo Holmes

“Pisces women exude romance and sweetness. Forehead hair, they love wavy hairstyles, from ringlets to beach waves, but also have fun with pigtails from Lolita-Manga. They do not disdain the effect slightly messed, but as colors they prefer natural and not very showy tones “.

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