Zack Snyder Loves Leslie Jones’s Justice League Tweets

Zack Snyder has dubbed Leslie Jones “the official ZSJL whisperer” for her live tweets of the film offering her two cents on the four-hour epic.

Zack Snyder has officially endorsed Leslie Jones’ live tweets of her experience watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League. At four hours long, the long-awaited Snyder Cut puts even other superhero epics to shame. After their widespread disappointment with Justice League, fans were desperate to see what could have been. The famous Snyder Cut is a culmination of not just Snyder’s vision of Justice League, but his entire plan for the DCEU. Character development is the name of the game, and trajectories are queued up for each of the heroes.

Jones has been performing comedy since 1987 but catapulted in notoriety thanks to her five-season stint on Saturday Night Live beginning in 2014. Though she was a natural showstopper, Jones says she doesn’t miss the show, which she found “restrictive,” no doubt due to the demand of a tight weekly schedule. Aside from SNL, she’s made a number of other television appearances and starred in many high-profile films, including Ghostbusters and Coming 2 America. Fans of Jones have plenty of avenues to enjoy her comedic stylings.

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Snyder now evidently counts himself among them, dubbing Jones, “the official ZSJL whisperer.” The comedian live-tweeted her reactions throughout the four-hour epic, each one accompanied by the hashtag, “#longassmovie.” Jones recorded her television screen and spoke over whatever was happening at the time, questioning how anyone ever thought Batman and his “gadgets” could stand against Superman, what brand of jeans Aquaman wears that don’t weigh him down underwater, and why Wonder Woman doesn’t get a pair herself. In response to Snyder’s endorsement, Jones jokingly assumed that her place in the next film is set and gave Snyder some suggestions about her character, the “villain and the last one killed.

Jones’s recorded rants at her television have become a permanent fixture of her Twitter feed, and her hilarious live tweets would be worthy of DVD commentary if anyone still bought DVDs. Throughout, Jones never let viewers forget just how long the “#longassmovie” is, expressing incredulity at how much she had left to watch. The morning after, she followed up by reiterating “that was long as f*ck!!” Other fans may not be able to make it through four consecutive hours, but following along with Jones’s reactions is a great incentive.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a truly unique film, and not just because it’s twice the length of a typical long movie, or because it unintentionally references a Golden Age comic in a world where everything is an easter egg. A true labor of love, the Snyder Cut is a collaboration between eager creatives united behind Snyder and spurred on by dedicated fans. It was not a small feat to get made, and it’s almost fitting that it’s no small feat to be watched. Buckle up, super fans, it’s a long-ass movie, but it’s good for a laugh.

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