Zach Roloff Gets Candid About His Son Jackson’s Relationship With Jeremy’s Daughter Ember

Zach Roloff Gets Candid About His Son Jackson’s Relationship With Jeremy’s Daughter Ember

Although Few people, big world has changed so much over the years, one thing will never change: the focus of TLC on the importance of family. It couldn’t be more true for LPBW stars Zach and Tori Roloff, who calls Jeremy and Audrey Roloff their neighbors.

Almost two years ago, Jeremy and Audrey announced that they were leaving the series to focus on other projects. In the last LPBW episode however we see the A love letter life the authors appear again before the cameras – this time to say goodbye to the emblematic cabin of Roloff Farms.

As Zach stood next to his twin brother, Jeremy, the two became moved and excited by the new memories that their own children would create together. And fans can rest assured that it has already started.

Zach Roloff Gets Candid About His Son Jackson's Relationship With
Zach Roloff Gets Candid About His Son Jackson’s Relationship With
  • Former Few people, big world Stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff announced their joint departure from TLC in July 2018.
  • Apparently, Zach and Tori Roloff’s 2-year-old son Jackson is “really close” to Jeremy and Audrey’s 2-year-old daughter Ember.
  • The couples have a total of four children – Jackson, Ember, Lilah Ray and Bode – all of whom are close in age.
  • Few people, big world is now airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. AND on TLC.

“Jackson and Ember had lots and lots of time to spend time together,” says Zach Good Housekeeping. “With Jeremy and Audrey, [when] they had their[[[[A love letter life]book launch or whenever they left for the book tour, many times we hosted Ember at home for a few nights at a time. “

As LPBW viewers know, Zach and Tori have a 2 year old son named Jackson Kyle Roloffand Jeremy and Audrey have a 2 year old daughter named Ember Jean Roloff. More recently, young families have welcomed several children consecutively. In November 2019, Zach and Tori had their daughter, Lilah Ray Roloff, and in January 2020, Jeremy and Audrey introduced their newborn son, Bode james roloff, in the world.

Although the Roloffs must have stayed connected from afar amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Zach hopes their families will soon be able to reunite. Judging by the sounds, little Jackson and Ember are good friends.

“Jackson and Ember are very close … as summer approaches, I hope all health problems disappear in society as a whole … and we can spend time together,” he says. . “We live in the same neighborhood as Jeremy and Audrey, so there will be tons of opportunities as the summer progresses.”

We can’t wait to see more Roloff babies living farm life together!

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