Zac Reveals How Tayshia Really Feels About Hosting Show

In a recent interview, Zac Clark opened up about his fiancée, Tayshia Adams, feeling nervous about co-hosting the next season of The Bachelorette.

Zac Clark revealed his fiancee Tayshia Adams was nervous about hosting the next season of The bachelorette. Tayshia was announced as the franchise’s new host alongside another former Bachelorette lead, Kaitlyn Bristowe. The ladies are thrilled to host Katie Thurston’s season, which is slated to air on June 7, and Michelle Young’s season, which will air in fall 2021. It’s unclear if either will be there. ‘host or not. Bachelor in Paradise as well as.

the Celibate nation the ladies will temporarily replace Chris Harrison, who stepped down from his 19-year-old role after receiving backlash for defending the former Single candidate Rachael Kirkconnell’s past actions of racial insensitivity. When viewers found out that Tayshia and Kaitlyn would be replacing Chris for the next two seasons, fans were beyond excited. Kaitlyn and Tayshia have experience as a leader and will be able to offer helpful advice to Katie and Michelle.

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In a recent interview with US weekly, Zac explained what Tayshia really thinks about the organization of the next season of The bachelorette. “I think when people have great opportunities in life, there will always be nerves, right?“The 37-year-old revealed to the publication Thursday.”It doesn’t matter what it is. … I don’t think you are getting used to it, you know, all those eyeballs being on you“Even though Zac couldn’t confirm or deny whether he visited his fiancé on set, he admitted that he was doing what he could to make sure Tayshia felt taken care of.You know for me it’s just important to know that she’s loved and supported no matter what she does,” he added.

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Tayshia and Zac met last summer while filming his season of the reality TV spin-off. In the end, the couple were engaged and are currently living their happiness forever. However, the couple are still at a distance. Tayshia lives in Southern California, while Zac has a residence in New York City. For now, Zac is focusing on Tayshia and her new gig as the co-host of The bachelorette, which he was interviewed about after former contestant Blake Moynes was spotted on the set for the upcoming season. Zac praised Blake and revealed that any girl would be lucky to be with him “because he has a huge heart. “

Zac plans to support Tayshia throughout his new gig as the host of The bachelorette. Her new job might take away their time together, but Zac knows this opportunity was something she couldn’t pass up. While she might be on edge right now, he knows she’ll kill him, alongside Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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s: US Weekly

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