Your guide to After Like, Ive’s big summer comeback

In the world of K-pop, a comeback is a seriously big deal. Think of it like your favorite sports team’s first game of the season, except it happens several times a year, as it’s when a group releases its latest song. But a comeback is not just about a song, it’s about the entire concept behind it. Fans look forward to comebacks a lotas apart from hearing new music, they usually showcase an entirely new look for the group.

On August 22, K-pop group Ive (pronounced like the abbreviation of “I have”) will release a new single, After Like. It follows on from 2022’s Love Dive and 2011’s Elevenmaking it the six-member group’s third release. If you’re new to Ive, or to K-pop in general, now is the time to get ready for the comeback, and here