Your Favorite Country Stars and Their Gorgeous Wives

Charles Kelley and Cassie Kelley

Charles and Cassie met under coincidental circumstances. Charles, as you all know, is the founding member of the legendary country group Lady Antebellum. His wife Cassie is a music rep, and they met while Charles was waiting to get into the studio for a rehearsal. He had free time after his two hours at the studio, so he decided to take her out. They got married in 2009 and had their first son, Ward Charles, in 2016. They’re both stylish, funny and ready to have fun. Couple goals!

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer

These two have one of the most touching love stories ever. While at Georgia Southern University, the two met at a frat party in a local pub named Dingus Magees. They fell in love instantly and wanted to get married as soon as possible. The ceremony took place in December 2006. Together, they have two sons named Thomas Boyer and Tatum Christopher, who are 10 and 8, respectively. They also did a noble thing by adopting Bryan’s nephew after his mother passed away. Such parents should be true role models.

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley

When you’re talking about the most successful country singers of all time, you just can’t omit Brad. His accomplishments are legendary, but he values none of them more than his beautiful wife. One night before a show, he was bored and went to see Father of the Bride. He immediately fell in love with her after seeing her performance. Afterward, she appeared in the “I’m Gonna Miss Her” music video. They got married in 2007 and have had two kids since: William Huckleberry and Jasper Warren. Cutiepies!

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Keith is one of the rare successful country musicians who aren’t from America. He’s actually Australian but was born in New Zealand. He and Nicole met at a gala night dedicated to Australians in L.A. sometime in January 2005. The connection was instant, and they started dating shortly afterward. It only took them about 10 months to get married, as they had their ceremony in June 2006. They chose to get married in Sydney in a scenic chapel reserved for only the poshest of all weddings. They have two daughters, alongside Nicole’s two adopted kids from her marriage to Tom Cruise.

Dierks Bentley and Cassidy Black

Dierks is among the most accomplished country musicians of all time. It’s not easy to amass 15 No. 1 singles in one’s career, but Bentley accomplished this feat with ease. He said he fell in love with Cassidy the day he saw her and she was reluctant to give him a chance right away. He tried hard to impress her, and it eventually worked. Fast-forward to today, and they have two daughters and one son. Their wedding ceremony in Mexico in 2005 is still a thing of legends, as it was spectacular by all means. They love their two dogs, George and Jake, both of whom appear in Dierks’ music videos.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim is a walking award! He has won three Grammies, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards and 11 Country Music Association Awards. This isn’t even all of them, but he would agree that his biggest and most important trophy is none other than his beloved wife, Faith. She is also a famous singer, and the two met completely by accident. Ever since 1996, they have been together and enjoyed an amazing marriage alongside their three daughters. They are both stylish and spontaneous, something we all should strive to be.

Jennifer Nettles and Justin Miller

Jennifer is one half of the amazing and unorthodox country duo Sugarland. She had a husband before Justin, but the marriage only lasted from 1998 to 2007 and ended in very turbulent fashion. She met Justin almost immediately after her divorce, and they started dating almost right away. They got married in romantic fashion on a farm in Tennessee at sunset. In December 2012, they had their first child, a son named Magnus Hamilton. At every award ceremony, they’re holding hands and seem adorable.

Gary LeVox and Tara LeVox

If you’re interested in starting with country music, you have to listen to Rascal Flatts. This legendary band has reshaped the sound of country music in the last 25 years. While he was performing at a gospel festival, Gary saw Tara backstage. It was at that precise moment that he knew he had just seen his future wife. Instead of hesitating, he approached her right away and asked her out. That was in 1999, and fast-forward to 2018, they have now been married for almost 20 years and have two beautiful daughters together.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn’s career goes way back to when she was just 13. Ever since then, she successfully built up her resume and career and grew into one of the most amazing country music stars ever. Her first husband was Dean Sheremet, a dancer whom she met at the 2001 Academy of Country Music Awards. However, they divorced in 2010. The divorce was actually due to her affair with Eddie, which she refused to hide. As a result, they got married in private in 2011. It’s cool that LeAnn refused to hide her true feelings.

Martina McBride and John McBride

Martina is one of those rare country music personalities who have managed to transcend the country music genre. Because of several limitations, country music doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. In 1988, when she was recording songs in a studio, Martina managed to meet John, who was a sound engineer at the time. During a break, they went to get ice cream, and the rest is history. They got married the same year and have three wonderful daughters. They are known to be wonderful parents.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Amy and Vince started off strangely. They were both married at the time. Amy focused on contemporary gospel music and other Christian genres, but she made a transition to more traditional Christian pop. Vince is a country star and was always a fan of hers, so he waited until both of them got divorced and asked her out. What started off innocently ended up being the greatest story of their lives. They got married in 2000 and have a daughter named Corrina. What an unlikely couple!

Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson

Wait a minute. The blond hair and the surname Spears? Yes, that’s right: She is Britney’s younger sister. She wanted to start an acting career but got pregnant at the age of 16. In 2013, she decided she wanted to become a country music singer and launched her career with a successful single and EP. In 2012, she met and fell in love with businessman Jamie Watson, whom she married in 2014. They had a lavish ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr

When talking about Jason Aldean, you have to mention his record-smashing 26 singles reaching the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. His love life was always a mess and he roamed around for a while before eventually settling down with his high school sweetheart Jessica. Eventually, she found out he had an affair with American Idol star Brittany Kerr and left him. He and Brittany went on to date for a year before finally deciding to tie the knot and exchange their vows in 2015. They do look cute!

Shania Twain and Frederic Thiébaud

Shania is a special artist. Indubitably, she is the most successful female country artist of all time. Her releases and commercial success have set some records that will never be broken. Eventually, she started being called the Queen of Country Pop. Her love life is messy, though. Frederic is her current husband, but they met when Shania found out that her then-husband was having an affair with her best friend. Frederic is the ex-husband of her former best friend who stabbed her in the back. What a soap opera.

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

While most country musicians are known for their wild and rebellious behavior, Clint has always behaved like a gentleman. His charisma and soft-spoken persona have earned him immense popularity, which — along with his amazing music — gave him an astonishing 30 singles on top of the U.S. Billboard country chart. He met Lisa at an award ceremony, and they have one daughter (Lily Pearl) who was born in 2001. After living in LA for most of their lives, they decided the town of Nashville suits them much better.

Darius Rucker and Beth Rucker

Darius rose to fame when he was a member of Hootie and the Blowfish. This legendary band still has their songs played at parties and occasions around the world. Darius tried releasing an R&B solo album but ultimately decided he should switch to country in 2008. He and Beth met through a mutual friend and immediately saw eye to eye. They have two children together, Daniella Rose and Jack. Although they are different and come from different backgrounds, they support and love each other unconditionally.

James Otto and Amy Alderson

James is an important figure in country music. As a member of Muzik Mafia, he fought long and hard to establish an atmosphere of tolerance in the world of country music. Along with other artists, he is always adamant about rooting out any type of discrimination in this music genre. At one of the Muzik Mafia concerts, he met Amy Alderson, his current wife. They ultimately decided they were ideal for each other and got married in 2005. In 2010, their daughter Ava Katherine was born.

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans

Kelsea is the next big thing in country pop. She released her debut album in 2015 and was immediately nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. She and Morgan met in Australia, Morgan’s home country, while they were hosting an award ceremony together. Their proposal story was also funny. In 2016, she was furious because she was burning pancakes in the kitchen and he got down on his knee and proposed. Even though they could have burned the house down, it was totally worth it!

Mo Pitney and Emily Bankester

Mo is one of those young artists who have an incredible old-school feel around them. Such is his relationship with high school sweetheart Emily. They were hanging out together at a bluegrass festival and accidentally kissed while drunk off cheap whiskey. However, their kiss led to the realization that they were ideal for each other. Mo released his debut album in 2016, which charted in the Top 10 on the U.S. Billboard country chart. He and Emily got married that same year in Illinois.

Dean Berner and Rachel Beauregard

This couple is basically country music royalty. Dean is a former member of Eden’s Edge, a famous country music supergroup. Rachel is not too shabby herself, as she is one half of the country duo Native Run. Both artists use each other as inspiration and have created many songs together. They got engaged in 2016 when Dean staged a fake date and even started an argument to distract her from the fact that they were driving to the place where they first kissed. He just popped down on one knee and proposed to her. Shrewd!

Craig Wayne Boyd and Taylor Borland

If you’ve ever watched The Voice, you must have noticed the incredibly charming and positive Craig. One of the most amazing country voices in this day and age, Craig amazed the judges and has amassed popularity. In 2014, he decided to get married to his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Borland. They have a daughter, Dakota Lynne, who was born precisely on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Together, they are also raising Jaxon, Craig’s son from a previous relationship. It’s like they were made for each other.

Nick Hoffman and Natalie Murphy

Nick is the man behind the vocals and fiddle in the famous country music band The Farm. They are one of the rare bands that had their two debut singles (“Home Sweet Home” and “Be Grateful”) chart in the top 40 on the Country Airplay chart. Hoffman also had additional experience playing the fiddle in Kenny Chesney’s bad. His greatest accomplishment and joy was marrying Natalie in May 2016. They are truly blessed to have each other and keep confirming that their relationship really is couple goals.

Dylan Scott and Blair Anderson

Dylan is still one of the most talented musicians on the country music scene. This young man released his debut single in June 2013. Since he is a Louisiana boy, he chose to marry his wife Blair in his hometown of Bastrop. Throughout the last two years they’ve been married, Dylan has never stopped stating that she is his main inspiration. Since Dylan is a man who writes love songs on the regular, there is no doubt that “My Girl” and many more are indeed about his gorgeous wife.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin

Unlike most musicians on this list, Jana didn’t start her career as a musician. Her infatuation was acting and she was most recognized for playing the role of Alex Dupre on the hit TV series One Tree Hill. Her first single got released in 2012, and she even managed to record an album under Elektra Records. She was married for a few months in 2004, but that fell apart soon after. In 2014, she got together with NFL player Mike Caussin, and the two tied the knot in May 2015.

Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer

Chely is a front-runner on the country music scene, mostly in terms of being an outspoken activist for gay rights. She was in the closet for so long and was even married two times. She even had an affair with Brad Paisley one time, so her track record is mixed. Eventually, she came out and got married to Lauren Blitzer, who is also an LGBT activist. The two are deeply in love and decided to adopt identical twins a couple of years ago. Their two boys are growing up in a wonderful family.

Sunny Sweeney and Jeff Hellmer

Sunny is one of the most talented artists on the scene. She is known for a constant flow of quality material and incessant work ethic, keeping her in the studio at all times. She got signed to Republic Nashville in 2009 and has continued to be one of the best artists on the entire label. She and Jeff Hellmer have been in a relationship for a long time and finally decided to marry on November 11, 2011. This date means that their anniversary is 11/11/11. What a love coincidence for these two!

Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser

With her mother, Wynonna formed the band The Judds. These two ladies of different generations collaborated on a number of country music projects, all of which were critically acclaimed. In 1991, she decided she wanted to pursue a solo career. She was married to Arch Kelly from 1996 to 1998, having two kids with him. However, in 2010, Wynonna started dating fellow country musician Cactus Moser from the band Highway 101. In 2012, they got married in a private ceremony in their backyard.

Randy Houser and Tatiana Starzynski

Randy has always been a notorious womanizer. He had several really successful singles that have appeared on many country music charts. The Country Music Association (CMA) nominated him for their Song of the Year award in 2015, so you know he means business. He was married to Jessica Lee Yantz for two years, with whom he had his son. After his divorce from Jessa, he got married to Tatiana Starzynski. He has written several songs about her on his new album, so it’s safe to say love is blossoming.

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell

Hillary is famous for being one of the singers in the renowned country music band Lady Antebellum, with whom she has been for years. She and Chris Tyrell were friends back in college but only decided they should get together in 2010. They got together at a tour where Love and Theft (Tyrell’s band), also played. They got married in 2012 and had their first daughter only a year later. Despite being married, they still try to tour together and frequently take their daughter, Eisele Kaye, with them. Adorable.

Joe Don Rooney and Tiffany Fallon

When mentioning legendary country acts, you just can’t omit Joe Don Rooney, the brilliant guitarist of the band Rascal Flatts. Ever since 1992, he’s been dominating the country music scene with his two band buddies. He’s also a multi-instrumentalist, as he can play the bass, mandolin and banjo. The former Miss Georgia and Miss USA runner-up from 2001 fell for his charm. She was also named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 2005. Together, the couple has three beautiful children.

Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar

The Dixie Chicks are one of the rare old-school female country bands, with an emphasis on an all-female cast of members but with a traditional music twist. Her first marriage from 1997 didn’t end so well, as she ended up divorcing Michael Tarabay in 1999. That same year, at her friend’s birthday party, she met actor Adrian Pasdar. The two immediately hit it off and ended up getting married in June 2000 at a cute little Vegas venue. With two sons together, it seemed that this couple was made to last. Unfortunately, she filed for divorce in 2017.

Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock

Reba is not just an awesome country music artist — she is also a successful actress. After racking up multiple quality roles over the years, she got her own show, Reba, that aired from 2001 to 1006. The show was a success, and it also ended up in her tying the knot with her manager, Narvel Blackstock. To get away from the public eye, she decided to get married at a private location on Lake Tahoe. In addition to Narvel’s three children from a previous relationship, they have one son. Narvel’s son is married to Kelly Clarkson.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton is an amazing country music singer, with a raspy voice and special way of handling his beloved guitar. Miranda is also a famous musician, so the two regularly toured and had concerts together. They got married in 2011 but eventually started falling out after Blake’s affair with none other than Gwen Stefani! They got a divorce, and Gwen and Blake began dating. It’s not clear yet if they intend to get married, but they have stated that they don’t really want kids. We’ll see how it goes.

George Strait and Norma Strait

The original king of country, George Strait is a one-of-a-kind man. Not only has he been shaping the world of country for more than 40 years, but he also stands as an example of a model husband. That’s right: He and his beloved wife Norma have been married for over 47 years. With no signs of stopping, the two seem ageless and are cuter by the day. George has not only released tens of albums and a number of hits, but he also appeared in many country-themed movies.

Toby Keith Covel and Tricia Covel

Believe it or not, Toby and his wife Tricia have been married for 34 years. It may seem like not so long because the two are still youthful, but they have nearly reached four decades spent together. Having met in a club in Oklahoma in 1981, they fell in love and everything started going smoothly. With their three children, Shelly, Krystal and Steven, they have formed a big family. They have two grandkids as well!

Kenny Rogers and Wanda Miller

Kenny Rogers is one of the first people you think of when someone mentions the genre of country music. The consistency of this man is unparalleled, as he has been performing for almost six decades. Even at 79, he is still touring the country on a regular basis. Not only that, but he’s been married an incredible five times. However, this one will likely last, as they tied the knot in 1997. He had two of his five kids, Justin and Jordan, with Wanda. He’s also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook

Both Karen and Jimi are very committed to their work with the band Little Big Town. Everyone in the band both sings and plays the guitar. Since they have their work as a priority, they’ve always had a secretive relationship. For instance, they never want to be pictured by the paparazzi, so they prefer staying in at home. The only things we know are that they got married in May 2006 and have one son named Elijah Dylan. In every interview, they deflect any sort of questions about their personal life.

Jake and Lacey Owen

Jake Owen is a unique musician on the country scene. At first, he wasn’t that famous, but he earned his keep while playing as an opening act for Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean and Little Big Town. He met his model wife Lacey at a party after one of his concerts. In 2012, he brought Lacey on stage after one of his concerts and proposed to her in front of the audience. They got married in Vero Beach, Florida, where Jake grew up. In November 2012, they had their first child, Olive Pearl. What an adorable couple!

Chris Carmack and Erin Slaver

Chris isn’t primarily a musician. He is better known as a TV actor who has appeared in numerous shows. He played the role of Luke Ward on The O.C. and Will Lexington on Nashville. After his acting experience, he decided to release a country EP named Pieces of You in 2015. It garnered positive reviews, and the very next year, he got engaged to Erin Slaver, who is a fiddle player. Around the same time, their family got even bigger, as their baby girl was born only a few weeks later.

Eric Church and Katherine Blasingame

Eric is not a musician in the traditional meaning of the word. He is more of a publisher, executive and businessman. However, he is known to grab a guitar every now and then. That’s why it’s no surprise that he actually took his beloved instrument to his wedding in 2008 and sang “You Make It Look So Easy,” a song he wrote for Katherine in particular. The festivities took place in Blowing Rock, California. Since then, the couple has moved to Nashville to pursue more business and music ventures. They have two boys.

Loretta and Oliver Lynn

These two comprise one of the most amazing love stories ever. Having met at age 14, they got married when they were only 15 and stayed together for 50 long years before Oliver passed away in 1996. They had six kids together, three of whom were born before they were even 19. Oliver began his career when he was a teenager and maintained a strong grip over the world of country music scene for many years. He is one of the most influential country musicians from the 20th century.

Josh Turner and Jennifer Ford

Way back in 2003, Josh burst onto the scene as a talented up-and-coming country musician. He was signed to Nashville Records and released an album the same year. A big part of his life is his faith, and he always mentions that he is a devout Christian in his songs. He and Jennifer met when they were studying at Belmont University, and they have since started a family together. They got married in 2003 and have four boys together. Many people didn’t know that Jennifer is a singer as well and plans to release some music.

Alison Krauss and Pat Bergeson

When she was only a teenager, Alison decided she wanted to devote her entire life to country music. That dedication obviously paid off, as Alison is the person with the second-most Grammy Awards ever won with 27. She has released 14 albums, all of which have gone either gold or platinum. When she married Pat Bergeson, who is also a country musician, they seemed happy. Unfortunately, irreconcilable differences caused the couple to split up. They are still friends, as they have a son together.

Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge

Kris just might be the most multi-talented man in the history of country music. He didn’t even think of playing music, so he went to the military and served substantial time there. He also has a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actor for his role in A Star is Born. His music career then blossomed, as he has collaborated with both Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Rita Coolidge is also famous, and the two got together in 1973. Since both had fiery personalities, they couldn’t stand each other and split up in 1980.

Travis Tritt and Theresa Nelson

Travis has had a pretty turbulent personal life. First, he married his first love but soon realized that they were too different to have such a relationship. Then, he married Jodi Barnett, who is 12 years his senior. That didn’t work out either. Eventually, he met and married Theresa in 1997, and it seems that he hit the jackpot this time. They are still together and have three kids. Travis is the owner of seven platinum albums and two Grammy Awards. He is one of the nicest and most respected country musicians out there.

Charlie and Hazel Daniels

Charlie has been a symbol of country music for more than four decades. That’s how strong his influence over the scene is. In the 1960s, he collaborated with Bob Dylan and is still good friends with the legendary rock and folk musician. He also has a Grammy Award to his name. In 1963, he tied the knot with his wife Hazel, and they’ve been going strong for 55 years. While Charlie battled numerous health problems over the years, Hazel has stayed by his side. He has now completely recovered and is still smiling everywhere he goes.

Tanya Tucker and Ben Reed

Tanya became famous when she was very young, as she released her first hit at the tender age of 13. After that, immense fame came, but it was soon followed by a period full of turbulent phases. She and Ben Reed got together in the ‘80s and maintained a barely stable relationship for more than 10 years. They had two children, a son and a daughter, together. After their breakup, Tanya fell into depression because she wasn’t ready for such an abrupt end. In 1999, she called off her own wedding with Jerry Laseter!

Glen Campbell and Kimberly Woollen

Glen is a legend. Throughout the last five decades, he worked hard to hone his own unique sound in the world of country music. In total, he released around 70 albums and has sold more than 45 million records. His prowess didn’t go without accolades either, as he managed to win four Grammy Awards, with one coming in the pop category. He had eight kids and was married three times before meeting his fourth wife, Kimberly. They were together for more than 35 years before his passing in 2017.

Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly

The first time you could see Kacey perform was in the fifth season of Nashville Star. Although she didn’t win the competition, people saw her obvious talent, and she started to build a music career. She managed to get four Grammy nominations and four Country Music Award nominations. Recently, the couple got married in an intimate setting in Tennessee. Their engagement didn’t last long, as they decided to get married as soon as possible, as it was their lifelong wish.

Randy Travis and Mary Davis

This couple met under unusual circumstances. Randy was married to Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis from 1991 to 2010 and was able to juggle a successful music career with a stable marriage. Unfortunately, things started falling apart in the marriage department, and he revealed that he was having an affair with Mary for many years. She was his dentist. Randy and Elizabeth immediately got a divorce and Randy finally got married to Mary in 2015. He emerged from a turbulent phase victorious and determined to be happy.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

Carrie has a whole lot of accolades to her name. Not only is she a successful country singer, but she is also an American Idol winner. In 2008, she met then-Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher backstage at one of her shows. They hit it off immediately and were married in 2010 in a ceremony that took place in Greensboro, Georgia. In February 2015, their first son, Isaiah Michael, was born. Their second child is about to be born any day now.

Alan and Denise Jackson

These guys are simply a couple everyone should look up to. They met back in high school and have stayed loyal to each other ever since. Upon finally deciding to tie the knot, they got married in 1979. Everything was going well, except a few months in 1998 when they had to separate to figure things out. The reason for this separation was a possible infidelity and the stress due to Alan’s music career. They sat down, talked and were back together soon. Never give up on the ones you love.

Dean Alexander and Liz Bok

Dean Alexander is one of the most promising young country stars, as he only released his first song, “Live a Little,” in 2014. It immediately charted and was the beginning of a beautiful career for the young man. While he was vacationing in Australia, he met his future wife, Liz, on a ferry ride. She asked him to take a picture of her, and then they started chatting. After they started dating, Dean decided to do an impromptu proposal. He did it without a ring because he was adamant about proposing to her on that particular day.

RaeLynn and Joshua Davis

RaeLynn got her first taste of fame when she appeared on The Voice. The competitive nature of the show motivated her to become a better artist. That experience helped her achieve her dream of becoming a country music artist. Her debut album was released last year to rave reviews. She and Joshua have been together for a long time and managed to support each other through thick and thin. They got engaged in 2015 and eventually held their wedding festivities in a barn!

Justin Moore and Kate Moore

Justin has had 11 singles reach the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart, which is one feat that not every country musician can say they accomplished. With a strong work ethic and constant support from his wife, Justin has made his dreams into reality and become one of the most sought-after country musicians. He and Kate got married in 2007 and have three daughters. Unlike many other famous couples, these two like to stay out of the spotlight and always state that raising their children is their priority.

Jay DeMarcus and Allison DeMarcus

Jay is yet another member of the famous band Rascal Flatts who is on this list. He is a multi-talented artist — a bassist, vocalist, producer and pianist. He writes every song that he releases, which is a rarity nowadays. He and Allison got together when she was on the set for a Rascal Flatts music video. She was Miss Tennessee twice (1999 and 2002). They have two children together, a boy named Dylan Jay and a girl named Madeline Leigh. Did they rhyme their children’s names on purpose?

Lee Brice and Sara Reeveley

“Love Like Crazy,” a love song by Lee, broke a record that stood for 62 years. It became the longest-standing song on a country chart. Since Lee is such a hitmaker, he agreed to write songs for other artists such as Garth Brooks, Adam Gregory and many more. He was never a womanizer, as his then-girlfriend Sara was always by his side. They decided to get married in 2013 and have since had three children. They’re too adorable, even after all this time.

Zac Brown and Shelly Brown

If you’re mentioning the best contemporary country music artists, you just can’t miss Zac. He has been the frontman of his own band, the Zac Brown Band, for a long time. Together, they released 16 charting singles, 11 of which managed to reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list. Shelly is a jewelry designer and managed to release her own line in 2014. With Zac, she has five wonderful children. By all reports, Zac is a wonderful and dedicated husband.

Craig Morgan and Karen Morgan

Atlantic Records took a big risk in signing the then-young and not so popular Craig Morgan in 2000. He went on to release 17 singles that have charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list. He and Karen were together amid of all the rumors, speculation and turbulent periods. They have four children together, a daughter and three sons. One of their sons, Jerry, died in an accident in 2016. His body was found in the Tennessee River. He was only 19 when he passed away.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett comes from a respected country music family, as he is the son of country star Rhett Atkins. Six of his singles have charted on multiple charts, showing us that a feel for country music definitely runs in the family. He and Lauren have known each other ever since they were seven years old, making them true childhood sweethearts. They had difficulties having a child after they got married in 2012 but ultimately decided to adopt a child. A miracle happened when they found out Lauren was pregnant just as they were finishing the adoption process. Now their family is big!

Phillip Sweet and Rebecca Sweet

Phillip has long been one of the staples of Little Big Town, as he’s the band’s rhythm guitarist and vocalist. The wonderful thing about Little Big Town is that everyone sings and the members rotate depending on the song. As for Phillip’s love life, he’s happily married to his wife, Rebecca. They’ve been together for much longer but ultimately decided to tie the knot in 2007. His better half is a wardrobe designer and entrepreneur who wants to break into the high-fashion world. We wish her all the luck she needs!

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler

Sam and Hannah have been together since 2016 but decided to get married while on vacation after New Year’s in 2017. Much of Sam’s music is inspired by his beloved wife — even his critically acclaimed album Montevallo is named after Hannah’s hometown. Not every lady gets such a tribute from her husband, so it’s safe to say she’s one lucky girl. Many of their experiences rely on support, trust and passion that are seemingly never-ending. They’re still one of the cutest couples in country!

Willie Nelson and Annie D’Angelo

Willie and his love life are a thing of legend nowadays. He began as a bluegrass artist but quickly made himself into a superstar with a steady influx of hits. He has been married four different times and has seven children in total. His first marriage brought him three children, while his second got him two. Nowadays, he has two sons with Annie D’Angelo, whom he considers to be his best friend and strongest supporter. Willie is also an author, activist, actor and producer. A true legend.

Keifer Thompson and Shawna Thompson

These two are true partners in crime. Keifer and Shawna make up two halves of the country music duo named Thompson Square. The married couple has released two albums under this name, both of which contain a single that was able to reach the charts. They’ve been married for over 15 years but only had their first child in 2016. Even though they are full-time parents now, they always find ways to combine their professional and personal life — even if it means bringing their son with them to concerts. Rigney Cooper must be proud of mom and dad!

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks is as famous as a country star can get. He’s not only successful in his own niche, his fame and quality music have transcended genre borders and everything seemingly related. With almost 140 million albums sold in the U.S., he is definitely one of the all-time greats. Love has never been a difficult battlefield for him, as he has had fellow country music star Trish by his side ever since 2005. It’s his second marriage, and they’re currently not planning on having any more kids. He already has three daughters.

Kenny Chesney and Renée Zellweger

Kenny had found himself a keeper in Renee! Or had he? The famous actress fell for him, but their marriage ended after only four months in 2005. Since then, Kenny has restrained himself from further marriage and has instead opted to focus more on his acting career. He has sold over 40 million records and has tens of millions in his bank account. However, it’s still clear that he needs a special someone in his life. Let’s hope he gets lucky and finds the right person for him.