Your Android Phone May Soon Replace Your Passport and Keys

While Apple prepares to enter the business of finding easily lost items, Google is taking another approach. With the announcement of the Android SE Alliance, Google is taking steps to grant your Android phone the power to unlock doors, as well as replace your ID and passport, laying the groundwork for even more ambitious plans in the future.

Amid an ever-present chorus of subjectivity, nearly everyone can agree that the most important features for a smartphone to have include its convenience and its security, with the two ideally working hand in hand. This alliance could prove to be the beginning of a new evolution for both features.

Digital keys are hardly science fiction at this point. Appleā€™s CarKey feature, with the help of its own Secure Enclave, already allows users to unlock supported vehicles. As for mobile identification, it would seem almost inevitable given massive increases in identity theft in recent years and the abundance of interconnected systems at airports and borders.

Google has been working toward this goal for some time now, most s