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Your Amazon Echo has new privacy features. Here’s how to use them

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Alexa, delete everything I’ve said!

Sara Tew / Tips Clear

Every time you interact with yourself Amazon Echo, Your conversation is stored in the Alexa app.

And if you are worried about yourself Conversations with Alexa are being recorded, Or you are not sure how Access your privacy settings in the Alexa app, Amazon just made things easier.

You can finally remove all interactions with Alexa without opening the app. To begin with, just “Alexa, delete what I said.” Compared to last year’s voice commands, this is a major update that gives you Delete what you said that day.

If you are not sure how to change your Alexa privacy settings, your Echo can also help you. Just ask, “Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?” Alexa will then send a to the Alexa app that says Review your privacy settings.

Tap on the to go to the Alexa Privacy page where you can review your voice history and detached sounds, as well as your smart home devices history, skill permissions, and your Alexa data.

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