You Pay Money for That?

In the information age, I am continually amazed by certain things that make absolutely no sense and yet are considered the norm. Granted, I have two small children and there are very few things that make sense about them so I will be the first to admit that there are things you leave alone because even though logic makes no sense, it works. But there are other things that I just can’t forget. Dental insurance is one of them.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation and tell me if that makes sense. You pay $ 100 / month for dental insurance. Your total annual cost is $ 1,200 for the policy. Your plan includes a $ 50 deductible. The maximum amount your dental plan will pay annually is $ 1,500. Okay, now without having to go into the details of why I’m amazed at how many people pay for dental insurance, please do the math. You just paid $ 1,250 for $ 250 in benefits!

Did you know there is a discounted dental plan? These plans are very affordable and for the price it is absolutely amazing what is included! Because they are not insurance, there are no limits on visits or services, all ongoing dental issues are accepted, there is no age limit for any dental procedure, no forms to fill out, no waiting times, orthodontics is included, cosmetic dentistry is included, all specialists are included, and you can change dentist whenever you want without notifying anyone!

The plan works that way. For a low monthly fee, members of the discount plans have access to wholesale rates similar to those paid by major insurance companies. Imagine the grocery savings card that you take with you. As long as you use this card, you benefit from all the promotions offered at the grocery store. Without it, you are paying a heavy price. Same idea here, except that when care is received at a participating provider, the member pays the reduced pre-negotiated fee.

What Kind of Savings Do Members Receive? This is the best part! I’m going to use Pennsylvania as an example because that’s where I live. In Pennsylvania, a set of braces for a child under 19 would cost $ 2,100! This is about 50% of the normal cost. What is so amazing about it? Well, orthodontics is usually not covered by insurance or the cost exceeds the annual limit. A full set of dentures in Pennsylvania would cost $ 1,200! Again, this is something that is generally not covered by insurance. Consumers will save up to 80% on EVERY procedure a dentist or specialist is licensed to perform. Another advantage is that the fee schedule has been pre-negotiated and is available for members to review so they can see in advance what their costs will be. No surprises!

As if it couldn’t be better, the fee-for-service dental plan also includes FREE benefits for vision, prescription and chiropractic, saving consumers up to 60% on all of their health care needs. eyesight, up to 50% on prescriptions. , and up to 50% on chiropractic. What excites me about this is the fact that even with confident vision; we still have a lot of expenses related to our eyes. With our eye insurance, we only have one eye exam every two years, and our insurance only contributes $ 100 towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses. The discount plan is a blessing here because we can get our eyes checked every year. My husband wears contact lenses and the annual eye exam is mandatory if he wants to renew his prescription. Not to mention the fact that he can now save money on purchasing these contacts. And while my vision prescription isn’t that great, two years is too long for me when it comes to getting new lenses. With the discount plan, I don’t have to pay full price for repairs when my 1 year old gets their hands on my glasses!

Do yourself a favor and check your dental regimen. Make sure you don’t get robbed by the Tooth Fairy, remember she’s supposed to pay you!

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