You don’t have to wait for Oxygen OS 11 to download OnePlus’ new Zen Mode app

OnePlus Oxygen OS 11 Android 11 Zen mode

  • OnePlus has made the latest version of its Zen Mode app, freshly updated for Oxygen OS 11, available on the Play Store.
  • The version allows those who are still waiting for Oxygen OS 11 to download the updated app earlier.

OnePlus has released the latest version of its Zen Mode app, which was previously only available through Oxygen OS 11, in the Google Play Store and made it available on OnePlus devices that are still available on Android 10 (via) XDA developer).

As OnePlus is gradually introducing Oxygen OS 11 to its phone lineup, the updated Zen Mode app will allow you to access it through the Play Store without waiting for the company to transfer Android 11 to your device. On some of the company’s older phones, like the OnePlus 6 and 6T, you may have waited a while to try out the new Zen mode. The fact that it’s available on Android 10 also means that users with phones that are unlikely to get Oxygen OS 11, like OnePlus 5 and 5T, will still be able to test the new software.

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What you can expect from the updated Zen mode is an updated interface that matches the new, more One UI-like design of Oxygen OS 11. You’ll also find new themes to customize the user interface, as well as a new group feature that lets you create a room that you and your friends with OnePlus phones can join if you want to do a Focus Challenge together.

You can download the updated Zen Mode app from the Google Play Store.

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