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You can now watch Netflix on your Facebook Portal TV


Catch the latest season of Shit’s Creek on Portal TV.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

Facebook announced a long-awaited addition on Tuesday Portal TV: Netflix. $ 149 Portal TV, A webcam Which turns your TV into a smart display, already works Amazon prime, Showtime and Sling TV. Facebook Post A blog post stated that you should only start watching a Netflix subscription, Netflix portal TV app, and your Netflix login information.

The social media giant is also updating its portal TV Remote with a “one-touch button” for Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming services. The new remote portal will be purchased with the TV from 6 October.

All of Facebook’s portal devices bring video calling, voice control and other features to your home. whereas Sales of portal products have increased Since the epidemic, Facebook has also been in the news Privacy concerns, From Cambridge Analytica scam reports of misuse of user data and more.

Other portal updates announced on Tuesday include zoom call support on Portal Mini, Portal and Portal Plus Smart Display, new story time stories that use the AR effect to turn the storyteller into a story character, and “Hey, Portal” in Spanish voice control.

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