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Yoho National Park the most incredible place

Yoho National Park the most incredible place

Yoho national park is the smallest of the four national parks that surround the British Columbia and Alberta border. It is Canada’s second oldest National Park after Banff. Yoho National Park brings Canada’s alpine majesty within reach of casual visitors and seasoned backpackers. Unplug and spend time with family at one of the four campgrounds.

Challenge yourself with an all-day hike to half million-year-old fossil bed or immerse yourself in Canadian history by traveling through the mountain pass that linked the West to the rest of Canada. The name Yoho means ‘awe.’ The park has an intimate feeling. Although it may be tiny it’s packed with spectacular snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, raging rivers, glaciers lakes, camping facilities and over 400 km of hiking trails.

Yoho national park
Yoho national park

The highlights of Yoho National Park are:

Emerald Lake: there’s one place you’ll almost certainly have heard about, it’s Emerald Lake in Yoho National park. It’s the biggest Park with 61 ponds and lakes and is well worth a paddle. Paddling on the lake is a mystifying experience as the water is deep and opaque green that you feel like you’re paddling through a liquid glass. It has a wooden cabin resort wholly integrated into a natural landscape.

The Natural Bridge is a must stop Via Emerald Lake. It was created by the strong current of the Kicking Horse River that eventually undercut through a solid piece of rock. The area surrounding the Natural Bridge has a beautiful view of the river and mountain peaks.

Scenic drives to Yoho’s lakes, waterfalls, and Vista:

Motorists passing through Yoho on the Trans- Canada Highway are treated to excellent mountain views. Halt awhile to explore Yoho’s short side trips offering ample opportunities for picnicking and sightseeing.

Takakkaw Falls is the highest falls in North America. Visitors standing near the base of the falls and looking straight up can feel the mist from the spray as it hits bottom. The waterfall is fed by the daily Glacier and a part of the Waputik Icefield. Takakkaw Falls can be reached by taking the Yoho Valley Road off the Trans-Canada route right up to the parking lot situated near the base of the falls. For a higher perspective, the Ice line hiking trail leads up the mountainside opposite the falls. This is a strenuous day hike but worth the efforts for the view.

Set up a camp at kicking Horse:

So maybe for the hardcore camper, kicking horse is already too easy because they’ve got a fire pit, flushable toilets, showers, and a sani dump. Kicking Horse is going to be your most comfortable camping experience.

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Eat, Drink and be Merry while being in the middle of nowhere. Yoho national park has three incredible lodges. Emerald lake lodge, Cathedral Mountain Lodge and Lake O’Hara Lodge. At each you can cozy up to your fireplace, dine on outstanding upscale meals and treat yourself to a massage or sunset stroll after the day trippers have gone home. You can also opt for the cozy guest house and B&BS in the nearby town of fields, where you’ll also find two great restaurants the siding cafe and truffle pigs bistro.

Go for a bike ride on Yoho Valley Road:

Nothing beats riding a bike with your gang. Cycle through the beautiful winding Yoho Valley surrounded by Lush Green forest, sky Scraping, mountains and maybe even a couple of wildlife creatures along the way.

Take a hike up to Wapta Falls which is only about 40 mins one way and super easy. The path is quite flat, and so you won’t be out of breath until you see the wapta Falls that’ll take your breath away.

When to go to Yoho national park:

It is recommended to visit in the summer. Most area is significantly harder to access in winter, and things just generally look prettier when the weather’s good. Emerald Lake is one of the few spots that are accessible all year round. For Takkakaw fall it is best to visit between June and October.

If you intend visiting Yoho National Park be prepared for extreme weather year round. Make sure to pack and plan accordingly especially if you’ll be hiking. We also suggest you read Tour Travel Hotels for more travel-related information.

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