Yes, there is a cure for cancer with genomics

Yes, there is a cure for cancer with genomics

cancer with genomicsCancer is the most deadly diseases, which have haunted the society for years all together. Cancer, used to be the second name of death. Life is to enjoy, notgroaning for the pathetic state of our lives. Cancer was a villain in our lives for past so many years, but now cancer is curable. Because of the preventive and curative modalities, it is no more a hanging sword. People used to be under the weather both physically and mentally, just by hearing the name of cancer.  Now the scenario is different, people are psychologically strong enough to fight with the deadly disease of cancer. Patients of cancer used to die a heinous death, because of the non-availability of advanced treatment modalities. But with the advent of modern techniques, life has become quite easy and controlled.

Cancer genomics in India has covered a good pace, in past one decade. Institutions like CISSR have contributed a lot in the field of development.  The society is reaping the fruits of advanced technology. insurance of life along with the insurance of health is the promo code of modern world. Hard work of our scientists, have done wonders in the treatment modalities of cancer. Cancer genomics in India is still not as common as the genomic companies are available only in metro or bog cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai, Thrissur etc but still as compared to last time we have achieved a lot in the field of health industry. People did not know the meaning of genomics earlier, now they are aware of the genomic facilities available in the health care market.It shows the awareness amongst the crowd regarding the health issues. Health check up is a common routine among the population, as we have seen those days where people used to die without the knowledge of the disease. They used to know about the disease mostly at the terminal stages or after metastasis.

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Genomics is the assessment of the genetic makeup of an individual intricately. The genomic study has given access to the micro structure of DNA that is the two strands of DNA and the sequence of the bases on the strands. By keeping an eye on the sequence we can understand the mutation and its level. So the disease can be curbed before its occurrence. Cancer prevention in Mumbai is at its highest peak presently. There are so many genomic firms, hospitals, organizations which are taking part in the awareness campaign of cancer prevention plan in India. Mass media is playing a good role in the prevention of cancer in India. Not only awareness these organizations are extending a hand for supporting the poor strata of the society. These organizations are helping the lower strata of the society, by making them knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms for early detection, prevention, available modalities for diagnosis, treatment and financial support. Now people from every sphere can afford the treatment of cancer. Also people can now scan themselves for the deadly future. Hospitals like Medanta, Kokilaben are helping the society by providing support in every sphere of health care especially in the cancer prevention plan in Mumbai. Over and above the personal genomic firms like positive bioscience are imparting knowledge about the genetic disease and the mode of curbing the diseases at the initial level. These kinds of firms are taking a step ahead in the field of medical care by providing the genomic assessment of the individual for future problems. The facilities are ready to use and hand on, which are available at the door step. Just a phone call and a mail is enough to get the information related to genomic studies. These firms are not only providing services rather helping in the awareness campaigns. Personalgenomics in India has revolutionized the health care industry and is a sign of growth towards development. Personal genomics has lot many spheres of improvement, which are still pending but continuous researches are contributing daily in the field of genomics. Not only cancer, but personal genomics are helpful in genetic and life style diseases. Studying the micro cellular level has helped in the advancement of the health technology.We are waiting for the time, when ever body in India will be aware of the genetic pattern of the prevailing diseases, as more awareness means more knowledge and healthy life. Healthy people in the country, means a developed nation. Life is a very precious thing, which we get once in lifetime, but ignorance and negligence can lead to havocs in smooth functioning. Facilities are available to us; we just have to be a bit conscious about ourselves and nation too. Nowadays the standard of treatment which we are getting in Mumbai is same as that of US. So where the fault lies, it lies in our ignorance.

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