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Yeast Diaper Rash – Is It All In Your Head?

Yeast Diaper Rash – Is It All In Your Head?

Yeast diaper rash, or thrush, is a very common and embarrassing condition. I have had several friends who have been plagued with it for several years. Even now as I am writing this article. There are several others asking me if I know anything about it.

So what is yeast diaper rash? It is caused by an infection of the body known as Candida albicans.

The yeast found in the body of any woman can cause yeast diaper rash to occur. It is always advisable to be very careful when it comes to your vaginal area and your personal hygiene. This yeast infection, if left untreated, can lead to a form of thrush or at worst a possible more serious form of cancer.

Treat Yeast

There are many ways to treat the yeast found in the body of a woman. Some of these methods include the use of antibiotics, topical creams, pills, ointments, and natural remedies.

The ointment for yeast is the best because it is completely natural and does not carry any side effects. Since the vaginal area is not exposed to other elements, the yeast will not spread to other parts of the body.

But aside from the ointment for yeast, one has to make sure that they do not expose themselves to all the bacteria and yeast found in the vagina. Make sure you always change your tampon every time you have sex. And of course use a condom when having intercourse.

Another option to treat yeast diaper rash is to go for a pelvic exam to make sure that the cervix is healthy. Also make sure that you get regular check ups from your doctor. And that they take care of any problems you may have.

Antibiotics and medicines

Taking a lot of antibiotics and putting on lotions to help get rid of a yeast diaper rash can not be compared to a simple “regular” course of medicine. You need to try everything that is available in order to get rid of this condition.

Many doctors have started to advise their patients not to put on cream or ointments on their yeast diaper rash. Instead, they suggest to see a dermatologist instead. A dermatologist specializes in skin diseases and they are familiar with the symptoms of yeast infections.

It is important to note that there is no such thing as a yeast infection is something completely different than a normal acne skin problem. If the area is infected, it will appear as a pimple or a ring.

And although yeast diaper rash is not contagious, it can get its own share of people. So make sure you keep it in mind when you have sexual relations and you never let others touch your genital area.

Although yeast diaper rash can be embarrassing, it is still something that people should talk about and face. With knowledge, you will be able to stop the spread of this fungus which causes this rash.

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