33 Beautiful Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Designs and Images

Tattoo lovers are very fascinated by the yakuza tattoo. It has a mysterious appeal due to its connection with the Japanese underworld. The Japanese term is used for Yakuza tattoos is Irezumi which means “insert ink.” People get these tattoos for adornment and spiritual purposes. The method being used is hand poking. It is done by inserting the ink beneath the skin. This procedure can be costly, painful and very time-consuming. Hand poking can be very dangerous.  When the ink is inserted under the skin, the skin would not be able to breathe.  That is why it takes guts to have a Yakuza tattoo also known as konjyou in Japan.

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24. Koi Fish Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The Koi fish is a special kind of carp fish which originates in China.

25. Full Back Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo History

If you want to become a member of the Yakuza then you will be initiated with a tattoo to test if you can endure the pain.

26. Stunning Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo shows Kanon Bosatsu, the kind-hearted Buddhist deity. It is created by Horiyoshi The Third.

27. Yakuza Women Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo Methods

Other names for a tattoo in Japan are Irezumi, horimono, and shisei.

28. Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo Process

Tattoos that incorporate Japanese designs are also known as wabori.

29.Irezumi Designs

Yakuza Tattoos

Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself.

30. Fashion Tattoos

Yakuza Tattoos Designs Meanings

In the Yakuza culture, tattoos are a symbol of devotion to the organization.

31. Impressive Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo History

Tattoos that cover a bigger part of the body requires more money, time, and patience since it involves more pain.

32. Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

Koi fish represents strength and bravery.

What is the meaning of the Yakuza Tattoo?

In Japanese culture, Yakuza tattoos are considered as a symbol of status. For instance, wives, girlfriends, and mistresses of Yakuza members obtain Irezumi in order to prove their loyalty to the Yakuza.  Japanese samurai also obtained Yakuza tattoos as a form of identification.  In case, they died and their armor and clothes are being stolen it can be easily recognized.  In the modern-day, if you have a Yakuza tattoo, you can never enter any establishments or hot springs in Japan.  This is due to the fact that people who have Yakuza tattoos are being associated with the Yakuza.  In fact, in Japan, persons with Yakuza tattoos can never go home.

Now, some societies have started to accept these tattoos.  They are now recognized as a fashion icon rather than a gang affiliation. So why should you get a Yakuza tattoo in the first place?  One of the reasons why people decide to get these tattoos is because it shows strength, determination, and willpower.  Most importantly, it also shows their devotion to the Yakuza organization. Yakuza tattoos incorporate several images such as dragons, snakes, koi fish, and others.  Yakuza tattoos are not for men only but also for women.  Which tattoo is your favorite?

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