Wyze’s new $30 doorbell camera takes on Ring and other video doorbell makers

The Vise adds a doorbell and a thermostat to its growing lineup.

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Makes different types of voice Inexpensive connected home appliances, $ 20 incl Viz Cam Indoor $ 8 YJ bulbs And others. Its products are not particularly revolutionary, but it offers a lot of features and performance as competitors for very little money. The startup continues with two new smart home product announcements: Vise Video Doorbell and Vise Thermostat.

Vise’s video doorbell costs $ 30 – By far the least expensive one I’ve come across – and now available for preorder. The company has not yet provided pricing for the thermostats, but something similar is expected to be affordable. The Vyaz thermostat will be available for preorder starting October 6.

the doorbell

The Voice Video Doorbell shares a lot of features and specs with the Voice Cam Indoor, but it comes in a weatherproof housing. It has 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, motion alert, two-way talk and two weeks Free cloud storage.

It is also hardwired and does not require a hub unlike a battery powered one. Visa Cam Outdoor.

Your shopping includes a waze chaim that you can keep out of your home’s range of doorbell chimes.

You can preorder the Voice Thermostat starting October 6.


If you sign up for Cam Plus, you get a person alert and “full-length motion recording.” According to Vise’s Cam Plus landing page, “Vise Cam already records 12 seconds of speed for free every 5 minutes. Cam Plus records unlimited speed whenever it is detected so you can capture the entire story Can. “


The voice thermostat uses scheduling, home, away and sleep modes, remote access from your phone, data and suggestions if you want to see the money and geofencing options that automatically switch between home and away modes Going to do.

Wise also promises an upcoming feature called “Automated Learning”, which sounds similar to one Nest thermostat The ability for you to automatically adjust your heat or air conditioning based on your previous adjustments.

Again, we do not yet have pricing for the Voice Thermostat, but it will be available for preorder on 6 October.

We’re keeping an eye on the review units, so check back soon for full reviews of the Vise’s new doorbell and thermostat.

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