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Write For Us – Key Terms For Your Writing Needs

Our team always looking for new writers who are talented and ready to share their views with the rest of the world.

We hire only the best potential contributors who have a strong interest in what our site is about.

We are always looking forward to the newest developments and ideas. You will certainly enjoy your experience when you write for us.

Tips Clear write for us

When you contribute with us, you will be submitting a variety of articles that are about many topics that our site covers.

You can write about all kinds of things as you will have full control over what you want to write about.

But, publishing or not is our rights.

No matter how many articles you want to submit, we accept all.

While writing you need to pay attention towards Google Search engines guidelines about articles.

Also, need to pay attention towards Google’s Search Engine Web Master Guidelines.

You must write and submit above 1500 words, you can submit content to us for many desires on a variety of topics of value to you.

What Makes Our Work Great?

To submit articles to us, you have to meet the standards that we follow. We have various great standards that can be seen in the vast variety of articles that we have accepted over time. Our team accept only those articles which follows Google Search engines guidelines about articles:

  • We focus on content that entails many great viewpoints. Take pride in having a diverse variety of voices devoted to many topics and concepts. Our goal is to help people learn more about many topics while exposing them to many ideas and views that they might not have thought about.
  • Our writers are people who are honest and understand the ins and outs of what they are writing about. They are heavily invested in the topics that they are working on.
  • Our work is always in-depth and detailed. We don’t just focus on summaries. We go deep into topics and look closer at everything that makes certain stories or ideas what they are. This helps to enlighten our readers.
  • This site always looks into finding ways to make the lives of its readers better. Whether it entails understanding new concepts or learning how to make existing ideas work for people, we focus well on offering ideas that anyone can follow. We want to make a difference in the lives of all our readers.

Pitch Your Ideas Today

We are always accepting pitches for new content. When developing your pitch, you must provide us with as much information on it as possible. Explain to us the following points to improve your chances for having your work accepted:

  • What your content will be about
  • The angle you will get into your argument with
  • What types of evidence you have to back up your argument
  • What you want the reader to take away from your content

A full action plan will be required before we can accept any work from you.

Guidelines For Articles

You must follow all the guidelines we have posted if you wish to write articles for us. The guidelines for content include the following:

  • The word count will vary based on the type of post you have and the subject matter. However, you need to write minimum 1500 words.
  • When working on your article, you should divide it up in as clear of a manner as possible. Use bullets, subheads and lists. You can add tables if needed too.
  • Avoid using language that is too formal or technical. Not all readers understand some of the technical topics you want to discuss. If you have any ideas that might be rather technical, explain them in a clear manner before using those terms again.
  • Information on where you got sources from or other bits of information should be highlighted in your work. This is to give readers a clearer idea of whatever it is you want to share with them.
  • Add expert opinions or advice to your articles if possible.

Charges & Financial details:

  • We accept only one link in an article

  • We will charge for Editorial, Web Admin and Site Maintenance charge. Fee for publication $90

  • No request for an exchange and Free publication, please.

  • Your content will be published on receipt of payment.

  • Your link will be on the post in accordance with Google guidelines.

  • In case of any violation, we will remove the post or link

Key Tonal Points

There are also a few tonal points that must be used within your posts to us:

  • Honesty is the most important thing that you could ever consider having in your work. Be sure when writing that you are clear and confident in your work and that you fully understand what you want to do with it.
  • Be careful when coming up with a topic. You need to create something that is smart and appealing but not something that might offend or make anyone uncomfortable.
  • When writing, show that you are aiming to provide your readers with a service. This can entail practically anything that you want to talk about.
  • Avoid anything that might be too adult-oriented or casual. You need to keep things safe for work.

Image Use

You can add images to your work to make it more vibrant. They may also illustrate some of your points.

But no matter what the images are about, you must ensure you have the rights to those images. We won’t accept work that has images that have been used illegally without any ownership involved.

Any image you add must be of high-resolution quality. Check on how well your image looks in many size formats so you can see what it may look like on a mobile device as well as a larger desktop computer or smart television set.


Publication Not Guaranteed

Although we encourage you to submit articles and blog posts, this is not in any way a guarantee that your work will be used by us. We will inform you if we choose to publish your work on this site.

Author Bio

As you submit your work to us, you should also provide us with a proper author bio. A bio is a short summary of who you are and what you want to contribute to us. This will include a few things:

  • It includes your background and should have data relevant to whatever your subject matter is.
  • Details on what makes you qualified to write something should be added. It can entail your college education, work experience or whatever else you feel is relevant.
  • This should not be too long. It only has to be around three to five sentences.
  • No hyperlinks / URLs are allowed in Author Bio. Only normal text allowed (not hyper link or ID)

How Will We Edit Your Work?

We will have the right to edit your work after you have submitted it to us. We will edit your work based on a variety of key points:

  • It may be edited for length. This is based on whether you have additional details that might not be fully necessary for your work in general.
  • Some parts of your work may be edited for clarity purposes. This is for when we feel that your work is not necessarily easy for people to read in a few instances.
  • We have other editorial guidelines that relate to the tone of your content and other concepts we are aiming to promote. We will let you know about any kinds of edits that have to be made if we do choose to publish your work.
  • Once content accepted and published in our blog, you don’t have any kind of rights.
  • In the case of any dispute or issues, we will remove the content without intimation.

When Will You Get a Response?

Because of our relatively small editorial staff at this moment, it might take a bit for our team to review every submission we get. You might have to wait at least two weeks for us to contact you about your work. In the case of Copyscape issues and links in contents will be abandoned without any kind of intimations. Being an author, you need to strictly follow Google guidelines.  There is admin fee involved on acceptance of your content.  The fee will cover the site maintenance and salary for editorial team and Administrator.

If your work is accepted, we might ask for additional information relating to your work or what you have to offer. Our plans will vary based on the content you send in so be sure you check carefully on what we have to say.

Feel free to submit whatever you are interested in sharing with us to our site. We are always looking for new voices and would be free to check out whatever you want to say on our site. Be sure to think carefully about what you want to post and get to work. The odds are your work just might get on this great website.

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