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Want to write for your business promotions?
Want to share your promo expertise with an engaged audience?
Got a hot, trending topic, unique insights or tips you think will get people talking? Then tipsclear.com is a platform for you to speak out loudly.

We accept genuine and authorized business promos only on our blog.

TipsClear.com creates income to maintain the site and pay the fee to the dedicated staff.    

We follow Google and other search engine guidelines to accept the promo contents.  

Tips Clear write for us
Tips Clear write for us

What We are Looking For:

The post sharing your thoughts must be 100% original and unpublished elsewhere.  

Once we published it, you can’t republish it. However, you can share the link on various platforms.  

Before you Start:

Just take a look at our site, read a few posts at random, and get a feel of what we are writing and what our readership is.

We always try to include practical advice, real-time hot news, real-life examples, and any other helpful tips and advice to our readers.  

We prefer you to write indirect speech in a friendly tone.  

Titles we cover:   Tips clear is a multi-niche blog. Hence you have to liberty to select any topics.  

Topic Span:


Business tips

Health tips


Travel Tips

Shopping Guide


Home Improvement

Informative content on all subjects except restricted by Search Engines.

Kindly proofread before sending the post with suitable images.  

Just submit your topic, and If we think it is the right fit for our blog, we will discuss with you further and publish your post in the proper manner.  

We reserve the right to make any edit to your post.

Pay attention to Google Search engine guidelines about articles.

You must write and submit above 1500 words

Charges for Site development:

  • We respect the Search Engine Guidelines.
  • We will charge for Editorial, Web Admin, and Site Maintenance charge.
  • Fee for publication: $$$
  • Your content will be published on receipt of payment.
  • In case of any violation, we will remove the post and link it without warning.

Image Use

You can add images to your work to make it more vibrant. They may also illustrate some of your points.

But no matter what the images are about, you must ensure you have the rights to those images. We won’t accept work that has images that have been used illegally without any ownership involved.

Any image you add must be of high-resolution quality. Check on how well your image looks in many size formats so you can see what it may seem like on a mobile device as well as a more massive desktop computer or smart television set.

Author Bio

  • We don’t allow Authorship on our Blog.

Contact here: tipsclear@yahoo.in  Contact Us

Note:  Please refer to Google webmaster guidelines. Google guidelines here

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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