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How to Write a Catchy Email Subject Line

How to Write a Catchy Email Subject Line

Being able to write a great e-mail is helpful to any company’s future prospects. But getting a recipient to open the message if half of the battle. While e-mail verification software – for instance, correct.email – can help to ensure that the message is not being sent erroneously. Those who do not know how to write a catchy e-mail subject line place their correspondences at risk of being ignored. Read on for some useful tips on the topic!

Catchy Email

  1. Using a Well Phrased Question

E-mail recipients are not likely to be swayed by the same old e-mail subject line, especially those that appear to be spam. However, by including a well worded question that speaks directly to their needs. You can greatly increase your click through rate. If you ask a question in the proper manner, your audience will have no chance but to open your message and find out more about what you have to offer them.

  1. Utilize a Referral

Let’s face it, a person is far more likely to engage with e-mails that were sent by someone that they are already acquainted with. Failing that, a message that is sent by a friend of a friend also has a better chance of being opened. If you are sending your e-mail because of a referral that was provided by the recipient’s friend or associate, be sure to mention that person by name in your subject line.

  1. Use Reverse Psychology

Cheeky forms of reverse psychology can work wonders when it comes to getting people to open your e-mails. While most senders focus on begging and pleading the recipients to take them seriously. You can turn this stereotype on its ear by telling the person you are sending the e-mail not to open it. A “DO NOT OPEN” subject line triggers the part of our brain. That becomes more curious when we are told not to do something.

  1. Offer Help

To keep recipients from thinking that you are merely trying to get something from them, it is important to offer help in your subject line. In a world where consumers are constantly being bombarded with offers and advertisements, positioning yourself as a company that is here to help is pivotal. A client is far more likely to open an e-mail when there is potentially something in it for them. As opposed to an e-mail that is merely trying to sell them something.

  1. Make a Numbered List

Numbered list posts tend to be some of the most commonly read on the Internet. Those who wish to experience the same success with their e-mail marketing lists should adhere to this technique. Inserting numbers into your subject line is a helpful way to drive interest in your e-mail and make sure that it gets opened. Good luck with your strategy!

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