Wrap it up: Tips for Perfectly Rolling Your Own Burrito

Wrap it up: Tips for Perfectly Rolling Your Own Burrito

If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, then you must have savored burritos more than once in your lifetime. While burritos may look like simple food items that anyone can prepare, they are often labor-intensive and require a bit of practice for the perfect outcome. The thought of preparing your burrito might be daunting if you have never attempted it before, but worry not, this guide is at your rescue.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with tips on the best way to wrap your burritos perfectly. We will also go through a step-by-step process of preparing the fillings for your burrito and share bonus tips on ensuring that your burrito is good to go. Let’s get started.

What Is a Burrito?

A burrito is a traditional Mexican dish made from flour tortillas filled with a variety of ingredients, including meat, beans, rice, cheese, vegetables, and salsa. The name burrito comes from the Spanish word “burro,” which means donkey. This dish was named after the shape of the flour tortilla, which vaguely resembles a donkey’s ear. Initially based on regional traditions, burritos have become a staple in American cuisine.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who loves burritos and has always wanted to prepare them for themselves but was unsure of how to wrap them properly. The guide is suitable for beginner-level learners who have little to no experience preparing burritos. By the end of this guide, you will have the confidence and skills to wrap a perfect burrito in your home kitchen.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wrapping a Perfect Burrito

Creating a perfectly wrapped burrito takes a bit of practice, but once you have acquired the skill, it will be second nature. The secret is in the assembly process, which requires the right balance of ingredients, placement, and folding. Follow these simple steps to make the perfect burrito:

Step 1: Prepare Your Fillings

The first step is to prepare the fillings of your burrito. The choices of fillings are endless, but the standard fillings include meat, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, and vegetables. Consider mixing and matching the fillings for a varied flavor and texture experience.

When preparing your fillings, ensure that they are moist enough for easy spreading and rolling. If they are dry, they may crumble, making it difficult to wrap your burrito. Also, ensure that all your fillings are cooked properly. Overcooked meat will be dry and chewy, while undercooked rice or beans will be hard and unpleasant to chew.

Step 2: Warm Your Tortilla

Warm your tortilla by heating it for 10-15 seconds on the stovetop, microwave, or oven. Heating your tortilla makes it more pliable and easier to roll. Ensure that the tortilla is not too hot, as this will make it difficult to hold and work with.

Step 3: Add Your Fillings

The next step is to add your fillings. Begin with a generous portion of your primary ingredient. For instance, if you are making a chicken burrito, begin by placing the chicken in the center of your tortilla. Add other fillings around the primary ingredient, ensuring you maintain a good balance.

Be careful not to overstuff your burrito, as this will make it difficult to wrap. Your burrito should not exceed the size of your tortilla; otherwise, it will be hard to wrap without spilling the filling. Aim for a uniform distribution of your fillings, keeping them centered on the tortilla.

Step 4: Fold In The Sides

Fold in the sides of your tortilla by lifting and folding them partway over the filling. This step is crucial in preventing your burrito’s contents from spilling out during the wrapping process. Fold one side of the tortilla and be sure to tuck the ingredients tightly under the fold.

Next, fold the other side of the tortilla, covering the first fold. Be sure to apply enough pressure to the edges to seal the burrito tightly. You will notice that the filling should now be more compact and aligned along the center of the tortilla.

Step 5: Roll Up The Burrito

Lastly, roll up the burrito from the bottom to the top, pressing down slightly with each roll. When you have completed rolling, press the edge to seal the burrito.

Ensure that your burrito is rolled tightly and evenly, pulling back the tortilla’s top edge if necessary. The burrito should be firm, with no air pockets inside. You can serve your burrito as it is or wrap it in foil to keep it warm and make it easier to eat.

Tips To Ensure Your Burrito Is Flawless

Now that we have covered the basics of how to prepare and wrap your burrito, let’s look at some tips that will take your burrito prep to the next level.

1. Start with Fresh and Quality Ingredients

Using fresh ingredients is key to making the perfect burrito. To ensure the best flavor and texture in your burrito, use high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re using chicken, beef, pork, or veggies, ensure they are fresh and of the highest quality.

2. Don’t Overstuff Your Burrito

While it is tempting to stuff your burrito with lots of fillings, you should only add enough to fill the tortilla. Overstuffing will make your burrito challenging to wrap and prone to spillages.

3. Heat Your Tortilla

Warming your tortilla before filling will soften the tortilla, making the burrito pliable and easier to wrap. You can heat your tortilla in a microwave or oven for 10-20 seconds, or directly on a hot skillet.

4. Use Better Tortillas

The tortilla is the foundation of your burrito, and it is essential to use a good quality tortilla. Choose a tortilla that is flexible and can contain your fillings without breaking. Consider using whole wheat tortillas, which are healthier and add more texture and flavor to your burrito.

5. Wrap Your Burrito Well

Wrapping your burrito tightly is crucial in preventing spillages. When rolling your burrito, ensure that you tuck the sides snugly before rolling from the bottom up. Additionally, roll your tortilla as tight as possible, pressing down with each roll to remove any air pockets.

Tools and Resources You Can Use

Preparing and wrapping burritos require minimal equipment. However, you may find the following tools helpful:

1. Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is perfect for heating tortillas and grilling your meats. Cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat and provides a perfect crust, flavor, and texture for your meats.

2. Taco Holder

A taco holder can be useful when assembling your burrito. This tool will keep the tortilla open and allow you to add fillings without spilling them over.

3. Rice Cooker

A rice cooker will save you time and effort when preparing your rice. Simply add your rice and water and let the cooker do the rest. Rice cookers produce fluffy and perfect rice every time.

Product Recommendations

If you’re new to making burritos or looking to upgrade your burrito making experience, consider using these recommended products:

1. Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press is perfect for making fresh tortillas at home. You can press your tortillas to any thickness and size, and it is effortless to use, clean, and store.

2. Nordic Ware Taco Rack

The Nordic Ware Taco Rack is a handy tool for holding your burritos in place while you fill them. The taco rack is oven safe and can be used for baking, grilling, and filling your burritos.

3. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

The Zojirushi Rice Cooker prepares perfect rice every time. It has multiple functions that allow you to cook different varieties of rice, as well as steam vegetables and meat.


With the tips provided in this guide, you should be ready to roll up the perfect burrito in no time. Remember to start with fresh, quality ingredients, heat your tortilla, and wrap your burrito tightly. With a bit of practice, you can customize your fillings and create burritos that are tailored to your taste buds.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out some Mexican cuisine cookbooks or visit local restaurants in your area. Happy burrito making!

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