Worst Husbands To Ever Appear On The Show

Some Married at First Sight husbands are known for their sketchy conduct, and we’ve gathered plenty of juicy information about these bad husbands. Doing the show is a high-stakes gamble that pays off for some pairs, including Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill, Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer, and Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. For others, the matches are disastrous and end in divorce. Yes, there have been some troublesome wives in the mix, such as Katie Conrad. However, when it comes to being bad partners, the husbands usually take the cake.

Ryan De Nino

Ryan De Nino was part of the infamous second season, which was reportedly rushed into production. Rumors swirled about how producers spent a year matching season one couples but took only one week to match the Married At First Sight season two set. There was gossip that some of the cast had no interest in being married. These cast members were supposedly found on dating and social media sites and lured in with the promise of exposure, career advancement, and $1,500 per episode.

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No matter how he was found and matched, Ryan De Nino was a terrible husband to Jessica Castro. His screaming matches with his wife were legendary. Beyond constantly yelling at Jessica, Ryan seemed to be intentionally cruel. On Valentine’s Day, Ryan didn’t give Jessica anything, but he did leave the card he received from another woman out for Jessica to find. Then, Ryan really tipped the scales by allegedly threatening to kill Jessica and her family. Jessica got a restraining order against Ryan.

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Matt Gwynne

Matt Gwynne is considered a monster by many MAFS viewers. Professional basketball player Matt thought he was something special. Though he and his wife Amber Bowles initially seemed to find each other attractive (and appeared to enjoy their honeymoon), there was trouble ahead. Matt admitted during the reunion that he knew the marriage wouldn’t work out within fifteen minutes of the wedding.

While together, Matt constantly triggered Amber’s abandonment issues. He’d stay out all night. Then, he would come home and make Amber feel bad about her insecurities. He swore he was just hanging out with friends. However, there was an incident where Amber found his wedding ring on his nightstand. Amber’s friend told her he saw Matt leaving a bar with another woman. After all that, Matt doubled down on his treachery by refusing to sign the divorce papers. Amber sent them to him time and time again. After months of waiting, Matt finally signed, ending the emotional saga.

Luke Cuccurullo

Recently, Luke’s been working overtime to revamp his heinous reputation. He’s got a new girlfriend and a new dog. However, no matter how many photoshoots he does with his new loves, people won’t forget how horribly he treated Kate Sisk, whom he is now divorced from. Things between Luke and Kate went downhill before they even said, “I do.” Luke admitted he was disappointed when he saw Kate walk down the aisle. Then he admitted to feeling “dead inside” when he and Kate kissed. Adding insult to injury, he told the world he never wanted to have sex with Kate but did so to appease her. Luke actually called Kate “repulsive” and asked her to lie to production about their sex life.

He was mean, he was hateful, and he was downright cruel. Was he also denying his true sexuality? At the reunion, questions about Luke’s sexual preferences were raised. He denied he liked men, claiming his Facebook status, “In a Relationship” with a man, was just a college joke. Overall, Luke wasn’t mature enough to take on the MAFS experiment.

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Michael Watson

Michael Watson married Meka Jones and we’re not sure if he ever told her the truth. He lied about everything all of the time. He lied about big things like his income, and also fibbed about little things, like the number of miles he had on his car. He even lied about being a yoga instructor. Meka did her best to work with him and figure out what led him to lie in the first place. However, when he was confronted, he would retreat and refuse to talk about the issue.

All of his lies aside, there’s another reason Michael made the list of worst Married At First Sight husbands of all time. Apparently, off-camera, Michael told Meka that he expected them to have sex on their honeymoon. He deemed this a requirement. When Meka rejected this on-camera, Michael denied he’d ever said anything like that. Clearly, Michael was not ready to be a husband. In a MAFS first, he demanded that his marriage to Meka be annulled, claiming the marriage “wasn’t real.”

Zach Justice

While Zach Justice wasn’t abusive or violent and seemed to be very honest (and never screamed and yelled), he belongs on the list of worst husbands. His misdeeds were sinister, stealthy, and sadistic. Throughout his time on MAFS, Zach talked about the need for open communication between couples. However, it soon became clear that this man was talking in circles, and that nothing he said had substance. He could talk for hours, but in the end, no one knew what he was trying to say. Mindy Shiben wasn’t the only one who pointed this out to Zach. The other MAFS husbands noticed as well. However, the talking in circles didn’t stop.

After telling Mindy that he wasn’t building any attraction to her on their honeymoon, he chose not to move in with Mindy upon their return home. In therapy sessions, Zach swore that he was committed to the process and wanted to make things work with Mindy. However, his actions told a different story.

Zach started a relationship with one of Mindy’s friends, Lindsay. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal. He claimed he did it to gain more insight into Mindy that might help them as a couple. Of course, he lied to Mindy about the nature and extent of his relationship with Lindsay. In the end, Mindy lost Zach and Lindsay. Mindy later moved to Mexico to start a new life. Zach Justice might be the worst husband in Married at First Sight history, but another guy may eclipse him in an upcoming season.

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