World Of Warcraft Boss Designed For 40 People Killed By Two Players

A World of Warcraft boss designed to be fought by 40 players is instead masterfully beaten by two in just under an hour of gameplay time.

World of Warcraft Classic boss has been downed in 57 minutes, and instead of the suggested 40 player raid, it only took two heroes to slay Onyxia with a combination of intense micro-management and flawless execution. World of Warcraft‘s early raids were known as some of the most challenging MMO content available back in the mid-2000s, with fights like Onyxia and later many of the raids in both The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King offering increasingly brutal challenges to thousands of dedicated end-game guilds.

While World of Warcraft Classic preserves essentially everything it can from the period in WoW history it’s based in, it can’t scale back player understanding of the MMORPG. WoW Classic players have been beating up on notoriously difficult raid bosses in increasingly creative ways since the release of the game, and it’s progressively getting more flashy, proving that players today are vastly more skilled – or at least more experienced – than they were in the game’s infancy.

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As reported by PC Gamer, the duo of Gendisarray and Shiftus, a warrior and priest combo, was able to further trivialize some of World of Warcraft‘s most difficult early content by downing Onyxia in 57 minutes on their own. Onyxia is part of a 40-player raid setup that, while it’s been beaten many times since Classic‘s release in interesting ways, had never been beaten by a duo prior to this run. Gendisarray and Shiftus used intense micro-management of both healing potions and skills to keep their heroes healthy while staying on top of the positioning that used to drive early-days Onyxia raiders to peak frustration thanks to a punishing tail mechanic.

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As World of Warcraft Classic continues to age and approach its first expansion, it’s becoming clear that it isn’t the challenging experience that many might have expected based on their memories of the original World of Warcraft launch. While map layout and quest design can provide plenty of different kinds of challenges to patience, the end-game content has been around for so long, it’s been figured out on nearly every level, resulting in these kinds of impressive and needlessly restrictive runs – it’s the only way they’ll be difficult.

The achievement is impressive no matter how World of Warcraft veterans want to look at it, and it should set the stage for the introduction of more difficult The Burning Crusade content in Classic later this year. Blizzard gradually made its World of Warcraft raids more difficult over the game’s original lifespan, and Classic following suit will be interesting – can players continue to stylishly break boss fights that took weeks for raiders to figure out originally, or is there a raised difficulty curve coming soon that will make that impossible?

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Source: zanthed1/Twitch (via PC Gamer)

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