Workin’ Moms Season 5 – CBC and Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

Workin’ Moms Season 5 – CBC and Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

You can say that the fans are hungry for more Moms at work. The show’s fourth season hasn’t even aired on Netflix yet, and audiences are already hungry for information on a fifth.

The good news is, if you are a Netflix user in the United States, there is not much waiting for new episodes. The streaming service announced that Moms at work season 4 will be available from May 6. The entire season has already been broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) in Canada. (Lucky ducks.)

Workin’ Moms Season 5 – CBC and Netflix Release Date,

Okay, so you’ve got your weekend frenzy all together and on schedule. So what? Will it be the end of Kate Foster’s adventures? Or can we start the long, long wait for a fifth season? Although little information is available at the moment, here is what we do know.

Moms at work has been renewed for season 5 at the CBC.

The show is Canadian, so just like Season 4, Canada will get the new episodes first. But it is official that a fifth season is definitely taking place.

Catherine Reitman announced the news for a fifth season in a talk show north of the border Where are you with Tom Power (which may well be the most Canadian thing of all time). She explained that the green light came when everyone was taking social distance, so she runs the writers’ room from her home. “All writers use Zoom,” she says. “We talk about big ideas, and we make sketches. Everyone wears pretty shirts on top and goes bottomless. Keep it really laid back.” You know, like all real moms who work right now.

But this comment on the convocation of a writers’ room? This happened on April 15. This means there is little chance that the new season will be written, let alone finished. And unfortunately, there is no news on when the CBC will air the new episodes in Canada.

Netflix has made no announcements regarding Moms at work season 5.

In general, there is a gap between when episodes air in Canada and when they are available on Netflix in the United States, so silence is not yet a concern. For example, season 4 aired on the CBC in mid-February and will not air on Netflix until early May. And it would seem a bit like popping the gun if Netflix made an announcement on season 5 before making the episodes of season 4 available.

But that doesn’t mean a fifth season is guaranteed on Netflix. Not all CBC shows go to the streaming service. According to Digital spy, the CBC is reassessing its relationship with the streaming service. The site quotes Catherine Tait, President and CEO of the CBC: “Over time, we are starting to see that we are fueling Netflix’s growth, rather than nurturing our own national businesses and industries.”

We’ve already seen a victim of the changing relationship between Netflix and the CBC: the beloved Canadian series, Anne with an E. Even though Netflix and the CBC worked together on the show, it was suddenly canceled after three seasons. Netflix does not co-create Moms at work, but we still have to see what will happen to it on the streaming service.

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