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Work, friendship and children: female quarantine

Work, friendship and children: female quarantine

Feminine plural: It has been learned in these weeks of isolation from the pandemic: union is strength. Not only and not so much in the flashmob on the balcony, as in group work, based on the exchange of points of view and mutual help, even from afar. If creativity is by statute a predominantly solitary act, its sharing makes it usable and above all much more powerful – think of the difference between a piano sonata and a symphony for orchestra.

Work, friendship and children: female quarantine
Work, friendship and children: female quarantine

A multiplier effect very present to four young women born between ’77 and ’79, who write their stories between books and cinema: Ginevra Elkann, Ludovica Rampoldi, Ilaria Bernardini and Chiara Barzini. The female friendship that unites them has flourished in adulthood (“and for this reason it is even more important, because it is the result of a mature choice”, explains Bernardini), just as the many common projects were born spontaneously: the film based on We will make Forest (penultimate novel by Bernardini) is produced and shot by Ginevra Elkann with the screenplay by Ludovica Rampoldi and Carolina Cavalli;

The tv series from the book Free body (always by Bernardini) it is written together with Rampoldi and Barzini; Geneva’s next film Elkann is writing it herself, with Barzini and Bernardini. And while the feature film is about to hit theaters Maybe, the directorial debut of Elkann, is the latter to reveal an absolute novelty: “We have the film adaptation of Earthquake, the first novel by Chiara Barzini, which I will produce under the direction of Robert Zemeckis “.

Bernardo Bertolucci, Ilaria Bernardini, Ludovica Rampoldi

What Bernardini effectively defines as a “circular female posse”, and which extends to include collaborations with the Indigo and The Apartment production houses, rightly envisages emotional spaces of free sharing: «Writing, working, having young children. To look Fleabag is The End of the F *** ing World. These are the habits of our daily life, we often tell them on WhatsApp, sometimes I try with difficulty to make my Skype work but I often find myself alone in a parallel world from which I ask: “Ally, are you there …?” .

And nobody answers, “jokes Ginevra Elkann, apologizing for the confusion” but I’m alone at home with three children and I’m going crazy “. The progressive rapprochement with the other components of the “beautiful sisterhood where each brings its own personality but no one judges” (always Elkann) has taken place in the last ten years, but has cemented itself after #MeToo for a renewed gender awareness.

“Today it seems to me that people pay more attention to women’s instincts. Thanks to the struggles of the last two years, unimaginable gaps have opened up many affinities: a sense of humor, nostalgia, sometimes excessive romanticism and an awkward side. Then one day we were sitting on the sofa after lunch and we started laughing at the idea of ​​writing a film together. “

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