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Gone are the days of boring bird cages. Today’s bird cages are trendy. They are elegant. They make a statement about the owner’s taste and lifestyle. Bird cages can artfully blend in with the decor or they can stand in stark contrast. Bird cages come in many different themes and styles. Modern, whimsical, simplistic, Victorian, Oriental, Tuscan, Arabian cages are available in these styles and more.

Some of the most beautiful cages in any style are wooden bird cages. They can be made from almost any type of wood: cherry, oak, pine, maple and even laminate. For almost any wooden furniture, there is a wooden bird cage to match. And, if you can’t find an existing bird cage, you can make a matching one.

For all their beauty, though, there are a few things to consider before buying a wooden bird cage. For example, wooden bird cages are difficult to clean. They can be very difficult to disinfect and sanitize, as germs and bacteria can get into the beans.

If you own a parrot, it is definitely best to avoid wooden bird cages. Parrots like to chew wood.

Wooden bird cages are available online in a variety of sizes. They can also be custom ordered based on your exact specifications. Although used wooden bird cages are available, they should be avoided. These cages could pose a significant health risk to your bird and family.

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