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Wood Furniture in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers different styles of furniture and many wood options to choose from. In this country, wood is still convenient and affordable. Among the different types of wood used for furniture there are Guanacaste, Cedro, Cenizaro and Melina, among others.

One of the most important things to consider when buying wooden furniture is the treatment that wood had before production. This is because Costa Rica has many different climates and the wood used for production in the Central Valley could sometimes shrink or expand when items are transported to the coast, for example. The high temperatures together with the dry climate of Guanacaste sometimes cause the breaking or expansion of wooden objects. In addition, there are manufacturing companies that offer beautiful and reasonably priced furniture styles with woods treated and dried to high standards. We have an interesting catalog of furniture made in Costa Rica that most of our customers love to check.

Another good option is teak wood. This furniture is of recent production in the country because this wood has not been on the market for so long. Most of Costa Rican teak is used for outdoor furniture. To get aged teak furniture you need to look at imported Indonesian objects which are sometimes not so bad in terms of price considering the beauty of the sculptures and the quality of the woods. The balance of the price is given by the low cost of labor in those countries compared to Costa Rican labor. Of course the items pay taxes but you may be surprised to find parts at bargain prices from some suppliers.

Comfort is not one of the advantages of Costa Rican furniture. We usually recommend imported items when our customers need sofas or sofa beds due to the quality and density of the foams found here. Some custom manufacturers do a good job on the sofas, but we prefer to advise you on imported items because the price is similar and sometimes lower than locally produced items.

Among the wooden furniture that is mainly produced in Costa Rica are the beds. With the beds you will find something very different from the usual in the United States. Most beds in Costa Rica do not accept springs. Instead, they have a platform that acts as a base and makes the bed very solid. This reduces the cost of the bed because there is no need to purchase box springs and prevent insects from eating box springs.

An interesting item that we sell a lot are the carved wooden beds. Local producers sculpt the figure of the animal you want. In this way, people who live in the ocean love to carve sailfish, turtles, etc. In their beds and also in the drawers of their bedside tables.

Most of the wood producers are located in the Central Valley, near San Jose, Greece and Alajuela. They have a culture of woodworking and manufacturing expertise. Some of our customers want to have personalized articles from a magazine, but using local woods and our producers will produce everything they want. To their surprise, they usually do what they want at very reasonable prices.

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