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Wonderful Experiences To Try In Araku In Summer!

Araku In Summer: Just a few hours away from the grand and pompous city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh is the beautiful Araku Valley in Anantapur district. It is in fact surrounded by dense forests and lush greenery of The Colossal Eastern Ghat mountain range. The Araku Valley, being at a moderate elevation of 910 meters above sea level, becomes a perfect destination for the hill station as it offers moderate climate with very low temperature range and pleasant climate.

Araku Valley is a few hours drive from the city, it is perfect for both solitude seekers as well as city lovers. It is often called the “Ooty of Andhra”. The destination is adorned with majestic mountains, waterfalls, rivers and valleys. Also, while visiting Araku in summer You can be the best witness of everything. Needless to say, Araku Valley is one of the quiet, comfortable and peaceful belt of life and one of the most beautiful valleys of India.

Weather in Araku during summer

Summer in Araku is from March to May. It is the hottest season in Shen Valley, and the height of the mountain station is not so high that temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celsius in March. In March, the daytime temperature is around 33 ° C to 36 ° and the temperature is slightly lower at night. In April, temperatures can reach 40 ° C, the hottest month of the year. Scattered rains may occur in this month. Summer is a tourist season in the middle of the valley. As a rule, residents of the city who want a little rest in nature, visit the mountain station during this period. The crowd is not significant, and hotel prices average in Araku in summer.

Araku In Summer
Araku In Summer

Things to do in Araku in summer

In summer Araku has some great experiences to make your holiday memorable. Take that Araku trip in summer and enjoy all these fun activities at your leisure in the valley.

1. Hiking

The valley is gifted with mountain ranges bordering on the best of adventure trekking destinations, some of which are found in the TYDA Nature Camp (Jingle Bells) and the Anantagiri hills. One of the best things to do in Araku Valley in summer is hiking. It is the best way to adventure and at the same time experience the amazing beauty of the lush green environment. The two places you visit in Araku are Borra Caves and Katiki Waterfalls.

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2. Camping and bird watching

TYDA Nature Camp is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Bird watching at Nature Camp and Gallicoconda View Point will surely give you unlimited memories. TYDA Nature Camp, Camping in the Anantagiri hills is very common. It’s a fun activity to do Araku in summer If you are going with children or friends. You can move your own tent or contact a camp organizer to help you with the experience.

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3. Digging the past

You can find tribal culture, traditional art, handicrafts, jewelery and textiles at the Tribal Museum, which is a repository of the cultural heritage of 19 local tribes. You can also enjoy Dimusa and Meyer tribal dances. . The Padmapuram Botanical Garden at Padmapuram Botanical Garden is known as a 10-foot-high hanging cottage or treehouse in the historic backyard. Yard built on the subject of feeding vegetables to World War II soldiers. The post-war garden was a nursery

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Places to visit Araku Valley in summer

If you are wondering what all the places to visit in Araku in summer, here is a short list. Include these places in your itinerary for a fun vacation in the valley with your family and friends.

1. Katki Fountains

Araku is 39 km from Katiki Falls. Fifty feet above ground, Koti Falls originates from the Costa Rican River. You can enjoy a beautiful view from the waterfall, and there is an aquatic trail below where you can swim.

place: 39 km from Araku Valley, Anantagiri, Andhra Pradesh (531149), India
Travel time by car: 31 minutes

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2. Gallicoconda View Point

To enjoy the fascinating landscape of Araku in summer, take the approach of Garlikonda at 4320 feet from MSL. The highest point in Visakhapatnam, the Garicanda Observatory, offers a delightful setting, which offers breathtaking views of you, with expansive views of breathtaking valleys, hills, pathways, fields and railways.

place: 20 km from Araku Valley, Anantagiri, Andhra Pradesh (531149), India
Time: open 24 hours
Travel time by car: 35 minutes

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3. Borra Caves

This cave is the main attraction of Araku Valley. Bora Cave is a naturally built cave discovered in 1807 by William King George, the Geological Commission of India. This cave may have a history of one million years old. Here you can see the structure of various caves. You can hear it from the tribes living in the villages near the caves. To annoy you, you must travel to the Beyond Valley Bora Cave.

Place: Borra Village, Anantagiri Mandal, Visakhapanam (531149), 36 km from Araku Valley in India
Travel time by car: About 1 hour

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A destination that takes pride in its unmatched beauty and serene vibrancy, Araku is an ideal destination for all types of travelers in summer. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it offers travelers a beautiful shelter. Araku never impresses its visitors. Also, in summer Araku becomes a magical wonderland. Therefore, to enjoy a peaceful holiday, plan a trip to Andhra Pradesh and create blissful memories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Araku Valley in Summer

Q. What is unique about Araku Valley?

a. The Araku Valley is known for its picturesque, beautiful waterfalls and sparkling streams in the beautiful mountains of Donggotu.

Q. When will be the best time to visit Araku Valley?

a. The best time to visit Araku Valley is from December – February. It is one of the most beautiful sites in southern India in December.

Q. How long will it take to reach Araku from Visakhapatnam?

a. You can reach Araku station from Visakhapatnam by train in about 3 hours. You can also go to Visakhapatnam Airport and travel by car. The Araku Valley was connected by a network of flat roads to all major and small cities in southern India.

Q. How can one reach Borra Cave from Araku?

a. Trains to Visakhapatnam are available. The cave can be walked on foot at a distance of about 1 km from the station.

Q. What are the times of Padmapuram Botanical Garden?

a. The Padmapuram Botanical Garden usually opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM seven days a week.

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