Wonder Woman’s Knowledge Of The Future Can Help Her Save DC’s Past

In Infinite Frontier #0, Wonder Woman is privy to some shocking insights that may prove to be of vital importance as she returns to the mortal realm.

In Infinite Frontier #0Wonder Woman took a tour of the universe, gaining knowledge that could save the present in an instant. Throughout the issue, Diana Prince is being prepared by the Spectre to make her ascension. The DC universe has been given a second chance after Wonder Woman’s selfless act in Dark Knights: Death Metal and Infinite Frontier #0 charts Diana’s journey to becoming a higher being and a member of the Quintessence.

To prove to Wonder Woman that she is leaving her friends in good standing, the Spectre brings Diana on a tour of the new expanding Omniverse. Wonder Woman is privy to the goings-on of DC’s past as she spectates over her fellow heroes and the adversaries that threaten them. Operating on a different plane, The Spectre and her are given an insight only the Gods could muster. It’s quite clear that the masses of knowledge that Wonder Woman has been supplied with might be the key to stopping the Omniverse’s impending threats.

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In the framing story for Infinite Frontier #0 by Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, and John Timms, Wonder Woman turns down the Quintessence’s offer. By the end of the issue, Diana states that she is ready to re-enter the mortal realm and step forth into the Infinite Frontier. With her return, the information that she has accumulated could help stop her fellow heroes’ villains almost in an instant. Wonder Woman could be the most important hero of DC’s Infinite Frontier era.

Wonder Woman Turning Down the Quintessence Infinite Frontier

As far as we know, Wonder Woman on re-entering the mortal realm has not forgotten what she saw. Therefore, the knowledge she holds could prove extremely useful and could give heroes like Batman a leg up over their new or returning threats. It’s almost a Back to the Future-type situation in that what she holds could help prevent key events from playing out, but at the same time, is it better if she were to not intervene? It’s a dilemma that they could tackle, but more likely than not they’ll ignore it. For instance, Wonder Woman sees that Scarecrow is back and is planning something huge for Gotham. Whereas, Batman thinks that Scarecrow is dead after the A-day attack in Batman #106. If Diana were to tell Bruce of Scarecrow’s return she could halt his plans for Gotham, giving Batman an enormous head-start to stop his latest threat.

In the “Wonder Girl” segment, a couple of assailants follow Wonder Woman of the future, Yara Flor. It can be presumed that these operatives will be part of Yara’s problems in Wonder Girl #1, which debuts in May. It all comes down to if DC Comics wants to follow directly on from Infinite Frontier #0, or if their upcoming issues will just be spin-offs and forget about such an important, key factor of Wonder Woman‘s story in the issue. Nevertheless, fans can get excited to see the way that everything will pan out as issue by issue the DC universe builds up to its next crisis, which will come in the form of a newly-reborn Darkseid.

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