Women Lacking Any Emotional Intelligence From The Show

90 Day Fiancé has featured many selfish cast members. Discover which women were the least sympathetic and caring to their partners and families.

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has showcased years of drama since the show first aired in 2014. Though the premise of the show focuses on international love, an increasing amount of couples have proven that they are not meant to be. While many couples have stayed together despite the drama, others have unsurprisingly broken up in messy splits. Many cast members have been called out for their bad behavior, with a number of women earning criticism for their lack of emotional intelligence.

Some of the least emotionally intelligent women have been called out for being tone-deaf, rude or just plain selfish. Despite being partners, wives, and in some cases mothers, the following list of women repeatedly demonstrated that they cared about their emotions most of all. Discover which women are considered the most selfish and least sympathetic in the extended franchise. From polarizing fan-favorite Angela Deem to helicopter mom Betty Gibbs, find out which women act the worst when it comes to meeting other people’s emotional needs.

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Angela Deem

Angela Deem is beloved by a number of viewers due to her brash and unapologetic attitude and the way she openly embraces being trashy. However, the meemaw has a much darker side of her personality that isn’t as often talked about. The way that Angela treats her far younger husband Michael Ilesanmi has raised many red flags for concerned fans.

Angela repeatedly talks down to her partner and makes him feel like he is the problem. She has isolated him from his friends, manipulated him, and acted violently. Angela does not appear to have any capacity to process Michael’s emotions. Viewers were largely appalled by the way she treats her partner and her flagrant disregard for his feelings or needs. Angela may be entertaining to some, but she does not behave maturely.

Leida Margaretha 

Season 6 cast member Leida Margaretha is considered by many to be the most notorious in the franchise. Many viewers deeply dislike Leida and her husband, Eric, due to the appalling way their treated Eric’s teenaged daughter. Leida and Eric’s daughter memorably clashed when Indonesian Leida joined Eric in the United States. The family was shown in constant arguments, which resulted in Leida kicking Eric’s daughter out of their home and obtaining a restraining order against her.

Though the two eventually reconciled, the damage was done among fans. Leida quickly became despised, though she was also called out for other reasons. In addition to only caring about herself at the expense of her partner’s children, Leida also demonstrated that she was a liar and manipulator on many occasions. Leida is widely considered one of the most ruthless and least trustworthy cast members in franchise history.

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Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg Nightmare In 90 Day Fiance

Deavan Clegg recently beat out Leida to be the most despised cast member in the franchise. Viewers can’t stand Deavan, because she constantly prioritizes her own feelings above everyone around her. Deavan has been criticized for being a bad mother and using her daughter’s alleged abuse as clickbait for attention. Deavan appears to use her children as props to draw attention to herself with no apparent regard for what is best for them. This behavior has angered many former fans and viewers.

Deavan’s ex-husband Jihoon Lee has also accused her of withholding their son, and Deavan appallingly has been flaunting her relationship with new boyfriend Topher Park in his face. Topher even referred to himself and the young boy’s father on social media. Viewers are shocked by the way Deavan treats her ex and her children, yet she appears to be completely unaware of the effects her actions have on others. The young mom is consistently painting herself to be the victim on social media, leaving many people frustrated with her lack of self-awareness.

Stephanie Davison

Stephanie Davison Skin Envy Harris Wine In 90 Day Fiance

Stephanie Davison appears to be battling many demons on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé. This has led to viewers expressing concern over her well-being and the morality of filming her when she appears intoxicated in many scenes. However, Stephanie also treats people as disposable. Viewers have viewed concern over her picking up younger men on vacation, with some people finding her preferences to be unethical.

Stephanie does not appear to view her men as individuals but rather as commodities to serve her. She cheated on former fiancé Ryan Carr with his cousin Harris and then quickly moved on to Harris when things with Ryan soured. She was even filmed confusing the two men’s names. Stephanie does not appear to place any value on the men in her life which is uncomfortable to watch. She also appears to prey on impoverished men and showers them with material items to persuade them to stick around.

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Betty Gibbs 

betty and ron gibbs 90 Day Fiance cropped

Betty Gibbs quickly became the season 8 villain alongside husband Ron for the first half of the season. Betty has been widely criticized for the tone-deaf way she treated her future daughter-in-law Julia Trubkina. Betty subjected Julia to strict rules and demanding farm work without taking into consideration how the Russian dancer felt. Rather than give Julia the chance to adjust to life in Virginia, Betty worked hard to keep her isolated from Brandon with her separate bedrooms rule. In addition to forcing Julia to work with animals she felt uncomfortable around, Betty tried to force the dancer to get on birth control despite her objections. Betty demonstrated herself to be a nightmare mother-in-law who took no interest in Julia’s feelings or boundaries.

Stephanie Matto

stephanie matto from 90 day fiance

Stephanie Matto made franchise history by being part of the first same-sex relationship. The American was dating Australian Erika Owens on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. While viewers sympathized with Erika, many were appalled by Stephanie’s behavior. Both women said they were bisexual, but Stephanie didn’t show any interest in physical intimacy with her girlfriend. She treated Erika horribly and bizarrely and was an all-around nightmare. Though Stephanie has maintained that she was genuinely into Erika, it has since become clear that she was using her to boost her YouTube following. Many find that Stephanie behaved selfishly and only seemed concerned with her own feelings and publicity.

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