Wolverine Humiliated Venom Over Dark Spider-Man Boast

Venom once boasted about defeating Spider-Man to Wolverine, who let the symbiote know that’s not exactly the most impressive feat.

Spider-Man is one of the most lovable, respected heroes in the Marvel Universe, but when Venom bragged to Wolverine that he defeated him, Logan doesn’t have time for the boast. As the two violent characters were about to fight, Wolverine completely scoffed at the idea that taking down Spider-Man was some kind of feat – which didn’t impress Venom all that much.

Venom, whose real name is Eddie Brock, has long been a rival of Spider-Man, going back to his days with the Daily Bugle. After bonding with the symbiote Spidey brought down to Earth, Brock became a menacing villain, who over time, would become an antihero in Marvel Comics. However, that never stopped him from picking fights with heroes, like the time he went up against Wolverine and was basically laughed at by the Canadian hero for bragging about taking down Spider-Man. According to Logan, defeating Spider-Man isn’t something to brag about since he’s “like 12 or something.”

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In the story “Nobody Does it Better,” from Venom Annual #1 by Jeff Loveness, Tigh Walker, and Rachelle Rosenberg, Venom bursts into a bar looking for Spider-Man. But, instead of being greeted by the webslinger, he’s met by Wolverine who just happens to be enjoying a beverage. Wolverine taunts Venom by calling him “that guy… Spider-Man’s guy,” which leads to a full-blown brawl. Wolverine stabs Venom, while the symbiote monster returns the favor by driving his tendrils through his chest. After throwing Wolverine through a wall, Logan continues to taunt him after Venom says “he ****ed up Spider-Man!” by telling him it’s weird he’s bragging about beating the hero.

Spider-Man Wolverine Venom

Wolverine doesn’t mince words, saying that “were you bragging about beating up Spider-Man? Again? You know he’s like, 12 or something, right?” When Venom tells him he makes Spider-Man’s life a living agony, Wolverine congratulates him on making Spider-Man sad, while one-upping him by revealing he stabbed the Hulk just last week. Wolverine ultimately spares Venom, as he sees similarities with his opponent and the struggles of being unable to control himself.

In the comics, taking down Spider-Man is impressive – but, compared to some other heroes it’s really nothing to boast about, especially to Wolverine. Logan has faced just about every top villain in the Marvel Universe and usually comes out ahead. Against Spider-Man, Wolverine would snap him like a twig. Even though he’s not 12 like Wolverine suggests, Venom bragging about Spider-Man isn’t as impressive as he might think it seems – at least against one of the most unkillable heroes who’s seen it all when it comes to fighting.

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